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Retweet Category Help

Retweet Category Help ..

While cleaning out my hard drive I found a lot of webpages that I have found useful or enjoyed over time. So the Retweet Category is born.

The webpages are in no specific order and belong to no specific topic.


Sometimes I add a comment.

Retweet Media Inquiry Transcripts

Retweet Media Inquiry Transcripts.


the Australian Media Inquiry are located at this URL

Fast Facts.

Hearings were conducted by Ray Finkelstein.

Finkelstein was assisted by Matthew Ricketson.

On behalf of the Australian Government, Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

Retweet Big Harto

Retweet Big Harto

After clearing up any doubts about News Ltd`s integrity Harto went-in-to-bat for the Australian Press Council. He said the APC is not self regulation but independent regulation. Harto went on saying that News Ltd was able to work well with APC Chair Julian Disney and `by and large` agreed with his approach.

Also the Photo, Outgoing News Ltd chief, John Hartigan, pours a glass of water for fellow executive, Campbell Reid, at the Independent Media Inquiry hearings in Sydney.


I also enjoyed the Live-Tweeting by Nathan on the day.

Retweet Lyns Daily Links

Retweet LYN`S DAILY LINKS are to posts of interest to the contemporary political debate. They are updated daily. At The Political Sword.


A really big selection of Links to Blogs and the embedded media.

Great Minds Think Alike!

Similar to my ReTweet Category.

Retweet History Of Dickhead

Retweet History Of Dickhead

These insights led to technological breakthroughs that culminated in the pinnacle of all human achievement, the Personal Computer.

The Personal Computer changed everything. It was affordable, and Spankis could for the first time communicate with a world that existed outside of their own stunted imagination. They didn`t even have to get on their knees to do it, although many of them still chose to out of habit and familiarity. For one glimmering moment it seemed possible for the subspecies to reunite under the universal banner of porn.

Retweet Robert Doyle FC

Retweet Robert Doyle FC

I would say that “Robert Doyle first came to our attention in..“,

but.. he didn`t. He didn`t come to anyone`s attention. That`s something he`s never been able to do. Robert Doyle fell arse-backwards into the role of Victorian Opposition Leader for the Liberal Party back in 2002. Jeff Kennett had lost the previous election, spat the dummy like the petulant spotlight-hogger that he was, and quit. Lots of senior Liberals went with him, recognising that their days were done for quite some time. Only the dregs remained.

Retweet Takes Arse To London

Retweet Takes Arse To London

In the absence of both Mr Rabbitt and Jemima Puddleduck a very bearable lightness of being has graced us at Hill Top Farm these last weeks, disturbed only by the occasional dispatch from foreign countries that serves to remind us that this respite is indeed temporary, and things will return to acrimonious normality in the too-near future.

Mr Rabbit, having failed to find any takers for his rear end at home, has joined the arse drain and is busy flogging his wares in London among those traditional arse hounds the British conservatives.

Retweet Sideshow Zooms

Retweet Sideshow Zooms.

Lindsay Tanner`s book,
Sideshow: Dumbing Down of Democracy.

The book`s central thesis is that the media and politicians are locked into a dumbed-down, trivial, vicious circle, that is for the most part instigated by dumb, lazy journalism, and dumb media organisation that encourage such journalism and coverage of politics. So well argued and accurate is Tanner`s thesis that I think this may actually be the first time a book`s thesis has been completely proven correct before the book has even been officially launched.


Blogger Grogsgamut shreds Samantha Maiden`s bullshit book reviews by actually reading the book.

Retweet Vows To Sell Arse

Retweet Vows To Sell Arse

Independent member for New England Tony Windsor, otherwise known as Mr_McGregor, revealed yesterday in an interview from his farm that Tony Rabbit had confessed to him that he`d do anything other than sell his arse to be Prime Minister of Hill Top Farm, but if absolutely necessary, he`d likely do that as well.

When confronted Mr Rabbit, looking pale and drawn, declared that he did not use that kind of language, and people in the farmyard should check with Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail if they wanted to know the real truth about him.

Retweet Journalists Fear Academics

Retweet Journalists Fear Academics

The Australian led the charge against the independent media inquiry report, which – given the repeated failure of effective self-regulation – sensibly recommended a government-funded statutory body to force newspapers to properly enforce the standards that they profess to embrace.

Since the report came out, the newspaper has deliberately and calculatedly sought to damage the reputations of academics Margaret Simons, Wendy Bacon, Andrew Dodd and Matthew Ricketson – all journalists who have merely sought to defend the principles of the craft and question the unhealthy dominance of News Ltd.

Retweet Great Unhinging Begins

Retweet Great Unhinging Begins.

With two country independents backing Gillard, the Labor party will now pass the only threshold needed in Australia to form government, a majority on the floor of House. There is no other test,

With so many having invested so much in the defeat of the Labor government, including the leadership of what was once the national broadsheet of this country, to be denied victory by political inches,

creates a result that will not be respected.

What we will witness over the next 18 months or more is a Great Unhinging, an orgy of hysterics that will far surpass the duplicity, dishonesty, let alone the complete arsehattery, that substituted for public debate on matters of government during the previous 12 months.

Retweet Great Leap Forward

Retweet Great Leap Forward.

It is 2020. We are on deadline. And the professors are in charge. Seven years since the imposition of the News Media Council..

Brave and bold voices of moderation like Bolt, Devine, Akerman and Albrechtson – the spokespeople for the voiceless – have been hounded from journalism,.

Retweet Ray On Gina Rinehart

Retweet Ray On Gina Rinehart

I don`t know about you but I`m sick of hearing about Gina Rinehart and her obsession with her own wealth.

And she wants to gain control of Fairfax so she can change its editorial direction

“the media needs to understand me“, she says

Look, Gina, I think the media and just about everyone else understands you perfectly well…

Over at Alpine Opinion, Ray has very successfully posted how the 98.7% of Australians who do NOT work in the mining industry most likely feel about Gina Rinehart, and her try for Fairfax boardroom seats.

Retweet Belling Mr Rabbit

Retweet Belling Mr Rabbit ..


Belling the Abbott cat,

this post is an attempt to capture all of the articles and posts that have challenged Tony Abbott`s merry dance with the truth.

Great idea. Drag0nista has compiled a great list of posts that call bullshit on the free ride Mr-Rabbit has received from the embedded-media. The posts are from both bloggers and the embedded media.



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