Calm as Hindu Cattle

20 Oct 2011

Calm as Hindu Cattle

Calm as Hindu Cattle, my ABC, (Australia), sadly, have been proving their talent in elephant-ignoring, herd-think and, acting as a Limited-News re-echo chamber.


Starting with my ABC website, and one of my favorite bloggers, Grogsgamut, who seems to be coming down with a dose of ABC herdthink, half-story and elephant ignoring with this..

Jericho, 28 Sep 2011, Hang onto your dentures,..

Yet another half-story that will only ring true, “only“ to a small minority of the some 17,000 people who lost their (full-time?) jobs in 2011.

The John W Howard idea of Work Till You Drop has always been bullcrap to those of us who live in the real world, and is seen as part of the shitty “Work_NO_Choices“ trampling of the little people. Just because Joolya`s mob now think work till you drop is a good idea, does not make it so. It is just herdthink.

Work Till You Drop requires the the highest level of elephant ignoring, a bit like science denying. You really need to be able to ignore all the jobs sent to China and, the hardship of job seekers over 45 complaining about “age-ism“ that the embedded media screech so often about.


And this..
Jericho, 14 Sep 2011, Policy principles.. perception..
(see this small post)


And also this..
Jericho, 05 Oct 2011, It`s a matter of trust

Which I got to via blogger Drag0nista, who also writes for other media sites, including my ABC. Both Drag0nista and Jericho seem to have come down with a dose of poorly thought out quackery and herdthink on the register comments with a credit card topic.

Yes, some of us in this day and age, do NOT have a credit card. And of course we don`t need to have a crystal ball to realize the Limited-News Lobbyists, science deniers and other wing-nuts who refuse to use common sense will have a party with this. And astroturfing lobbyists with corporate credit cards will defeat this so-called idea.

Would they say..

We already pay for the ABC via our tax dollars, this rip-off is crap.. Drag0nista writes under a nickname, but demands to know ours for a comment?.. Jericho is just pissed because Massola outed him.

And on, and on, this Not-News type of crap would go. Poorly chosen topic, even for a “talking-point“ my ABC. Also 100 percent NOT defendable. Grogsgamut, remember don`t feed the trolls. But of course I agree 500 percent with Jericho, about not trusting the embedded media.

The half-story of managing comments really is such bulldust. Comments can be turned off, my ABC are just showing their poor management skills arguing that so much resources are taken moderating comments. Lets hope somebody from my ABC cites which part of the “Charter“ states that my ABC must moderate 10,000 comments per webpage post, or every TV show must have a Circlejerking+Plus and Fakebook and Tweet account.

I also wonder if the Overington fessing up and fixing, about Jessica Rudd in the Oz. Was this an online only story? How about the actual newspaper? Usually “wrong“ things get put in the papers on front page, with large font and photos. Corrections are usually tiny and tucked way back in the paper, camouflaged by large advertisements. Half-story?

Some more elephant ignoring, and missed opportunity to inform his new readers. Jericho brings up that a year ago Massola outed him. What Jericho omits is that Massola did intimidate him. At least on some level. While not said in words, was said in action. Jericho did stop blogging and tweeting for about two weeks, once Massola and the Limited-News sewer started burbling crap on Jericho. Credit card comments, why the hell would my ABC want to create another opportunity for the sewer rodents?


Then I go to the bio page of my favorite fawn cardigan, the current Mr Mediawatch, Jonathan Holmes, to see what Holmes has got to say.

Unfortunately Holmes has not one, but two posts titled and updated..

Bolt, Bromberg and a profoundly disturbing judgment 29 Sep 2011

Profoundly disturbing judgment?.. Holmes can`t seem to resist acting as a Limited-News re-echo chamber, bleating about how the Bolt decision will interfere with embedded media reporting.


Holmes 14 oct 2011..
Inappropriate, silly questions in print media inquiry

Holmes robustly bleating about not regulating the embedded media again. Holmes wants to shame those behaving badly via media watch, and is blind to embedded media`s hypocracy, who squeal “where are the regulators“ when any other industry does wrong.


On 16 Sep 2011, Holmes has..
Media regulation must come from within

The Government wants a media inquiry,
and Holmes re-echos the Limited-News quack.


Holmes again, 05 Aug 2011..
A regulated media? It’s as simple as your ABC

Kicked off by News of the World. Holmes ends with..

“Well, there`s no evidence of phone-hacking in Australia.“

Of course, there was no evidence of phone-hacking
or police-bribery in the UK. Until there was!


More Holmes, 15 Jul 2011..
No regulation please, we’re not British

News of the World set this off too, and Holmes finishes with..

“There are a great many countries where the press
is frightened to step out of line, lest journalists suffer the displeasure of government.
We don`t, surely, want Australia to be one of them.“

I call bullcrap, and too late, particularly for Australian, Canadian, American and British embedded media, specifically around 2002.

Holmes articles claiming regulation will wreck the embedded media, preventing them from doing their job, really ignores the elephant. The elephant of self-censorship that the embedded media has lived by for the last decade and, has set the embedded media play book for the century, quite possibly.

The FOXified, timid, embedded media chose to run the pack of lies, Saddam possesses Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMD. The embedded media chose to run this over, and over, and over. The embedded media also chose to run the 9-11 New York footage, continuously, and often.

The FOXified, timid, embedded media chose NOT to run any of the networks footage of, George W Bush`s cronies saying we have Saddam boxed up, Iraq is no danger to the region. Said just three weeks before 9-11. The embedded media chose, often under the “News“ banner, to self-censor itself into irrelevance and promote propaganda.

Any Judge spanking Bolt, any Government Inquiry, any bark given to any media watch-dog, will not be as damaging to the embedded media as, the embedded media itself.


Now let`s have a look at my ABC TV, specifically ABC1

Starting with Breakfast-News, I must say I have enjoyed the occasional so-called news report which is actually a commercial network promotion, that gets put on Breakfast-News. Who do they think they are, Sunrise.

Trioli often chips in with not clever questions like, What do the Conservatives say? What do the Republicans think? What do the Liberals want?
Often this is irrelevant to the story or discussion.

Is Trioli a right wing ratbag? A pandering pretender?
Or instructed by those higher up the food chain to do this?


How about the badly re-jigged 730Report

The 730Report was a great program, but however it has been re-jigged is really annoying. It is not merely that Kerry O`Brien has left. The changes that have happened behind the scenes, off camera have seemed to dumb down the program somewhat. I struggle to be able to nit-pick accurately, but the twitterverse is largely not happy. Unlike most tweeps, I don`t think it is all Toolman`s fault. But sometimes it is.


Meanwhile over in LateLineLand

During the tax forum, Rob Oakshott appeared on the Wednesday night edition of LateLineLand, with Tony Jones. Oakshott was doing a pretty good job of talking intelligently and answering questions properly, can`t say the same for Tony Jones.


Jones seemed to race through the questions on his idiot sheet, cutting Oakshott`s answers short. This seemed a bit strange as the tax forum was a bit of a special political process, requested reportedly by Oakshott. Now that the tax forum was in progress, why cut Oakshott off.


Then Jones gets to the last few questions, this is what Jones has been racing though the interview for. The last few questions, they are on Joolya and ALP Government speculation. Jones thinks this is his time to shine, not realizing he is wallowing in his own crepulance.


Tony Jones wallowing in his own crepulance. That is pretty harsh you might say. But not if you are a Qanda viewer. You see folks, Jones had a real good go at Oakshott on Qanda along the lines of, if the ALP implode again and knife another Prime Minister. Topic was fully covered.


While there is much waffling and white noise on this topic by the embedded media, the short answer is, if the ALP implode, that will “reset“ all deals, with all the smaller players, Windsor, Wilkie, Oakshott, Katter and Bandt.


Let`s hope that the next election will result in more independants that the big parties will have to negotiate with, to form an even more minor, minority Government. Let`s hope next time it takes 47 days to get though the negotiations. Let`s hope next time Oakshott needs 2 hours to explain his decision to the embedded media. If this does happen, Tony Jones will do so much wallowing, Jones will need to wear waders.


Interestingly, Tony Windsor was on a Wednesday night LateLineLand after Oakshott, and Tony Jones was the interviewer. This interview seemed to be run properly. I am left wondering if Jones dislikes Oakshott, or likes Windsor.


Demographic Analysis

LateLineLand and 730Report viewers are most likely NOT today tonight or, a current affair or, BoltReportLand viewers.

Serving up similar swill will not retain your audience.


Interview Analysis

Clarke and Dawe can do Clarke and Dawe and should interview each other. Sales and Toolman or Clarke and Rowland should not. UnFOXify your interviewing trick of continually cutting guests short. Let guests answer. A problem for Tony Jones with Oakshott. And Toolman interviewing Wayne Swan. Better judgement needed in allocating time and number of questions for guest.


Brand Analysis

Continually damaging my ABC`s brand can only lead to irrelevance. Timidly acting as a Limited News re-echo chamber, on TV or website, only weakens my ABC`s unique position in Australian and World media. Being and doing the same as everybody else, only erodes my ABC`s brand.


Before Jones and Holmes go complaining to their boss,
I do hope they realize..

Annabel has her own problems



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