Project Cotton Wool

09 Jan 2013.


It is 2013. Election Year.

For the last 2 years the embedded media have inflicted upon the voting public ”Nonsense As News” dressed up as political reporting and policy opinion.

The Canberra Press Gallery has specialized in Journo`s interviewing Journo`s about what a Politician may have said and who they think is ”winning”.

Nothing has dampened the enthusiasm of the local branch of Rupert`s Global Criminal Organization, to mindlessly lobby for the mega-rich, to the detriment of everything, and everybody else.

With it`s Howard Regime inspired boardroom and frightened of it`s own shadow, the National Monster regularly re-echoes the ”Daily Squawking Points” provided by Rupert`s Global Monster.

Project Cotton-Wool is about creating a record of those oh so soft and gooey interviews and, triple-ply sorbent soft puff pieces of political propaganda the embedded media in Australia does during the 2013 election year.

Project Cotton Wool is open to everybody and anybody, rusted-on or not, but please follow the guidelines below and on each page.

Australian embedded media links only, no non-Australian links please.

No OLD links please. Keep 01 Jan 2013 as the oldest date.

Yes, include Free-To-Air TV links. Please mark video links with (video). No Pay/Cable/Satellite TV please.

Yes, include AM/FM Radio links. Please mark audio links with (audio).

Use the original Radio or TV site link please, not 3rd-party/youtube links. (Unless it has been pulled, then youtube is OK)

Please mark links behind paywalls and logins with (paywall).
(If you wish to save paywalled links to your hard-drive, zip the html and file directory into a generic zip file and email it to me, I won`t complain. Or PDF. Or Screen-Grab.)

Limited News mastheads, the oz, the hun and the terror are usually paywalled. Perthnow and Adelaidenow are not paywalled. The same derp is usually cycled through all mastheads, so you can usually get most of the stuff by changing the url in you browser address bar.
EG change http/
To http/

Please be aware the `drum` over at my ABC is often a `letter-to-the-editor` platform. Therefore citizen `corrections` or `right-of-reply` may not qualify for these projects. `Blogs` and `Opinion` of those on my ABC payroll, EG Annabel, Barrie and Jonathan definitely qualify and will be included in these projects. Of course the same applies to Limited-News and Fairfoxed.

Finally, these projects are about QUALITY not quantity. Quality of Journalism, Political Reporting and associated voter information, not quantity of cheer-leading of citizen bloggers. Some bloggers make `5th-estate` claims, a view I do not hold and, may ultimately be proven wrong with these projects. Feel free to RE-BLOG these projects to your blog or other places you dwell to expand the research.

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