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2013 Top ABC Salaries Part Two PDF

2013 Top ABC Salaries Part Two PDF

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

197,794 _ Michael Brealey _ Head of Strategy and Governance

194,388 _ Aziz Dindar _ Head Property Services

193,397 _ Norman Swan _ Producer/Presenter

190,151 _ Ronald Spurway _ Head Transmission Network Services

189,377 _ Sally Riley _ Head Indigenous

189,321 _ David Anderson _ Deputy Head Business and Operations

188,533 _ Ian Henderson _ Journalist

188,145 _ Michael Martin _ Deputy General Counsel

187,770 _ Cheryl Scroope _ Chief Financial Officer, ABC Commercial

187,656 _ Patrick Austin _ GM ABC Resources Sales/Manager VIC

187,500 _ Waleed Aly _ Presenter

187,380 _ Jonathan Holmes _ 2012 MediaWatch Presenter

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

186,863 _ Arul Baskaran _ Controller Multiplatform

186,199 _ Emma Alberici _ Presenter/Reporter Latelineland

185,000 _ Linda Mottram _ Content Maker (Presenter)

185,000 _ Adrian Potter _ Director Communications Networks

183,496 _ Anthony Eastley _ Journalist/Reporter

183,355 _ Peter Wilkins _ Network Sports Reporter

183,090 _ Peter McEvoy _ Executive Producer, Factual

182,714 _ Toni Robertson _ Head Financial Control

182,013 _ Geraldine Doogue _ Presenter, Saturday Extra

180,430 _ Antonio Silva _ Head of Information Technology

180,388 _ Timothy Stubbings _ Manager Capital Expenditure and Planning

180,250 _ John Woodward _ GM Marketing Communications, ABC

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

180,250 _ Sophie Mitchell _ Head Corporate Affairs

179,629 _ Steven Alward _ Head International News

178,145 _ Jennifer Wright _ Deputy General Councel

178,145 _ Georgina Waite _ Head Business Affairs

178,145 _ Alan Sunderland _ Head Policy and Staff Development

178,009 _ Gregory Wilesmith _ Field Producer

177,391 _ Stephen Taylor _ Exec. Prod. Foreign Correspondent

177,017 _ Alison Hamill _ Head, Group Audit

176,454 _ Joseph OBrien _ Senior Presenter ABC News

175,898 _ Deborah Lee _ Head Comedy

175,657 _ Mark Colvin _ Journalist/Reporter

175,650 _ Randal Mathieson _ Director Victoria

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

175,634 _ Alan Erson _ Head Documentaries

175,634 _ Justin Holdforth _ Head Sport and Events

175,580 _ Benjamin Hawke _ Executive Producer 730reportland

175,451 _ Marie Wines _ Head Broadcast Network Services

175,000 _ Ian McNamara _ Content Maker (Presenter)

174,800 _ Robert Patterson _ General Manager ABC Music and Publishing

173,171 _ Raymond Moore _ Project Director

172,035 _ Mark Corcoran _ Journalist

171,847 _ Kirstin McLiesh _ Head Audience and Consumer Affairs

171,301 _ Sally Neighbour _ Executive Producer 730reportland

171,041 _ Lesna Thomas _ Manager TV Publicity

Paul Barry has said,

Now I’m not sure how interested the public is in what we earn, but I certainly wouldn’t argue that taxpayers have NO right to know.

Last week the Daily Telegraph asked me ‘in the spirit of openness’ to tell them what I earned and I said I’d be happy to do so, if Andrew Bolt revealed his salary too.

Sadly, we’re still waiting for a response on that one. It seems he’s a lot less open than I am.

But on consideration I’ve decided to go it alone. My salary is coming up on the screen. If you’re shocked just avert your eyes.

Your turn next Mr Bolt. I bet yours is bigger than mine.

Quote Source, 25 Nov 2013

The number that came up on the screen was 191,259.

191,259 _ Paul Barry _ 2013 MediaWatch Presenter

2013 Top ABC Salaries Part One PDF

2013 Top ABC Salaries Part One PDF

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

678,940 _ Mark Scott _ Managing Director

362,838 _ David Pendleton _ Chief Operating Officer

359,238 _ Kim Dalton _ Director Television

355,789 _ Anthony Jones _ Qandaland Journalist

355,492 _ Lynley Marshall _ Director ABC Commercial

350,978 _ Paul Chadwick _ Director Editorial Policies

350,394 _ Kate Torney _ Director News

344,713 _ Robert Simpson _ Director Legal and Business Affairs

334,225 _ Angela Clark _ Director ABC Innovation

316,454 _ Juanita Phillips _ Journalist

315,500 _ Kenneth Gallacher _ Director Technology

314,801 _ Michael Millet _ Director Corporate Affairs

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

300,746 _ Murray Green _ Director ABC International

298,207 _ Katherine Dundas _ Director Radio

291,505 _ Quentin Dempster _ Journalist

290,000 _ Richard Glover _ Content Maker (Presenter)

285,249 _ Jonathon Faine _ Content Maker (Presenter)

280,400 _ Leigh Sales _ 730reportland Presenter/Reporter

279,006 _ Bruce Dover _ Chief Executive Australia Network

266,300 _ Brendan Dahill _ Controller ABC1

260,000 _ Brian Jackson _ Director Business Services

255,400 _ Christopher Uhlmann _ Political Editor ABC News, ex-730reportland

255,270 _ Ursula Groves _ Director People and Learning

255,000 _ Frances Kelly _ Presenter

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

246,900 _ Alun Noll _ General Manager Multi-Channel Retail

243,478 _ Barrie Cassidy _ Presenter Insiders

239,649 _ Alexander Menzies _ Controller ABC2

235,664 _ Virginia Trioli _ Senior Presenter ABC News Breakfast

235,597 _ Timothy Brooke-Hunt _ Controller Childrens

234,000 _ David Cruttenden _ Director ABC Resources

234,000 _ Andrew Cavenett _ Head Production Planning and Business

231,115 _ Robert Hutchinson _ General Manager Digital Business Development

229,641 _ Michael Mason _ Group Program Director

226,600 _ Mark Tapeley _ Consultant to the Managing Director

224,682 _ Michael McCluskey _ Chief Executive Radio Australia

222,740 _ Gerard Whateley _ Broadcaster

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

220,545 _ Leon Coningham _ General Manager Sales and Distribution

219,106 _ Bruce Belsham _ Head Current Affairs

219,106 _ Jennifer Collins _ Head Entertainment

217,426 _ Annabel Crabb _ Chief Political Writer ABC News

216,983 _ Diana Costantini _ Head Marketing Television

213,210 _ Gaven Morris _ Head Continuous News

212,775 _ Michael Ward _ Head Operations Planning

208,831 _ James Middleton _ Presenter Aus Net Caffs

208,275 _ Joanne Wathen _ Manager Product and Content Development

205,548 _ Carole Sklan _ Head Fiction

204,773 _ Gary Linnane _ Head ABC Secretariat

198,700 _ Margaret Cassidy _ Deputy Director Technology

Melinda Tankard Reist Unfoxified

10 Feb 2012 —

Melinda Tankard Reist Unfoxified

Lobbyist and WordPress stalker Melinda Tankard Reist has joined the stupidity and bullying club recently. Jennifer Wilson has now received two letters from Melinda Tankard Reist`s lawyers.

Oh looky, another outburst of “dickhead“ from the wealth, power and influence end of town against, a citizen going about their own business. Let`s look at some facts.


1- FACT. Melinda Tankard Reist is a Lobbyist.

Like Politicians, Lobbyists are public figures. Also like Politicians, Lobbyists are paid to do and say anything. They both seem to believe in “nothing“ except, their own income. The public are absolutely correct to doubt and question both Politicians and Lobbyists. Including Wilson and the commenters at No-Place-For-Sheep.


2- FACT. The term “pro-life-feminist“ is an oxymoron.

Because Melinda Tankard Reist describes herself with this oxymoron, it is quite reasonable for the public to question Reist about this self-description. Reist chooses to be coy and not explain “her“ description of herself. To me, “pro-life-feminist“ smells like religion, dressed up as feminism. Reist also needs to explain her relationships with Churches, Religions, Sects and Cults, and if these are “paid“ relationships, because of “her“ own self-description and “her“ job.


3- FACT. Deceptive and Duplicitous. Both mean Bull-Shitting.

Reist wants us and the legal system to believe Lobbyists and Politicians are not engaged in “bull-shitting“. ROFL. Just because some of the embedded media are prepared to bleat on Reist`s behalf, does not change the reality of FACT-1. Lobbyists and Politicians are usually “bull-shitting“, either by direct lying, distortion or, omission. Lobbyists and Politicians rarely engage in the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


4- FACT. Those with power, have become stalkers and trolls.

Reist has decided to join the Australian stalker and troll club, with James Massola, Chris Mitchell and Wayne Flower, of Limited News chip wrappers. There is a pattern emerging here. It is bullying, in the first instance, with a misguided other factor, jealousy. Over inflated ego`s that dislike citizens who are able to muster up a somewhat loyal audience, even if it that audience is relatively small, and ignoring or criticizing them. There is something very pathetic that so-called adults, in so-called professions are stalking citizens online.

What makes the editor Mitchell troll twitter, Massola troll blogspot, Flower and Reist troll WordPress?

Envy, Spite, Power Tripping, Ego …

There is no positive answer to this question, only negatives that reflect very badly on the stalkers involved and, the chip wrappers, cults and projects these stalkers are involved with.


5- FACT. Reist will release a book soon.

Massola, Flower and Mitchell filled webspace and column inches with blurt from their bullying escapades against their victims. In short, the newsworthiness of this blurt was zero. They really just hurt people as part of a “publishing stunt“.

With a book on the way, menacing Wilson may be a “publishing stunt“ by Reist to generate “buzz“. During the promotion of this book, we can be sure that the embedded media will not ask Reist anything about menacing Wilson, nor ask Reist anything raised here or on Wilson`s blog, or raised anywhere else.


6- FACT. These dickheads need to take a long hard look at themselves.


7- FACT. Ann Mossop, Head of Public Programs, is prepared to use Melinda Tankard Reist`s propaganda to promote events at the Sydney Opera House on her/SOH blog.

Wilson Gets 2nd Letter

Gibbot On Melinda Tankard Reist

Wilson Gets 1st Letter

So-Called “Offending“ Post At No-Place-For-Sheep

Sydney Opera House Propaganda



Illusion Of Safety

09 Sep 2011 —


We often hear that we are in the information age. Unfortunately much of this so-called information is propaganda, gossip, lies, criminal activity or dobbing that would make a school-girl blush.

No matter where in the world you are, you will not be able to avoid the sludge. In the UK you will be force fed sludge, even if “Sludge-Of-The-World“ has been closed and stays shut. Sludge-International will see to that.

The Obamaland citizens will not avoid the sludge, not if Fox and their astroturfed Tea-Party has anything to do with it.

In Australia the fresh sludge by Limited-News is,


Yarra Trams spokesman Colin Tyrus said the
company had no knowledge of the offensive
content posted on the photo site Twitpic
until it was brought to its attention by
the Herald Sun yesterday.

Wayne Flower – Herald Sun – 18 Aug 2011

Joining James Massola and Chris Mitchell, Wayne Flower has decided to join the Troll and Bully Era. What a stable of high aimers we have in Australia, at Limited-Sludge. While not yet criminal like it`s UK stable-mate, don`t worry, they will get there. Same sludge, different pipe.

Those of you using the websites that demand identifying data from you should sit-up and take notice of the Blume event. Blume has not done anything wrong in his job, as far as I can tell. Just pissed off the “Sludge-Factory“.

A quick review, Googleplus, I have not used, and won`t be. Reason, signup demands data that I refuse to give and they don`t allow nicknames. Facebook, I have used, demands data by stealth, keeps nagging user for data. Will end up closing. Twitter, allows nicknames. All other data entered into Twitter is at the USER`s option. For WordPress and Blogger, same as Twitter. Blume`s beg buttons are titled “Social Network Circlejerking“, no arguement here. Why limit yourself to the whole internet, when you can be confined to this little piece.

TRUEnames verses NICKnames, there is much debate over using them between bloggers and embedded-media alike. For me, I am clearly in the nickname camp, firmly planted. Blume now, like Posetti before him, have been way too easy for the sludge-factory to victimize. I have managed to save some of Blume`s webpages to my computer. As far as I am concerned, Blume`s blog is satire, full stop. Blume`s blog is none of Yarra-Trams or Limited-Sludges concern. We now get to wait and see if Yarra-Trams have any brains and balls, or become the dickheads Limited-Sludge want them to be.

Google sold out in China, filtering out and dobbing in forbidden search terms. Facebook has had several privacy and security issues. The Pentagon has been hacked by foreign hackers say fearless leaders.
Too shit scared to say China.

Private data dumped online like gold into corporate coffers. Salesrep fakes flank your Facebook friend feed, trying to make a sale. Political lobbyist trolls swirl around your Google circles. All stalking your every keystroke.

People, wake up. The Blume event should make you rethink these things. Facebook and Googleplus you may trust today, but what about when the boardroom changes or major share-holding sold. They are nice juicy hacker targets too, count on it.

So forget about your information age folks, this is
“The Golden Age Of Corporate Trolling“. From the inside of your social-site, by metrics obsessed data selling trolls. To outside trolls Limited-Sludge, Yarra-Trams and an employer you may already know.

So enjoy your social website, knowing you feed these nasty trolls, but don`t forget Andy Blume. Limited-Sludge, news farce. And Yarra-Trams, the arse.


Like an emergency exit door at 30,000 feet,
social-site “privacy settings“ are the

Illusion Of Safety


Is Sludge`s Sally Jackson Trolling Andrew? (see comments)

Melbourne Tram Driver on Andy Blume

Mike Stuchbery on Andy Blume

Gibbot on Andy Blume

Glenn Milne`s Deleted Anti Joolya Sludge



Evil Empire Strikes Back

02 Jan 2011 —

Evil Empire Strikes Back

Part 1


Grogsgate sets the scene.

Main stream media attacks blogger.

Weasel words are used, many points argued, except this one.


It did not occur to `Limited News` nor the rest of the `embedded media` that, a monster corporation beating up on an individual blogger was pathetic.


Part 2


Ankle deep in stupidity and bulldust the `Limited mice` keep doing the same thing, but expect a different result. This time Posetti, a twitter user. So far the reaction to twitdef on twitter and grogsgate is similar.

So now the timid mice over at `Limited` have `outed` a blogger, his appearant crime, giving ABC a handy tip, which ABC has used.

The big sin Posetti committed was tweeting Mitchell was anti green. Considering the amount of the `doubt the science`, bulldust that theaustralian produces, and Mitchell being an editor, tweet seems accurate.

Add the failure of the `Limited` self appointed, Liberal party PR machine, just failing, by three whiskers, to get Mr Rabbit elected as PM.

Include the `Limited` dislike of anything green, progressive or different, theaustralian seems to regularly beat up on those, who are interested in these topics.

My impression of who `Limited` like to thump are Labor party, Green party, the ABC, bloggers and non-limited media just to name a few.

I was going to write about, the irony of `Limited` publishing a phrase like

Free speech is not a Left verses Right thing.
Free speech is a Free verses Unfree thing.

And the stupidity of Mitchell, threatening Posetti with defamation, for tweeting accurately, as shown by ABC audio transcript.

And the delusion, that Mitchell has any hope in hell of successfully suing Posetti, AND NOT putting on the legal public record, a lot of `Limited` dirt, that would possibly end his career there.

But the more times I pointed google at theaustralian website and searched, I felt that I have found something which may be overlooked by most others.

I will now explain as follows,

I was doing searches on google, searching for grogsgate stories, only from theaustralian website. Google returned 14 results, which I loaded to my computer. I then sorted these results by date.


Breakdown, 3 results, 27 Sep 2010

Two timestamped 12:00 AM, one by Elliott, the other by Massola.
A two pronged attack.

The first writing by Massola is an attack on Grog, while dragging in for a spank, Mr Scott and the ABC. Massola then goes on to choose to spank Grog using Minister Garrett, and the Insulation Mess.

Pathetic, instead of outing Grog, Massola should have been writing about the State Governments incompetence over insulation mess.

States licence Businesses, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians and many others. Missed by most of the `embedded media`, not a Federal Licence.

Funding is weakest excuse, former Prime Minister John W, nor his mob, were ever abused for motorist stupidity, because some road was funded by Federal Government. States issue drivers licences to motorists.

The second writing by Elliott just seems to be a backup piece, to justify the pathetic first piece by Massola.

The third writing, if you can call it that, is by Massola, is stamped `updated`. This third thing, contains large amounts of `copy and paste` lifted from Twitter, Crikey, Grogsgamut and Mumbrella.

Massola tries to justify outing Grog, and discuss the right to anonymity. Many views are shown on page, pro and con.

The point everyone shown seemed to miss is this, TRUST.
We all know that never in the history of corporations, has any person ever been killed, harmed or cheated by a corporation.

You can believe that if you want, I certainly do not. I have never used my real identity on the internet, I choose not to. You have the right to choose for yourself, which corporation, if any, you wish to trust. Not Massola deciding for you, me or anyone else.

On IRC, Newsgroups and Blogboards, NICK`s are the norm, not the exception. A nick, is short for nickname, or as Grog called it, a pen-name. Walk the talk theaustralian, no more writing, from No By Line. And expose every anonymous source in your database, because `Limited` is never a hypocrite.


Back to the timestamps. 5 results, 28 Sep 2010

Three timestamped 12:00 AM.

One each from, Massola, Sinclair and No By Line.

One from Kerr 3:14 PM

One from No By Line 3:36 PM

The 12:00 AM writings are largely boring to me, mainly background on Grog, with comment of various tone.

Kerr writes at 3:14 PM that some bloggers behaved badly, outing somebody. Seems to justify mega media should be allowed to behave equally bad.

The NO BY LINE write up at 3:36 PM is the most interesting for the day. Also the most entertaining, for those who enjoy irony, as shown below.

REVEALED: Controversial blogger unmasked

MASSOLA: Why I unmasked Grog`s Gamut

KERR: Response to Grog-gate is naive

DUTY: No anonymity to bloggers, tweeters

Nearly half, 40% of the bulldust produced on this day, was anonymous.


Another 5 results dated through Oct 2010.

The themes similar to those previous, with `Limited` using every opportunity to tip a bucket of bile over the ABC, Mr Scott, bloggers and others.

A last result collected, which was dedicated to solely to Scott and ABC bashing, in the guise of advice. Grog only mentioned once on page.

By now the true believers, who visit and comment on theaustralian website, have even started to tire of their bulldust.

Now theaustralian seems to be in the orchard business, specialising in planting trees that produce low hanging fruit, which their tail dragging rodents, each in turn, happily pick and feed to their readers.

The 13 pages dedicated to outing Grog, bashing others and justifying it, is NOT reporting news. It is canned news, fiction, bulldust, manufactured tripe.

I suspect the Mitchell, Posetti, twitdef, situation is also a canned event, using grogsgate as the template.

Massola may have been accidently dumb, but I think Mitchell is intentionally dumb. Maybe a couple more lawyers letters will be exchanged, but twidef is looking like a high tech rerun of grogsgate.

My guess is Mitchell will allow the legal threat against Posetti to go on for a few months. The timid mice, each in turn will pick the low hanging fruit, and feed it to their true believers.

Copy and Paste will fill the pages of theaustralian. Twitter, Blogger and the ABC will be abused. Mr Scott will receive more lecturing from the oz on ethics, quality and other topics the oz knows little, or nothing about.

Once all the tail dragging rodents have had their fill of low hanging fruit and public humiliation, Mitchell will then drop the legal bulldust against Posetti.

It really does seem that theaustralian spends more resources injecting itself into other things like ABC, twitter, bloggers, instead of reporting news.

They are really becoming the serial stalker and tormentor of the web, spoiling enjoyment of life and web for others, Posetti, Grog, Scott.

The future direction looks extremely bright for theaustralian and their consumers.

Consumers can really look forward to their canned news when the oz starts trawling facebook and stalking fourteen year olds. Daily updates of little Timmy calling little Jenny a bitch and, little Jenny calling little Timmy a bastard.

Ooooooh the low hanging fruit.

I am left wondering about the event of grogsgate happening if Grogs last name was Massola or Howard, and also if the cast of twitdef contained a Mr AW and a Mr JP.


Coming soon, the Trilogy continues …

Part 3



Horses Mouth, Visit Grog, Visit Posetti,

Roaring Rodent Of Twitdef,

Google Reference Search,

Roaring Rodent Of Twitdef

27 Dec 2010 —

Roaring Rodent Of Twitdef

The `embedded-media` has rushed after us to the internet and social sites like twitter. They spent quite a while poo pooing it at first though. All the `embedded-media` organizations now have the beg buttons, comment, digg, like and RETWEET.

The idiot Mitchell, a `Limited-News` editor, has taken steps in legal action against the twitter user @JuliePosetti for defamation. The `embedded-media` and bloggerverse has done some writing on this #twitdef saga, from doom and gloom for Posetti, to the highly popular view, Chrissy Mitchell is a moron.

I am in this group.


I do think the court case would be the most interesting thing that `Limited-News` or the government has done in decades. So I hope #twitdef goes to court, we could all learn so much from it, but Mitchell will either lose his bottle, or Murdok will step on his neck.


What could be learned from a court case.

Selecting a jury, now here is some fun.
Mitchell lawyer asking jurors, Have you used twitter, facebook, or other social sites? Do you watch qanda? Lived under a rock your whole life?

The evidence,
truck loads of right wing crap that `Limited` passes as news, you know the `doubt-the-science` stuff they do, on behalf of big tobacco, big polluter, and big nukes. The fake climategate fox email `Limited` do on behalf of big oil and big coal.

What about the video,
all that fox crap, converted to text, that gets fed through theaustralian. More video, all qanda viewers will have seen `Limited mice` spouting the right wing prattle of their masters. Piers, Devine, Albrechtsen for starters.

Why no #tonyjonesdef ?
Tony has asked the `Limited mice` about belief in science, global warming, mockingly during qanda. Has the ABC still got this footage? You think?

When `Limited` spends so much effort being bias and appealing to a right wing readership, a person of position, the editor, must also accept this as his brand, like the rest of the mice, past and present do. And those `Limited mice` past and present, would make extremely entertaining witnesses. Just what would those mice say. Were any mice leaned on? Instruction on bias? Like revealed in usa?

What would Mitchell say under oath?
An endless list could go here. Has Chrissy ever leaned on mice? Does Chrissy believe the climate science? Free speech? Womans Rights? Is a tweet a publishing business? Is a post-it note a publishing business?

What is defamation?
Is it tweeting the obvious? It is not a secret that `Limited-News` is right wing. Lets jog our memories, FOX, part of `Limited`. Sarah Palin, tea party idol, she is on FOX. This is all commom knowledge.

Then of course since #twitdef started other `Limited mice` have chipped in. Geoffy, Overington, Jackson and my very, very favorite, NoByLine. A minimum of three `Limited Timid Mice` have chipped in, maybe more. This is where `Limited` enters twilight zone. The `timid mice` seem to circle the wagons in a less than committed way, all circling in different directions.

Half hearted fluffy puff was written up and injected into `Limited` websites. The mice clearly did not interview or converse with Chrissy in a candid fashion, as expected by all. The result looked to myself and other bloggers, is that Chrissy dictated a puff statement, or leaned on mice. These mice would be pure gold witnesses.

Posetti lawyer has replied, to Mitchell lawyer, a funny and polite piss off, well worth the read.

My Interpretation.
Chrissy is the ocean.
AW tells Posetti `Too salty, I cannot drink.`
Posetti tweets `Undrinkable Ocean`
Chrissy goes all Norman Bates over being called `undrinkable`
Simple, but sadly, accurate.

Now lets all go to court, and in the right wing tradition, we can all have a win win situation, as shown below.

ABC3 replaces test pattern with court tv.
Live tweeting from court, twitterverse happy.
Bloggers happy, court expose `Limited` dirt.
Mice happy, spin new content for converted.
Murdok happy, more profit via new content.
Chrissy loses, joins Fox, for big bucks.
Posetti nice payout, new car, adulation.
Uni happy, they have Posetti.
Lawyers picnic, always happy.


Horses Mouth, Visit Posetti



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