Self Imploding Press Journalism Week

23 Jun 2012 —


Mogal Greed, Editor`s Cowardice and Journalist`s Desire for Celebrity Status.

These are the real reasons for the Self Imploding Australian Press this week. Not the bullcrap the embedded media are trying to peddle to the public.


The downfall of the Australian Press didn`t begin in the mid 1990s for a start.

The early 1980s, or even earlier, was when the start of their downfall began.


Interwebs, iproducts and Twitter did not destroy Press Journalism.

They did that all by themselves, under their own steam. In the 1980s or earlier, while Politicians started turning Australia into the `free-trade` dumping ground, Boardrooms paid themselves millions to destroy Australian factory jobs and import goods from the Asian Slave Labor Market.

The Press of the day reported the brilliance of the Boardroom for the monster profits this would generate and, the evils of the factory workers Unions that represented the workers who were losing their jobs.

The Press were told by Boardrooms that the factory jobs were low paid and not really wanted. The factory workers can easily find other jobs and reskill. Boardrooms told the Press their standard bullcrap back then, as they do today, and as always, the Press believes.

Not only did all levels of the Press lack forsight. The Press also lacked wisdom, back then, and today. The Press, who sell eyeballs to their advertisers, at worst cheered, and at best were bystanders, watched Boardrooms flush their largest `Captured` dead tree audience down the gurgler, along with Press profits.

In the early 1980s, many Australian factory workers bought a newspaper on the way to work. Those that caught public transport particularly did.


Did Fairfax sell more copies of the Sydney Morning Herald to Indian Child Slave Owners than Aussie textile workers?

Did Limited News sell more copies of The Australian to auto assembly line robots than Aussie auto workers?

Did 730reportland work in a factory in the early 1980s? … YES

Was that factory closed 730reportland? … YES


Fairfax announced this week 1900 jobs are to go. Of these jobs, 400 staff jobs are Journalists and Editors. The remaining 1500 jobs are factory jobs across two printing factories.

Prediction The embedded media will make way more noise over the 400 staff jobs than the 1500 factory jobs.

Limited News also announced this week 1500 jobs are to go. They have not specified any job particulars. I predict similar job loss ratios (about 4 to 1) or (300 staff, 1200 factory) and similar noise levels as my Fairfax prediction above.



… and since then,

After successfully shedding it`s audience and income stream from advertisers, Press Journalism decided it needed to earn money and save money.

To save money Press Journalism turned to the local library for inspiration and discovered a whole new type of writing called `fiction`. Press Journalism quickly realized it could rebrand fiction to something more catchy like `Analysis` or `Opinion` and Corporate media releases could pass as news.

To make money Press Journalism turned to the interwebs to display it`s bias, ignorance and content for free, relying on clickable sponsor advertising.
So, What is ad-blocking software?

After successfully maintaining it`s credibility gap, Press Journalism decided it needed to build a pay-wall.



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Shrieking about Australian Embedded Media and Political Quackery. A 3rd View

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  1. cheers, nice to meet you.

  2. Rupert’s Rags aren’t worth reading free of charge; why would anyone cough up to read them online?

  3. Dino not to be confused with

    I just discovered You.
    Thank You and I will keep reading if thats OK.
    I agree with alot of what you have written.
    However, internet vs paper hard copy is also an issue.
    As for cheap globalised labour, what are we to do ?
    I try to buy Australian, sometimes I can’t afford it. I’ll always buy Australian food over another.

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