Grogs Elephant Percy

15 Sep 2011

Grogs Elephant Percy

While unloved, ignored elephants wander around unhindered in Australia`s newsrooms, what hope do we have of being told the full story? On anything? Well, none I guess.


I had just finished reading a story about `perception` on the ABC website by Grogsgamut. When I got to the end, here was Mr Gamuts very large, unloved, ignored elephant, Percy, staring back at me. I`m surprised at the speed the ABC issue elephants. Grogs `perception` story is good, but it is only a half-story.


While Grog did a pretty damn good job on covering many aspects of `perception`, such as, political topics, politician`s persona`s, land ownership, and water entitlements. Using nice links and polls and graphic. Half the story is nicely dodged.


Grogs elephant on the topic of `perception` is he did not include anything about the embedded media, lobbyists, advertisers, and the rest of the `spin` doctors.
You know, the manufacturers and transporters of `perception`.
Percy and I think this was a `jumbo` over-sight.


Well, that`s all I have to say about `perception`, so back to the `real` world I go. Where the Coalition Party-room is swamped, hosting Gay-Marriages, and the Labor Party-room no longer contains `sharp` objects. And Percy must go too, back to Grogs newsroom, which Percy now gladly shares with a `horde` of boat-people that don`t ignore him.


Grogsgamut on `perception`



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