Mail To Me Button Please Twitter

25 Jul 2012.


Dear Twitter,

I tweeted to Twitter Engineering what I think is a great idea for Twitter to improve. I have not been tweeted any reply.

The idea is put a `Mail To Me` button on each tweet.

Put the `Mail To Me` button next to `RT` button and `Reply` button.


Twitter emails me when,

1. `Somebody else` Follows me.

2. `Somebody else` Retweets me.

3. `Somebody else` Mentions me

4. `Somebody else` Direct Messages me.

And that is all good. I am not complaining.


But to get tweets sent to my email account, where most of my research, interests and news data resides, I need `somebody else` to tweet it at me.

A `Mail To Me` button on each tweet would allow me to send public tweets I choose, that interest me, to my email inbox myself.

This would allow me to send project related tweets to where my project data is, my email inbox.


Below are the 3 tweets I sent to Twitter Engineering on 23 Jul 2012.

@twittereng Please Improve Twitter with a MAIL button next to Reply and RT buttons. Many of us work out of our email box.

@730reportland @twittereng The MAIL button should be on each Tweet. This is not to spam. Each user can only send mail to his own account.

@730reportland @twittereng I hope you understand what I mean. This would make Twitter even more Loved and more useful.


Twitter, this feature would be very, very, very useful.

Tweeps, make some noise.

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Shrieking about Australian Embedded Media and Political Quackery. A 3rd View

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  1. What a bloody good idea….
    It will probably happen when Facebook adds a dislike button though….. won’t hold my breath,,,

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