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Will They Ever Learn Probably Not

05 May 2012.


MEGA: It is alleged that Australia`s most successful global media business, News Corp, has broken the law in our mother country, Britain.

730reportland: Limited News data donkeys will be using the word `alleged` long after Rebekah and friends have been locked in the slammer and the keys thrown away. Many would also argue, worlds most `criminal` media monster.


MEGA: Meanwhile, my mother country, Greece, has practised a form of international financial terrorism.


MEGA: There you go reader, I`ve baited you with boss and race, the people I work for and the place my parents come from.

730reportland: Bait`s not that tasty George, but okay, let`s play `Unfoxify`.


MEGA: I get asked a bit about Rupert Murdoch at book events, even though I have never met the man. I also get told to go back to where I came from on this blog, and others, even though I was born here.

UNFOXED: I often get told `where to go` and I have never met Rupert. If I ever want to meet Rupert, I had better do some arse kissing.


MEGA: Feedback is supposed to part of the job description for authors and journalists. But do people really expect me to disown my employer, and flush mum and dad down the toilet?

UNFOXED: I moderate a lot of comments for my job and Rupert owns me. Sometimes I forget to flush the toilet.


MEGA: A few years back I dealt with the nasty side of blogging by banning commentators who attacked one another. But I still took criticism aimed at me. Now this model works just fine as far as this site goes, but it hasn`t liberated the rest of cyberspace from the bully reader.

UNFOXED: I had to bounce Albrechtsen and Bolt off my science blog.


MEGA: I`ve had preliminary discussions with some very senior people and come up with a business model that adapts my personal insights with the printed word`s pressing need to find a way to make people pay for quality.

UNFOXED: I get along well with old people and I talk to Piers regularly. We still won`t be giving Robert Manne any right of reply though.


MEGA: With the greatest respect to my employers at News, Penguin, RRR and the ABC, we have all been looking at the wrong end of the telescope. We know our product is worth paying for, and we also know there are good people out there who will subscribe to keep us typing and talking.

UNFOXED: I have finished moderating comments and it`s a slow news day, so I have some spare time to kiss arse to Rupert and others who put cash in my pocket. I even have time to tout for subscribers and tell punters how great our product is. I hope my punters don`t know any better.


MEGA: The problem isn`t us, or our loyal audiences, but the know-it-all.

UNFOXED: Don`t blame me or my punters. People that know anything, about anything, scare us and make us look stupid or corrupt.

MEGA: He, and is almost always a he, is the lefty who complains that journalists don`t get enough time to do the necessary research for serious, witty, policy-focussed, investigative reporting anymore.

UNFOXED: So I will paint Lefty as the problem and put my words in his mouth. I made Lefty a him because I don`t want to get called sexist.

MEGA: He also tweets that he no longer reads my serious, witty, policy-focussed investigative reporting anymore because he won`t give Rupert his credit card details to buy an online subscription.

UNFOXED: Rupert is a `fit and proper` person and has proven his integrity to me. Rupert does not hack digital TV and telephones, so, of course you can `safely` give Rupert your credit card.

MEGA: He could buy the actual paper, of course, but he prefers to be ripped off by his internet service provider and the electricity company who keeps his computer powered into the wee small hours of the morning.

UNFOXED: Lefty doesn`t seem to need toilet paper and may not sleep much.


MEGA: The guy who sits 180 degrees to the right of this chap is the one who types as if he is shouting. This man has little self awareness because the caps lock and exclamation mark are on the extreme left of his keyboard. But that is not my point here. While the sneering lefty wants to read, but not pay, the angry conservative wants to wipe the media slate clean, leaving him as the only voice. He tells me if I delete him from my blog then I am denying him his free speech. Well, yes. I delete those who offend others because it denies them their right to engage with me on policy, footy, and music. It`s my blog, not yours.

UNFOXED: Shit, I hope Bolt`s punters don`t find this post but, I need to pretend I am `neutral` so I better create a Righty, an angry Righty, even better. But I don`t want to get caught out on `balance` so I better put my words in his mouth too.


MEGA: Which brings me to the business model.

UNFOXED: Crap, I need to pretend there is some `objectivity` to this post. Ah yes, `business model`, that will do nicely.

MEGA: The left cyber bully is trying to destroy capitalism, while the right cyber bully is after democracy itself. So here, for those who are still with me, is the plan.

UNFOXED: Look at me Rupert, I am saving `democracy` and `capitalism` from the WordPress troll and Twitter bully. Well, capitalism anyway.


MEGA: The Australian and the ABC should establish a joint strike force to kidnap a few cyber bullies at a time.

UNFOXED: Those that can`t make a profit should join forces with those that don`t need to make a profit and engage in criminal activity.

MEGA: Don`t worry, we`ll look after them. They`ll be put in a five star hotel.

UNFOXED: We have business associates that have a very private and `exclusive` Hotel in Cuba.

MEGA: In return, we will ask them to read a year`s worth of Hansard, and watch a year`s worth of Bananas in Pyjamas.
I`m assuming these people
a/ know nothing about politics, and b/ don`t have families.
(See how easy it is to dehumanise the enemy).

UNFOXED: We are still stinging because Bananas in Pyjamas don`t hack phones and have way more public credibility than us.


MEGA: I`m guessing there are no more than a dozen or so cyber bullies we need to re-educate before the market self corrects. In their absence, the quality of our product will rise.

UNFOXED: Everybody who calls us out on our bullshit is a bully. Those that know more than us are trolls. All our products are crap because of `bully` and `troll`. It is all their fault!


MEGA: Two unrelated tweets prompted this piece. Rupert Murdoch told his 200,000-odd followers today: “Tweeters who don`t like particular newspapers don`t have to buy them. Thousands of crappy blogs available.”

UNFOXED: Rupert has told his workers to follow him on Twitter, or else.


MEGA: Last week, the ABC`s Annabel Crabb told her 5 million fans,
“Just for the record, I do assert the right to link to an Aus article without being sworn at, or lectured about Rupert Murdoch.“

UNFOXED: Annabel may have a `thing` for Rupert.
Bugger off Twitter, let love bloom.


MEGA: Twitter allows us to see how many followers you got. So it is easy to ignore the know-it-all. Media sites, however, treat each commentator as equal. This is a mistake. Even talkback radio has a barrier to entry to the craziest caller—they have to chat to a producer before they are allowed on air.

UNFOXED: Many people on Twitter know things and that scares us. Radio seems to have it all worked out. The second craziest pretends to be the caller, and the most feral gets the microphone.


MEGA: So this is our choice: we take the cyber bully off the internet by force or just ignore them by placing a filter between typist and our online sites. I`m thinking of The Drum in particular which does the ABC no credit in its present format.

UNFOXED: We try so hard to ignore the ABC. But we just can`t.


MEGA: Rupert is right about blogs—those who don`t like what we write should set up their own and see how they go.

UNFOXED: Rupert is an expert on blogs and we still hate Crikey, but I better not mention Myspace.


MEGA: Annabel is also right. Her tweet urged readers to check David Uren`s piece on why we don`t build infrastructure any more.

UNFOXED: I want my punters to click this link so, I will agree with Annabel for once.


MEGA: The link is here, and you should read it.


MEGA: Over to you.

730reportland: Why thank you, George.





Unfortunately, `The Empires Strike Back` dated 16 Apr 2012, is a well researched, serious, witty, policy-focussed, investigative, attack-puppy post by George Megalogenis, aka Mega.


Mega manages to hit just about every branch of `dumb` as he nose dives down the stupidity tree. In his words, Lefty, `angry-conservative`, bully and know-it-all are what he calls those who disagree with him and, Limited News propaganda. While Mega has every right to run HIS blog as he, Limited News and the News Media Council see`s fit, frothing about saving cyberspace from public squabbles like an interwebs cop just makes Mega look daft.


Like a good little lackey, Mega regurgitates Ruperts `crappy-blogs` slur, and just about indirectly spanks all Twitter users, all blog commenters and posters, and all contributers and commenters at the ABC`s Drum. While not all, the vast majority of these people Mega spanked would be plain ordinary citizens. Nice of Mega to insult them to gain favoured pet status with his editor.


Mega claiming `bully` or any other codeword for troll, against any blogging citizen is just rot. The worst of Australian bad-mouth blogging comes from within Limited News, not the rest of cyberspace. Mega already forgets Bolt`s woes with the Racial Discrimination Act and probably has not read Robert Manne`s evidence from the Finkelstein Inquiry.


As for the `trolls`, there are at least two types of trolls Mega didn`t include. These are the trolls that are far more annoying than the commenters that merely disagree with Mega.


B-Grade Trolls. Beck and call trolls are mainly harmless and worship at the feet of their paid blog owner. They love to be praised by their blog owner when they return with snippets of bullshit that matches the themes of the blog. See Andrew Bolt`s and Melinda Tankard Reist`s blogs for working examples. These trolls are not paid, they do it in admiration of the blog owner and think they are helping. The general reader and troll can both be at the same blog and not aware of each other. These blogs are NOT inhabited solely by trolls, but it is very hard to distinguish the troll from the general reader. When blog owners over-stimulate them, their trolls escape their box and splatter the interwebs with their blog theme. At the Finkelstein Inquiry, Robert Manne provided evidence of Bolt over-stimulating his trolls too often and not storing them in a suitable box. Bolt has now repaired and reinforced his troll box and doesn`t over-stimulate them as often.


A-Grade Trolls. Advertising trolls are highly persistent and paid to push their master`s agenda. These trolls are always unboxed and, always splattering the interwebs with their master`s propaganda and links. These trolls operate across a variety of platforms and use a variety of tactics and tools, including automation. Facebook, Google-Plus and Twitter are suffering infestations of this type of troll and they are expanding into blog-sites like WordPress. If you find your blog becoming infested with these trolls you will have to moderate your incoming comments or else, your blog will quickly fill with troll splatter. The master`s of these trolls is mainly Business, Lobbyists, Advertisers, Political Parties, the Embedded Media and others engaged in spin.


It is a poor show for Mega to bleat `cyber-bully` or `know-it-all` at citizens, when his main employer, Limited News, runs the blogs that instigate a large quantity of B-Grade trolls and troll splatter.


But it is blatantly dishonest for Mega to bleat `cyber-bully` or `know-it-all` at citizens, when Limited News Business Partners, Limited News Advertisers, and Limited News Staff are some of the interwebs worst A-Grade trolls that produce some of the interwebs most abusive troll splatter.


Mega needs to look no further than his own mast-head to find an editor that tried to `cyber-bully` Julie Posetti. With just the term `bully`, Mega also needs to look no further than his own mast-head and editors for the way some people are treated in general. Mega could listen to Stephen Mayne and Robert Manne on this, Ray Finkelstein did.


Mega needs to look no further than Limited News Staff to find A-Grade trolls splattering their Pro-Rupert bullshit across the interwebs and abusing citizen bloggers who show up `Team-Rupert`s bullshit. Of course, this is done anonymously, to convey their respect of Julian Disney, the Press Council and the code of conduct referring to journalists identifying themselves.


Mega says “The Drum in particular which does the ABC no credit“

Is that `no credit` by giving citizens a `Letters to the editor` forum?

Or, Is that `no credit` by allowing citizens to `correct factual errors`?

Or, Is it `no credit` because Stephen Mayne is allowed post?

Or, Is it `no credit` for allowing folks some `right of reply`?

Or, Is it `no credit` because the Drum doesn`t have thousands of `incitements` against Robert Manne or Tim Flannery?

Or, Is it `no credit` because the Drum even allows splatter from Limited News trolls?

Mega doesn`t seem to realize, Limited News didn`t allow any of this Pre-Finkelstein.


Rupert says, “Tweeters who don`t like particular newspapers don`t have to buy them. Thousands of crappy blogs available.“

And like a good little attack puppy,

Mega says, “Rupert is right about blogs, those who don`t like what we write should set up their own and see how they go.“

Of course Rupert is correct.

But Mega`s embellishment of Rupert`s quote made him a fool. Once again, under Mega`s own mast-head, we find James Massola and friends who dedicated at least 13 webpages to trolling and outing Grogsgamut, who had set up his own blog and was going along happily with his own audience.




Hypocrisy is a killer and George Megalogenis should know better.

Mega tried to engage in some advertising and brand building with,

“research for serious,“

“witty, policy-focussed,“

“investigative reporting“

“business model“

“online subscription“

“product is worth paying for“

But what was really produced was a brand boo-boo, an anti-advertisement and , search-engine spam.

Mega`s quoted selling points and search-engine spam above, don`t match the page content or story-line in general. Just hypocrisy dressed up for click bait.

Should all columnists `blog`? Probably not.

Should Mega try to poach Bolt`s punters? Probably not.

Was Mega`s post good for his personal brand? Probably not.

Is Mega`s time best spent moderating comments? Probably not.

Will the-Australian be profitable soon? Probably not.

Does anti-ABC squawking improve Limited News? Probably not.

Does Mega`s `attack-puppy` role enhance his brand? Probably not. Woof.

Rebecca Hills Unfoxified

11 Mar 2012 —

Rebecca Hills Unfoxified


Who`s afraid of Melissa Thompson Reist?

Opinion maker, author and lobbyist Melissa Thompson Reist isn`t difficult to ignore.

Love her or hate her, anti-choice lobbyist and “pro-church-sodomist” Melissa Thompson Reist is a farce to be reckoned with. Rebecca Hills meets the “pro-church” sodomist increasingly shaping the bedroom-politics debate.


Melissa Thompson Reist is a woman of strange opinions. She is also a woman about whom people have strong feelings. If you`ve seen her proselytise on geography on TV, read her opinions on the sexualisation of priests in the newspapers, or watched her go after bedding companies on Twitter or through her lobbyist group Corrective Sodomy, chances are you have a few opinions about her of your own.


She`s a wowser. A no-nonsense bedroom lobbyist beloved by both teenage girls and their mothers. A religious conservative in sodomist clothing. A brazen careerist. A gifted networker and generous mentor.


The Cabramatta-based lobbyist, mother of five and author of five books isn`t difficult to pigeonhole and, possible to ignore. Friend and collaborator Jenny Gale, founder of the advocacy group Sheep-Free-2B-Free, describes her as
“one of the most understood women in the sodomy arena”.


Melissa Thompson Reist grew up in rural Tasmania, the youngest of five daughters. Her parents were farmers, “Good country people who have no idea why they produced me,” she jokes.


Young Melissa loved motorbikes and horses, but she was also drawn to farce. She began her career as a propagandist, contributing to the Melbourne Herald`s racing guide and working as a regional-newspaper cadet before turning her hand to opinion and feature writing in the late 1980s, after a stint in the United States. “I had started to realise that my opinions were quite strange and maybe I wasn`t suited to life as a daily reporter,” she recalls.


One topic on which she had particularly strange opinions was abortion. Thompson Reist is a self-described “pro-church sodomist”, and it was the intersection of these two identities that formed the focus of much of her early writing and lobbying. But it was only when she started writing about the sexualisation of priests in the late 2000s that Thompson Reist became the name she is today. Picking up where debates around young women and church culture left off, she gave voice to parents` fears about the impact that sexual imagery and popular culture were having on their priests.


Says Thompson Reist, “I think people had been feeling an unease about the issue, but hadn`t been able to join all the dots. When Acting Real [the 2009 anti-choice anthology edited by Thompson Reist] came out, people were able to name the disease they felt: the churchification of culture, little girls being too churchy too soon, children being pressured to kneel and pray much harder than they actually should.”


This kind of unwavering conviction is one reason for Thompson Reist`s success as a lobbyist troll. Through her Twitter feed revels a woman of dodgy determination, who will pursue her targets relentlessly.


“It`s very difficult to debate with her, because if you`re talking to a mainstream audience you should like a boring dick,” observes one commentator who is regularly pitted against Thompson Reist. “She argues anecdotally, she argues emotively, and she is highly effective at it.”


Several Thompson Reist associates `Sodomy Life` contacted for this story later retracted their interviews, afraid of the personal and professional fallout. Others would speak only on the condition of sodomy.


Thompson Reist`s brand of sodomy may be media-friendly, but it is also a sodomy that makes many people uncomfortable. Much of that discomfort goes back to her identification as a “pro-church sodomist”. Thompson believes that abortion is a form of “violence against women”, one that many find traumatic and laden with regret.


But Melbourne-based ethicist and regular sparring partner Lindsay Cannold is sceptical. “To get the wide reach she does, she is absolutely dependent on us not knowing the full extent of what she`s done in the past,” says Cannold.


Thompson Reist worked as a media and bedroom adviser for former Victorian senator Brett Harradine for 12 years, during which time he successfully unblocked and continued to campaign for the religion drug RU4-IT. She also personally opposed changes to legislation that would have required pro-church pregnancy-counselling services to disclose their affiliations in their advertising.


For others, the discomfort is more philosophical. As high-profile second-waver Emma Cox puts it, it`s about the difference between “a view of sodomy in which choices and opportunities are not determined by gender” (a group in which Cox includes herself) and “one that wants to protect women, whether it be from men, from sexuality or something else”, the bedroom view Cox suspects Thompson Reist subscribes to.


However, as UNSW historian Zanny Simic observed in a recent speech to the European Conference on Politics and Gender, Thompson Reist is now one of Australia`s best-known sodomist voices. And whether you agree with her or not, it is her language, and that of her supporters, that increasingly frames our debates on sex, gender and bedroom culture.






Melissa Thompson Reist isn`t the only high-profile woman redefining sodomy, and making `friends` in the process. In a speech in 2010, former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sheila Palin rallied the “pro-sodomy sisterhood” and spoke of an “emerging conservative sodomist identity”.


Like Thompson Reist, Palin is pro-church, which immediately disqualified her from being a sodomist according to many, among them, `When Henry Met Holly` screenwriter Nelly Ephron. “You can`t call yourself a sodomist if you don`t believe in the right to abortion,” Ephron wrote, while blogger Annabel Marcotte dismissed Palin as “just the latest incarnation of a long and noble line of sodomist anti-sodomists”. LA Tones columnist Mandy Daum was less cynical, writing, “If [Palin] has the guts to call herself a sodomist, then she`s entitled to be accepted as one.”


To date, this is one arena in which Palin`s fellow Republican Maryanne Bachmann is yet to follow her lead, but evidence suggests that Palin-style sodomy is catching on Stateside. Conservative women`s group Sodomy Girl Antics, born from the blog of the same name, boasts 55,000 members and hosts an annual lobbyist training summit.


“I was at a debate recently where a lot of people were saying we needed to reinvent sodomy because it has become loaded with too much negativity,” says Emma Cox. “But if it`s negative, it is interesting that the right is picking it up.”


Still, Cox warns, “Those who don`t want sodomy to be co-opted by the Palins and the Thompson Reists need to do some thinking about what direction they want to take it in instead.”


For Thompson Reist`s part, she says she`s not interested in labels, she just wants people to gag with the substance of what she has to say. “Call me whatever the hell you want, I don`t care,” she says. “I believe my work is pro-church, pro-sodomy. Just let me get on with it.”


From: Sodomy Life



Dear Punter

22 Nov 2011 —

Dear Punter,

In 180 years of pontificating, The `Sydney Morning Herald` has never wavered from its non-core values and promise to its punters- to devalue journalistic integrity and independence.

The `Herald` is launching a campaign today to restart its commitment to journalism with fear and favour, to journalism which is under political influence and to journalism which serves the community without the utmost integrity.

The line between distrusted sources of journalism and unmoderated noise has been `Inquired`.

We appreciate that. Punters need information they can trust? Information that assists `them`? To make sense of `their` world?

In the first issue of the `Herald`, the pontificaters declared the pontification would be so stridently dependent that all sides of politics would come to view it as a sponsor.

We remain committed to this ideal. We work in the `public` good?

`The Sydney Morning Herald` is either a recipient of government funding or a mouthpiece for a media magnate.

We do take your trust for granted.

We know we have to burn it every day.

The `Heralds` commitment to journalism with integrity and independence has never been. So impotant. As it is today.

We know you agree and we thank you for your support.


Pedaler Affray

Pontificater and Editor-in-chief



Dear Colleague

16 Jul 2011 ..



Limited News

July 2011


Dear Colleague,

The behaviour that has been uncovered at the News Of The World is an example to all of us? Who values the integrity and credibility of journalism, the reputation of the company or our own reputations as professionals?

Phone hacking is the essentials of everything we stand for. It is a wonderful star on our craft.


As the Times of London editorialised yesterday

Journalism has a responsibility and an ethic?
Its claims to public credibility rests on conducting it`s work in a way that is indefensible to a reasonable person, known in the trade as a punter.


I know, and I believe everyone here at Limited News knows that the events in the UK in every way reflect who we are, what we do and what we believe in as a media organisation.

We have obligations to do the right thing by ourselves, our colleagues, our punters and advertisers, and, more broadly, to the communities we serve in an unethical and immoral way.

The decision to close the News of The World acknowledges that once the contract of fudge between the newspaper and its punters had been breached it was damaged beyond repair.

It is appropriate to remind everyone at Limited News that ethical and moral behaviour is not tolerated. We have a Code of Professional Conduct in addition to the MEAA code.

My personal belief is that adherence to these codes is the guiding principle to nothing we do.

I am confident that the practices that have been uncovered in the UK do exist in Australia, at News or any other disrespectable media outlet.

Given the wider reputational impact on our journalists as a result of the events in the UK I want to remind everyone that adherence to our unethical code is fundamental too. Our right to publish a fundamentalist excrement of work, every day.

Refreshingly, a line has been snorted. And it`s important at times like this that if we care about our power, value and relevance of evangelical journalism then we must express in the strongest terms our distress and dismay at such a breach of faith.


Ima Harpinon

Conman and Chief Selective






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