Google Can Get Stuffed

27 Feb 2012.

Google Can Get Stuffed.

Last week, after I commented on a post on a blogspot, blogger, google blog, something odd happened. When I returned to see if the blog owner had answered my comment, my usual red avatar did not show on the comment. Instead, there was a black avatar.

When I logged back in and checked my blogspot profile page, my red avatar was gone. It was replaced with the generic blue and purple blogger avatar.

Thinking something was done wrong by me, I proceeded to try and upload my red avatar again, which failed. So of course I then went about fiddling about with options and settings I had never bothered with previously.

After eating my red avatar, google then went about eating my blogspot profile. Still hungry, google then ate my main blog
And for desert consumed my secondary blog

I then got hit with a facebook style roadblock saying google had detected odd behaviour on the account and demanded mobile phone verification. Bullshit. The odd behaviour was due to google stuffing up my avatar.

It seems google is dumping their do no evil motto and is going to bullshit it`s users in the same way facebook does. There is an in-built dis-honesty in the system facebook uses to collect user information by not being up-front about the information they want to collect from/about you.

I don`t want to use google-plus, and I object to arm twisting by stealth tactics to try and force me into that system so,
google can get stuffed.

I was going to use my wordpress account to re-launch my blog, but unfortunately the wordpress so-called html editor buggers up html code by adding `br` and `p` code-tags to the users already made html code. This is no good to me, I am not going to re-code all my html posts on my hard-drive to suit the bug in the wordpress html editor. It seems wordpress does not understand, copy and paste.

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