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Professional Mascot Boris Mazda

21 May 2009 —

Professional Mascot Boris Mazda

North Melbourne Police were called to a domestic disturbance last night at the North Melbourne Football Club. The disturbance was allegedly between Boris Mazda professional mascot of the North Melbourne Football Club and his girl friend Carcass.

A Police media handler released the following statement.

North Melbourne Police interviewed both parties involved. Carcass did not make any statement of complaint and Boris Mazda stated

“we just have loud sex“.

Sixteen witnesses confirmed Boris Mazdas statement, including his girl friend Carcass. No charges were laid against any party.



What is on the idiot box tonight, let us check.

On the ABC, Poor-Corners will run code of crap by Sarah Ferguson. Sarah squeezes Carcass until she cracks and no witnesses will be found.

And on Nine Tracy Grimshaw will beat up Boris Mazda and the North Melbourne Football Club until Tracy is physically restrained.

On Ten of course there is eight straight years of their hit,
morons locked in a house.
Who will chicken slap who tonight?

SBS is running iron chef chicken battle for the 27th time,
followed by the 43rd re-run of the nazi bunker.
(sponsored by chicken tonight)

Seven re-runs their ten year old hit,
the Fowl Mouthed Chef.

The media just ruffles my feathers.



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