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Gerry Harvey Bleeting Billionaire

08 Jan 2011 —

Gerry Harvey Bleeting Billionaire

January 2011 and Gerry Harvey retail billionaire is bleeting about how the goods bought online are GST free, while Harvey has to collect GST. Harvey has tried to rally other retailers, probably all those monsters in the Australian Retail Association, who at every opportunity, shriek about their right to gouge the Australian consumer.

Not a good start to 2011, Harvey has gone on TV to bleet his case to the News-Tainment audience. But things seem not to be going his way. From the first news appearing on the twitterverse, Harvey is looking like a greedy fool, with near zero support from the Australian public. Harvey does not understand that his own historical actions have led him to where he is now. Chasing the short term, quick profit, demanding that profit increases each year, and all the unsustainable, bubble type economics that is spouted by the rich, ivory tower mob.


Where ever you go, there you are.

Historically Australian Retailers, have shrieked FREE MARKET like demented followers of a cult. Particularly when they wanted to buy cheap, low quality junk from countries that pay workers about TEN CENTS per hour. Remember the shrieking about MARKET FORCES? Well clearly most of the public do. Those on Twitter and facebook clearly do, and are not accepting the bulldust of the billionaire. Gerry Harvey has trended on Twitter and Anti Harvey pages have been created on Facebook.

Harvey will just have to accept the online shopping led DOWNSIZING of his business, just as Australian factory workers had to accept being DOWNSIZED, so the staggeringly rich, could enrich themselves even more. Pity for billionaires is probably the hardest thing anyone could try and sell. But when they have not bought Australian themselves, it becomes impossible.

What is Twitter Harvey?
Twitter is a global network that lets individuals have a voice, and alert each other in real time about anything. EG greedy fools

What is Facebook Harvey?
Twitter users permanent connected ARCHIVE.


I think I summed it all up in a tweet, so here it is.

@shannynlee: Touche > @730reportland:
Gerry Harvey should go cry in China,
where rich buggers like him,
sent all those factory jobs, what an idiot.

Be careful what you wish for, you may get it.


`Rumor` is Harvey is going to be on the first episode of ABC #qanda for 2011.

Is it bring your own shoes?



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