Illusion Of Safety

09 Sep 2011 —


We often hear that we are in the information age. Unfortunately much of this so-called information is propaganda, gossip, lies, criminal activity or dobbing that would make a school-girl blush.

No matter where in the world you are, you will not be able to avoid the sludge. In the UK you will be force fed sludge, even if “Sludge-Of-The-World“ has been closed and stays shut. Sludge-International will see to that.

The Obamaland citizens will not avoid the sludge, not if Fox and their astroturfed Tea-Party has anything to do with it.

In Australia the fresh sludge by Limited-News is,


Yarra Trams spokesman Colin Tyrus said the
company had no knowledge of the offensive
content posted on the photo site Twitpic
until it was brought to its attention by
the Herald Sun yesterday.

Wayne Flower – Herald Sun – 18 Aug 2011

Joining James Massola and Chris Mitchell, Wayne Flower has decided to join the Troll and Bully Era. What a stable of high aimers we have in Australia, at Limited-Sludge. While not yet criminal like it`s UK stable-mate, don`t worry, they will get there. Same sludge, different pipe.

Those of you using the websites that demand identifying data from you should sit-up and take notice of the Blume event. Blume has not done anything wrong in his job, as far as I can tell. Just pissed off the “Sludge-Factory“.

A quick review, Googleplus, I have not used, and won`t be. Reason, signup demands data that I refuse to give and they don`t allow nicknames. Facebook, I have used, demands data by stealth, keeps nagging user for data. Will end up closing. Twitter, allows nicknames. All other data entered into Twitter is at the USER`s option. For WordPress and Blogger, same as Twitter. Blume`s beg buttons are titled “Social Network Circlejerking“, no arguement here. Why limit yourself to the whole internet, when you can be confined to this little piece.

TRUEnames verses NICKnames, there is much debate over using them between bloggers and embedded-media alike. For me, I am clearly in the nickname camp, firmly planted. Blume now, like Posetti before him, have been way too easy for the sludge-factory to victimize. I have managed to save some of Blume`s webpages to my computer. As far as I am concerned, Blume`s blog is satire, full stop. Blume`s blog is none of Yarra-Trams or Limited-Sludges concern. We now get to wait and see if Yarra-Trams have any brains and balls, or become the dickheads Limited-Sludge want them to be.

Google sold out in China, filtering out and dobbing in forbidden search terms. Facebook has had several privacy and security issues. The Pentagon has been hacked by foreign hackers say fearless leaders.
Too shit scared to say China.

Private data dumped online like gold into corporate coffers. Salesrep fakes flank your Facebook friend feed, trying to make a sale. Political lobbyist trolls swirl around your Google circles. All stalking your every keystroke.

People, wake up. The Blume event should make you rethink these things. Facebook and Googleplus you may trust today, but what about when the boardroom changes or major share-holding sold. They are nice juicy hacker targets too, count on it.

So forget about your information age folks, this is
“The Golden Age Of Corporate Trolling“. From the inside of your social-site, by metrics obsessed data selling trolls. To outside trolls Limited-Sludge, Yarra-Trams and an employer you may already know.

So enjoy your social website, knowing you feed these nasty trolls, but don`t forget Andy Blume. Limited-Sludge, news farce. And Yarra-Trams, the arse.


Like an emergency exit door at 30,000 feet,
social-site “privacy settings“ are the

Illusion Of Safety


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