News Tainment Business Model

15 Jul 2012 —


Mogal Greed during the 1980s and 1990s ramped up.

It was much more profitable at the time for Press Journalism to `pretend` it was doing `news`, rather than go out and find real news.

Passing off Advertising, Corporate Promotion, Political Lobbying, Celebrity Waffle and Inane Sound-Bites as news-reports became normal.

Inane Example. Mr Rabbit says `No` `blah blah blah`

Is usually not,

A. Policy, or,

B. Newsworthy.

It is just a free kick in the drama department.

See the Canberra Press Gallery for working examples.



News-Tainment (News as Entertainment) was born.

Press Journalism and the News Media traded in their strengths, and built for themselves a Credibility Gap.

No longer was Press Journalism, a trusted source, impartial, factual, fair, truthful, or even useful.

Press Journalism placed the bet that dumbing down was the way to go.

In a country where more and more of the public are,

1. Gaining more knowledge by losing jobs in one industry and moving to another industry, and,

2. Much more of the working class made sure as many of their kids went to University as possible,

It is the Losing bet.

The public, those, previously known as the audience, were going smarter.

Press Journalism, at all levels, chose to go dumber.

And since approximately 1997, we can add,

3. Larger and larger numbers of the public being on the interwebs, who go over, under, or around the sheltered workshop known as Press Journalism, to obtain non-distorted information, straight from the horses mouth.



As Press Journalism created for itself, the reputation of `distrusted` source, delivery-boy of factoids and Lobbyist for the Rich, the News-Tainment business model showed signs of failure, as their audience ran, not walked, away. As well as advertisers and their dollars.

All levels of Press Journalism decided they needed to do `more`.

More `analysis`, more `opinion`, more `factoids`, more `Lobbying`.



This too was the wrong bet.

All levels of Press Journalism were too dopey to realize,

`More` is just `More`.

What Press Journalism needed to do was `Better`.

Better questions, better interviews. Better investigating, better reports.

Instead, Press Journalism only became `more` irrelevant to the public.



Jump forward to 2002. The Test.

As the Bush regime, Blair regime and Howard regime pushed their bogus case for the destruction of Iraq, Press Journalism, along with the other segments of the embedded media, Radio and TV, failed to uphold their own so-called 4th-estate ideals.

This was an opportunity squandered.

If ever there is a time for Press Journalism to show their audience how valuable they are, it is when the Chips Are Down.

But Press Journalism no longer had the skills to uphold their own 4th-estate ideals. They no longer knew how to act without fear or favor, challenge their leaders or take on power. It had been so long since they tried it.

See– –for working example.

Press Journalism didn`t even realize that regimes calling for war, was when the chips were down, when they were expected to step up, fight the good fight, hold regimes to account and, do their job.

Instead, with a handful of exceptions, Press Journalism laid down and stuck with its news-tainment business model and, preferred to become Embedded.

The embedded media, in denial or unaware, still don`t seem to realize how damaging, to what little credibility they had left, it was to them for failing this test.



Jump forward to 2011.

For a decade now the embedded media have ignored the Iraq test, and are sticking to their `more` `news-tainment` model. And has often become more, silly, nasty, petty and unhelpful to their readers in the process.



Then along comes the Finkelstein Inquiry.

Another chance to redeem themselves and gain some credibility.

Here, Press Journalism and the rest of the News Media had the opportunity to redefine themselves, define what they stood for, define rules of product standards and professional behavior and, penalties for poor behavior and poor product.

Instead, Press Journalism began wailing and bleating as soon as the Finkelstein Inquiry was announced, and it hasn`t stopped yet.

Most paid lip service that a News Media Council needed to be properly funded, have clearly defined rules and, have teeth, but would then wallow in `their` right to Lobby, so-called Press freedom, and free speech.

(Much more rigorous non-regulation.)

Press Journalism, hell bent on keeping their `more` `news-tainment`, let us write bullshit mindset, failed to improve their industry one iota.



Prediction. In Australia, Press Journalism must implode to a near fatal situation, because, Press Journalism is full of Turkeys who keep demanding Christmas.



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