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2013 Shorten Defeats Albanese

2013 Shorten Defeats Albanese

Warmies Verses Doubties Tax

15 Nov 2011.

Warmies Verses Doubties Tax.

Doubties are the sort of folks who prefer to get their scientific information from corporate lobbyists, Mr Rabbit and friends, or hysteric shrieking shock jocks whose desk may have been recently hit with a bag of cash, for comment. Not scientists. Particularly not the 3 or 4000 top environmental scientists in their field of expertise.


Warmies are the sort of folks who prefer to get their scientific information from scientists. Particularly from the 3 or 4000 top environmental scientists in their field of expertise. Not from corporate lobbyists, Mr Rabbit and friends, or hysteric shrieking shock jocks whose desk may have been recently hit with a bag of cash, for comment.


Under a Liberal Australian Prime Minister, super-glued to an American Republican President, Doubties went about fixing the Global Warming problem by not signing the international talk-fest produced, Kyoto Protocol. Any corporate loving Doubtie worth his cash knows you cannot fix anything by being fair.


But not signing the Kyoto Protocol only created a feral Warmie rampage. There was no peace and quiet for the Doubtie. More hysteric propaganda was screeched from both sides. Doubties needed to get back to their agenda, so a placebo was created. The best rational minds of the Doubties went about renaming and rebranding Global Warming to Climate Change. Luckily for the Doubties a mindless, timid, and fully embedded media existed at the time and, complied fully.


Setting up franchises, Doubties and Warmies went global. More hysteric bleating from both sides followed. For the Doubties, tragically, the placebo was not strong enough and had no effect on the top environmental scientists. They were still making too much non-corporate noise.


Warmies, extremely unhappy with the efforts and sincerity of the Doubties, as half of them were now playing hide and seek in Iraq, decided much more action needed to be taken. Another international talk-fest was arranged. This time in Copenhagen. Any dolphin friendly Warmie worth his beads knows you cannot fix anything without concensus.


Elections changed regimes. Copenhagen changes nothing. Another international talk-fest where you couldn`t get them all to agree that grass is green. Too many international Doubties only interested in self serving ideas. Not enough Warmies. The leader shelves the plan. The Warmies shelve their leader. Regime changed.


The minority watermelon government, red on the inside and green on the outside, screech the parrots from Murdoch`s national galah cage. So upset the Doubties could not win power or, negotiate power. They have done all they could to support the Doubties and the Doubtie cause.


Under the Australian minority watermelon government, super-glued to an American Democratic President, Warmies went about fixing the Global Warming problem by creating a tax, that can be passed on to the consumer, which will be seen by business, as a service provided to the government, to which a profit will be added, much like the GST.


The embedded media canned this subject too

Viewing Osama Sheeple

03 May 2011 —


Below, (Ernesto) Che Guevara,
BEFORE Battle (Left) and AFTER Battle (Right)





Below, Osama Bin Laden,
BEFORE Battle (Left) and AFTER Battle (Right)


Sheeple, Are you believing the Usa had Osama`s corpse and just threw it in the sea? No Video? After Saddam has Wmd, Mission Accomplished, Usa Torture Prisons and the Wikileaks Helicopter slaughter of reporters?

You do. Baaaa Baaaa



Estrogen Fueled Girl Power Quack

27 Jan 2011 ..


With the embedded media`s obsession of female firsts, and the bulldust peddled by the embedded media, I thought I should refresh our memories.
Let us reflect on the female first`s.



Labor Premier of Victoria .. Joan Kirner

In 10 Aug 1990 .. Out 06 Oct 1992

Kirner is the Mother Goose of parachuted female pollies into position.
Playing fool the voter, by replacing a male dud with a female dud.
As far as I can recall, it didn`t work. Kirner scores one quack for goose stepping to the tune of John Cain. Kirner earns her second quack all under her own steam, adding to Cain`s mess, not reducing it.

Kirner 2 QUACKS.



Labor Premier of Western Australia .. Doctor Carmen Lawrence

One unavoidable quack already for being a Doctor.

In 12 Feb 1990 .. Out 16 Feb 1993

First Female Premier in Australia, first of the first`s, featherbedded in to fool WA voters. Lawrence earns a quack for goose stepping to Peter Dowding`s tune and another quack for adding to his mess.

Lawrence 3 QUACKS.



Labor Premier of Queensland .. Anna Bligh

In 13 Sep 2007 .. Out TBA (To Be Announced)

Unlike Lawrence and Kirner, Captain Bligh became Premier from what seemed to me a genuine resignation, not a get out or we club you over the head type resignation that we usually see. Queenslanders say things have gone down hill since Peter Beattie left. That`s on Bligh, so one quack.
Pre the 2011 flood, Bligh looked to be on shaky ground, election wise. Performance during the 2011 flood was very good, inspite having Joolya droning in her ear, way too much.

Bligh 1 QUACK.



Labor Premier of NSW .. Kristina Keneally

In 04 Dec 2009 .. Out TBA (probably Mar 2011)

Keneally is a female dud following not one, but TWO male duds in power.
Like Lawrence and Kirner, Keneally earns a quack for goose stepping for previous clowns, Nathan Rees and Morris Iemma. Keneally also gets a quack for adding to the NSW mess herself. Add another quack for the Parramatta to Epping Line, promised again, during the 2010 Federal Election with Joolya. Another quack for treating NSW and Australian Voters like lobotomised morons with that promise. Annoying Yank accent, that`s a quack.

Keneally 5 QUACKS.



Labor Prime Minister of Australia .. Julia Gillard

In 24 Jun 2010 .. Out TBA (suspect soon)

Joolya gets a quack for `killing` Kevin.
Then a quack for the `fake` Joolya.
Add a quack for the `real` Joolya.
Having to `revive` Kevin for 2010 election, another quack.

Droning `MOVING FORWARD` during election, earns a quack.
Parramatta to Epping Line promise, quack.
Treating voters as Lobotomised, that`s a quack.
Failing to give Mr Rabbit a real fight in the election. Mr Rabbit only had to keep his head down. Have another quack Joolya.

Of course Joolya gets a goose stepping quack.
And an add to the mess quack, like Kirner.
Joolya also receives a quack for the painted decoy duck performance during the 2011 floods. Clearly trying to grab some photo op.
Possibly hindering Captain Bligh more than helping.
Joolya also gets a gang of four quack.

Only six months in .. Gillard 12 QUACKS.



Labor Premier of Tasmania .. Lara Giddings

In 24 Jan 2011 .. Out TBA

Giddings replaces David Bartlett and I better wait
more than a mere three days before issuing quacks.

But feel free to issue quacks to `Limited News`
who focused on the fact Giddings is single.



Julie Bishop .. Potential First Liberal Female Prime Minister

Professional deputy duck Bishop has repeatedly fronted public
and press spruiking her love, support and devotion to a new
leader, since Kevin dislodged the Liberals from power in 2007.

Julie gets one quack for Brendan Nelson. Nelson was rolled for
Malcom in the middle Turnbull, another quack for Julie for the same
old devotion spruiking. In turn, Turnbull was rolled and Mr Rabbit
installed. TWO quacks for the repedative devotion crap Julie.

Bishop 4 QUACKS.



Mr Rabbit failed to win the 2010 Federal election, and I wonder how long he will last. Mr Rabbit came so close to winning just by keeping his head down. But that won`t do if the other side have substance next time.

Lack of substance kept both the big partys looking like crap in 2010.
Will Mr Rabbit make it to the next election as leader?

Or will he become another severed member, thrown
from the window of a speeding political vehicle?

If I have to hear Bishop spruiking the devotion crap again, I will puke.
Does Bishop want to be a first? Or is she happy to go down in history
as the death staring deputy duck of devotion?

But then again the devotion spruik for Hockey Joe
or Chrissy Pyne would be highly amusing.

At the end of the day, it won`t matter if you quack for the left wing loonies,
or quack for the right wing ratbags. It also won`t matter if your mighty duck
is female or male, gay or straight, black or white etc.

Your choice will always be between tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

We are all fed from the same swill bucket. And don`t forget,
State or Federal, in Australia you must register because


. . . QUACKING is compulsory!


If it waddles like a duck, and it quacks like duck,
don`t worry, it`s just our Prime Minister, Joolya.



Horses Mouth



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