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2013 Top ABC Salaries Part Two PDF

2013 Top ABC Salaries Part Two PDF

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

197,794 _ Michael Brealey _ Head of Strategy and Governance

194,388 _ Aziz Dindar _ Head Property Services

193,397 _ Norman Swan _ Producer/Presenter

190,151 _ Ronald Spurway _ Head Transmission Network Services

189,377 _ Sally Riley _ Head Indigenous

189,321 _ David Anderson _ Deputy Head Business and Operations

188,533 _ Ian Henderson _ Journalist

188,145 _ Michael Martin _ Deputy General Counsel

187,770 _ Cheryl Scroope _ Chief Financial Officer, ABC Commercial

187,656 _ Patrick Austin _ GM ABC Resources Sales/Manager VIC

187,500 _ Waleed Aly _ Presenter

187,380 _ Jonathan Holmes _ 2012 MediaWatch Presenter

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

186,863 _ Arul Baskaran _ Controller Multiplatform

186,199 _ Emma Alberici _ Presenter/Reporter Latelineland

185,000 _ Linda Mottram _ Content Maker (Presenter)

185,000 _ Adrian Potter _ Director Communications Networks

183,496 _ Anthony Eastley _ Journalist/Reporter

183,355 _ Peter Wilkins _ Network Sports Reporter

183,090 _ Peter McEvoy _ Executive Producer, Factual

182,714 _ Toni Robertson _ Head Financial Control

182,013 _ Geraldine Doogue _ Presenter, Saturday Extra

180,430 _ Antonio Silva _ Head of Information Technology

180,388 _ Timothy Stubbings _ Manager Capital Expenditure and Planning

180,250 _ John Woodward _ GM Marketing Communications, ABC

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

180,250 _ Sophie Mitchell _ Head Corporate Affairs

179,629 _ Steven Alward _ Head International News

178,145 _ Jennifer Wright _ Deputy General Councel

178,145 _ Georgina Waite _ Head Business Affairs

178,145 _ Alan Sunderland _ Head Policy and Staff Development

178,009 _ Gregory Wilesmith _ Field Producer

177,391 _ Stephen Taylor _ Exec. Prod. Foreign Correspondent

177,017 _ Alison Hamill _ Head, Group Audit

176,454 _ Joseph OBrien _ Senior Presenter ABC News

175,898 _ Deborah Lee _ Head Comedy

175,657 _ Mark Colvin _ Journalist/Reporter

175,650 _ Randal Mathieson _ Director Victoria

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

175,634 _ Alan Erson _ Head Documentaries

175,634 _ Justin Holdforth _ Head Sport and Events

175,580 _ Benjamin Hawke _ Executive Producer 730reportland

175,451 _ Marie Wines _ Head Broadcast Network Services

175,000 _ Ian McNamara _ Content Maker (Presenter)

174,800 _ Robert Patterson _ General Manager ABC Music and Publishing

173,171 _ Raymond Moore _ Project Director

172,035 _ Mark Corcoran _ Journalist

171,847 _ Kirstin McLiesh _ Head Audience and Consumer Affairs

171,301 _ Sally Neighbour _ Executive Producer 730reportland

171,041 _ Lesna Thomas _ Manager TV Publicity

Paul Barry has said,

Now I’m not sure how interested the public is in what we earn, but I certainly wouldn’t argue that taxpayers have NO right to know.

Last week the Daily Telegraph asked me ‘in the spirit of openness’ to tell them what I earned and I said I’d be happy to do so, if Andrew Bolt revealed his salary too.

Sadly, we’re still waiting for a response on that one. It seems he’s a lot less open than I am.

But on consideration I’ve decided to go it alone. My salary is coming up on the screen. If you’re shocked just avert your eyes.

Your turn next Mr Bolt. I bet yours is bigger than mine.

Quote Source, 25 Nov 2013

The number that came up on the screen was 191,259.

191,259 _ Paul Barry _ 2013 MediaWatch Presenter

2013 Top ABC Salaries Part One PDF

2013 Top ABC Salaries Part One PDF

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

678,940 _ Mark Scott _ Managing Director

362,838 _ David Pendleton _ Chief Operating Officer

359,238 _ Kim Dalton _ Director Television

355,789 _ Anthony Jones _ Qandaland Journalist

355,492 _ Lynley Marshall _ Director ABC Commercial

350,978 _ Paul Chadwick _ Director Editorial Policies

350,394 _ Kate Torney _ Director News

344,713 _ Robert Simpson _ Director Legal and Business Affairs

334,225 _ Angela Clark _ Director ABC Innovation

316,454 _ Juanita Phillips _ Journalist

315,500 _ Kenneth Gallacher _ Director Technology

314,801 _ Michael Millet _ Director Corporate Affairs

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

300,746 _ Murray Green _ Director ABC International

298,207 _ Katherine Dundas _ Director Radio

291,505 _ Quentin Dempster _ Journalist

290,000 _ Richard Glover _ Content Maker (Presenter)

285,249 _ Jonathon Faine _ Content Maker (Presenter)

280,400 _ Leigh Sales _ 730reportland Presenter/Reporter

279,006 _ Bruce Dover _ Chief Executive Australia Network

266,300 _ Brendan Dahill _ Controller ABC1

260,000 _ Brian Jackson _ Director Business Services

255,400 _ Christopher Uhlmann _ Political Editor ABC News, ex-730reportland

255,270 _ Ursula Groves _ Director People and Learning

255,000 _ Frances Kelly _ Presenter

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

246,900 _ Alun Noll _ General Manager Multi-Channel Retail

243,478 _ Barrie Cassidy _ Presenter Insiders

239,649 _ Alexander Menzies _ Controller ABC2

235,664 _ Virginia Trioli _ Senior Presenter ABC News Breakfast

235,597 _ Timothy Brooke-Hunt _ Controller Childrens

234,000 _ David Cruttenden _ Director ABC Resources

234,000 _ Andrew Cavenett _ Head Production Planning and Business

231,115 _ Robert Hutchinson _ General Manager Digital Business Development

229,641 _ Michael Mason _ Group Program Director

226,600 _ Mark Tapeley _ Consultant to the Managing Director

224,682 _ Michael McCluskey _ Chief Executive Radio Australia

222,740 _ Gerard Whateley _ Broadcaster

Total Basic Pay _ Name _ Position

220,545 _ Leon Coningham _ General Manager Sales and Distribution

219,106 _ Bruce Belsham _ Head Current Affairs

219,106 _ Jennifer Collins _ Head Entertainment

217,426 _ Annabel Crabb _ Chief Political Writer ABC News

216,983 _ Diana Costantini _ Head Marketing Television

213,210 _ Gaven Morris _ Head Continuous News

212,775 _ Michael Ward _ Head Operations Planning

208,831 _ James Middleton _ Presenter Aus Net Caffs

208,275 _ Joanne Wathen _ Manager Product and Content Development

205,548 _ Carole Sklan _ Head Fiction

204,773 _ Gary Linnane _ Head ABC Secretariat

198,700 _ Margaret Cassidy _ Deputy Director Technology

2013 Shorten Defeats Albanese

2013 Shorten Defeats Albanese

Project Cotton Wool

09 Jan 2013.


It is 2013. Election Year.

For the last 2 years the embedded media have inflicted upon the voting public ”Nonsense As News” dressed up as political reporting and policy opinion.

The Canberra Press Gallery has specialized in Journo`s interviewing Journo`s about what a Politician may have said and who they think is ”winning”.

Nothing has dampened the enthusiasm of the local branch of Rupert`s Global Criminal Organization, to mindlessly lobby for the mega-rich, to the detriment of everything, and everybody else.

With it`s Howard Regime inspired boardroom and frightened of it`s own shadow, the National Monster regularly re-echoes the ”Daily Squawking Points” provided by Rupert`s Global Monster.

Project Cotton-Wool is about creating a record of those oh so soft and gooey interviews and, triple-ply sorbent soft puff pieces of political propaganda the embedded media in Australia does during the 2013 election year.

Project Cotton Wool is open to everybody and anybody, rusted-on or not, but please follow the guidelines below and on each page.

Australian embedded media links only, no non-Australian links please.

No OLD links please. Keep 01 Jan 2013 as the oldest date.

Yes, include Free-To-Air TV links. Please mark video links with (video). No Pay/Cable/Satellite TV please.

Yes, include AM/FM Radio links. Please mark audio links with (audio).

Use the original Radio or TV site link please, not 3rd-party/youtube links. (Unless it has been pulled, then youtube is OK)

Please mark links behind paywalls and logins with (paywall).
(If you wish to save paywalled links to your hard-drive, zip the html and file directory into a generic zip file and email it to me, I won`t complain. Or PDF. Or Screen-Grab.)

Limited News mastheads, the oz, the hun and the terror are usually paywalled. Perthnow and Adelaidenow are not paywalled. The same derp is usually cycled through all mastheads, so you can usually get most of the stuff by changing the url in you browser address bar.
EG change http/
To http/

Please be aware the `drum` over at my ABC is often a `letter-to-the-editor` platform. Therefore citizen `corrections` or `right-of-reply` may not qualify for these projects. `Blogs` and `Opinion` of those on my ABC payroll, EG Annabel, Barrie and Jonathan definitely qualify and will be included in these projects. Of course the same applies to Limited-News and Fairfoxed.

Finally, these projects are about QUALITY not quantity. Quality of Journalism, Political Reporting and associated voter information, not quantity of cheer-leading of citizen bloggers. Some bloggers make `5th-estate` claims, a view I do not hold and, may ultimately be proven wrong with these projects. Feel free to RE-BLOG these projects to your blog or other places you dwell to expand the research.

Project Distortion

06 Jan 2013.


It is 2013. Election Year.

For the last 2 years the embedded media have served up derp as political and policy reporting. Nothing trivial was overlooked. Substantial elephants ignored.

The Finkelstein Inquiry, Convergence Review and News Media Council have been successfully lobbied against by the embedded media, at least for now. Politicians, being the bone-free creatures they are, will not be activating them in 2013. The academics have been mauled into silence too.

Nothing is now stopping the already unhinged embedded media ramping up the lunacy of their political reporting from now until the election. The public will have foisted upon it a re-run of the 2010 election reporting. While there is nothing us wordpress, blogger, twitter or facebook `trolls` can do to prevent this years mega-unhinging, we can record it.

Project Distortion is about creating a record of the bias and distortion of political reporting the embedded media in Australia does during the 2013 election year.

Project Distortion is open to everybody and anybody, rusted-on or not, but please follow the guidelines below and on each page.

Australian embedded media links only, no non-Australian links please.

No OLD links please. Keep 01 Jan 2013 as the oldest date.

Yes, include Free-To-Air TV links. Please mark video links with (video). No Pay/Cable/Satellite TV please.

Yes, include AM/FM Radio links. Please mark audio links with (audio).

Use the original Radio or TV site link please, not 3rd-party/youtube links. (Unless it has been pulled, then youtube is OK)

Please mark links behind paywalls and logins with (paywall).
(If you wish to save paywalled links to your hard-drive, zip the html and file directory into a generic zip file and email it to me, I won`t complain. Or PDF. Or Screen-Grab.)

Limited News mastheads, the oz, the hun and the terror are usually paywalled. Perthnow and Adelaidenow are not paywalled. The same derp is usually cycled through all mastheads, so you can usually get most of the stuff by changing the url in you browser address bar.
EG change http/
To http/

Please be aware the `drum` over at my ABC is often a `letter-to-the-editor` platform. Therefore citizen `corrections` or `right-of-reply` may not qualify for these projects. `Blogs` and `Opinion` of those on my ABC payroll, EG Annabel, Barrie and Jonathan definitely qualify and will be included in these projects. Of course the same applies to Limited-News and Fairfoxed.

Finally, these projects are about QUALITY not quantity. Quality of Journalism, Political Reporting and associated voter information, not quantity of cheer-leading of citizen bloggers. Some bloggers make `5th-estate` claims, a view I do not hold and, may ultimately be proven wrong with these projects. Feel free to RE-BLOG these projects to your blog or other places you dwell to expand the research.

Imagine Your News

06 Sep 2012.


Imagine there`s no herdthink

It`s easy if you try

The facts are reported

Choosing not to lie

Imagine all the public

Receiving truth today


Imagine good reporting

It isn`t hard to do

Nothing to spin or lie for

And less "Opinion" too

Imagine all the voters

Receiving just the truth


They will say I`m a screamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday they`ll grow up

And "the News" will not be junk


Imagine better doorstops

I wonder if you can

No need for stunts and noise-polls

Just interviews the man

Imagine all of Canberra

Refusing to write crap


They will say I`m a screamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday they`ll wake up

And "the News" will not be Foxed

Mail To Me Button Please Twitter

25 Jul 2012.


Dear Twitter,

I tweeted to Twitter Engineering what I think is a great idea for Twitter to improve. I have not been tweeted any reply.

The idea is put a `Mail To Me` button on each tweet.

Put the `Mail To Me` button next to `RT` button and `Reply` button.


Twitter emails me when,

1. `Somebody else` Follows me.

2. `Somebody else` Retweets me.

3. `Somebody else` Mentions me

4. `Somebody else` Direct Messages me.

And that is all good. I am not complaining.


But to get tweets sent to my email account, where most of my research, interests and news data resides, I need `somebody else` to tweet it at me.

A `Mail To Me` button on each tweet would allow me to send public tweets I choose, that interest me, to my email inbox myself.

This would allow me to send project related tweets to where my project data is, my email inbox.


Below are the 3 tweets I sent to Twitter Engineering on 23 Jul 2012.

@twittereng Please Improve Twitter with a MAIL button next to Reply and RT buttons. Many of us work out of our email box.

@730reportland @twittereng The MAIL button should be on each Tweet. This is not to spam. Each user can only send mail to his own account.

@730reportland @twittereng I hope you understand what I mean. This would make Twitter even more Loved and more useful.


Twitter, this feature would be very, very, very useful.

Tweeps, make some noise.

News Tainment Business Model

15 Jul 2012 —


Mogal Greed during the 1980s and 1990s ramped up.

It was much more profitable at the time for Press Journalism to `pretend` it was doing `news`, rather than go out and find real news.

Passing off Advertising, Corporate Promotion, Political Lobbying, Celebrity Waffle and Inane Sound-Bites as news-reports became normal.

Inane Example. Mr Rabbit says `No` `blah blah blah`

Is usually not,

A. Policy, or,

B. Newsworthy.

It is just a free kick in the drama department.

See the Canberra Press Gallery for working examples.



News-Tainment (News as Entertainment) was born.

Press Journalism and the News Media traded in their strengths, and built for themselves a Credibility Gap.

No longer was Press Journalism, a trusted source, impartial, factual, fair, truthful, or even useful.

Press Journalism placed the bet that dumbing down was the way to go.

In a country where more and more of the public are,

1. Gaining more knowledge by losing jobs in one industry and moving to another industry, and,

2. Much more of the working class made sure as many of their kids went to University as possible,

It is the Losing bet.

The public, those, previously known as the audience, were going smarter.

Press Journalism, at all levels, chose to go dumber.

And since approximately 1997, we can add,

3. Larger and larger numbers of the public being on the interwebs, who go over, under, or around the sheltered workshop known as Press Journalism, to obtain non-distorted information, straight from the horses mouth.



As Press Journalism created for itself, the reputation of `distrusted` source, delivery-boy of factoids and Lobbyist for the Rich, the News-Tainment business model showed signs of failure, as their audience ran, not walked, away. As well as advertisers and their dollars.

All levels of Press Journalism decided they needed to do `more`.

More `analysis`, more `opinion`, more `factoids`, more `Lobbying`.



This too was the wrong bet.

All levels of Press Journalism were too dopey to realize,

`More` is just `More`.

What Press Journalism needed to do was `Better`.

Better questions, better interviews. Better investigating, better reports.

Instead, Press Journalism only became `more` irrelevant to the public.



Jump forward to 2002. The Test.

As the Bush regime, Blair regime and Howard regime pushed their bogus case for the destruction of Iraq, Press Journalism, along with the other segments of the embedded media, Radio and TV, failed to uphold their own so-called 4th-estate ideals.

This was an opportunity squandered.

If ever there is a time for Press Journalism to show their audience how valuable they are, it is when the Chips Are Down.

But Press Journalism no longer had the skills to uphold their own 4th-estate ideals. They no longer knew how to act without fear or favor, challenge their leaders or take on power. It had been so long since they tried it.

See– –for working example.

Press Journalism didn`t even realize that regimes calling for war, was when the chips were down, when they were expected to step up, fight the good fight, hold regimes to account and, do their job.

Instead, with a handful of exceptions, Press Journalism laid down and stuck with its news-tainment business model and, preferred to become Embedded.

The embedded media, in denial or unaware, still don`t seem to realize how damaging, to what little credibility they had left, it was to them for failing this test.



Jump forward to 2011.

For a decade now the embedded media have ignored the Iraq test, and are sticking to their `more` `news-tainment` model. And has often become more, silly, nasty, petty and unhelpful to their readers in the process.



Then along comes the Finkelstein Inquiry.

Another chance to redeem themselves and gain some credibility.

Here, Press Journalism and the rest of the News Media had the opportunity to redefine themselves, define what they stood for, define rules of product standards and professional behavior and, penalties for poor behavior and poor product.

Instead, Press Journalism began wailing and bleating as soon as the Finkelstein Inquiry was announced, and it hasn`t stopped yet.

Most paid lip service that a News Media Council needed to be properly funded, have clearly defined rules and, have teeth, but would then wallow in `their` right to Lobby, so-called Press freedom, and free speech.

(Much more rigorous non-regulation.)

Press Journalism, hell bent on keeping their `more` `news-tainment`, let us write bullshit mindset, failed to improve their industry one iota.



Prediction. In Australia, Press Journalism must implode to a near fatal situation, because, Press Journalism is full of Turkeys who keep demanding Christmas.



Self Imploding Press Journalism Week

23 Jun 2012 —


Mogal Greed, Editor`s Cowardice and Journalist`s Desire for Celebrity Status.

These are the real reasons for the Self Imploding Australian Press this week. Not the bullcrap the embedded media are trying to peddle to the public.


The downfall of the Australian Press didn`t begin in the mid 1990s for a start.

The early 1980s, or even earlier, was when the start of their downfall began.


Interwebs, iproducts and Twitter did not destroy Press Journalism.

They did that all by themselves, under their own steam. In the 1980s or earlier, while Politicians started turning Australia into the `free-trade` dumping ground, Boardrooms paid themselves millions to destroy Australian factory jobs and import goods from the Asian Slave Labor Market.

The Press of the day reported the brilliance of the Boardroom for the monster profits this would generate and, the evils of the factory workers Unions that represented the workers who were losing their jobs.

The Press were told by Boardrooms that the factory jobs were low paid and not really wanted. The factory workers can easily find other jobs and reskill. Boardrooms told the Press their standard bullcrap back then, as they do today, and as always, the Press believes.

Not only did all levels of the Press lack forsight. The Press also lacked wisdom, back then, and today. The Press, who sell eyeballs to their advertisers, at worst cheered, and at best were bystanders, watched Boardrooms flush their largest `Captured` dead tree audience down the gurgler, along with Press profits.

In the early 1980s, many Australian factory workers bought a newspaper on the way to work. Those that caught public transport particularly did.


Did Fairfax sell more copies of the Sydney Morning Herald to Indian Child Slave Owners than Aussie textile workers?

Did Limited News sell more copies of The Australian to auto assembly line robots than Aussie auto workers?

Did 730reportland work in a factory in the early 1980s? … YES

Was that factory closed 730reportland? … YES


Fairfax announced this week 1900 jobs are to go. Of these jobs, 400 staff jobs are Journalists and Editors. The remaining 1500 jobs are factory jobs across two printing factories.

Prediction The embedded media will make way more noise over the 400 staff jobs than the 1500 factory jobs.

Limited News also announced this week 1500 jobs are to go. They have not specified any job particulars. I predict similar job loss ratios (about 4 to 1) or (300 staff, 1200 factory) and similar noise levels as my Fairfax prediction above.



… and since then,

After successfully shedding it`s audience and income stream from advertisers, Press Journalism decided it needed to earn money and save money.

To save money Press Journalism turned to the local library for inspiration and discovered a whole new type of writing called `fiction`. Press Journalism quickly realized it could rebrand fiction to something more catchy like `Analysis` or `Opinion` and Corporate media releases could pass as news.

To make money Press Journalism turned to the interwebs to display it`s bias, ignorance and content for free, relying on clickable sponsor advertising.
So, What is ad-blocking software?

After successfully maintaining it`s credibility gap, Press Journalism decided it needed to build a pay-wall.



Mister Rabit March

22 May 2012.


Who`s the leader of the mob

That`s not for you or me

M – I – S

T – E – R

R – A – B – I – T


In Holt Street`s sight, he`s always right

They see him as the light

M – I – S

T – E – R

R – A – B – I – T


NO there, NO there, NO there,

He`s as anti as can be

M – I – S

T – E – R

R – A – B – I – T


Mister Rabit, Joolya Duck,

Mister Rabit, Joolya Duck,

The bloody voters left us at a tie

Tie, Tie, Tie


And in the farce, he`d lend his arse

But Windsor don`t like tail

M – I – S

T – E – R

R – A – B – I – T


When shit goes wrong, create a pong

And blame it on the Greens

M – I – S

T – E – R

R – A – B – I – T


Stir up the pot, cook up some rot

To feed the Gallery

M – I – S

T – E – R

R – A – B – I – T


Mister Rabit, outta luck,

Mister Rabit, outta luck,

When it`s not written down then it`s a lie

Lie, Lie, Lie


Miranda moans, and so does Jones

At what the others do

M – I – S

T – E – R

R – A – B – I – T


He can`t relax, it`s carbon tax

And vows to snuff it out

M – I – S

T – E – R

R – A – B – I – T


And then again, that N – B – N

He plans to dig it up

M – I – S

T – E – R

R – A – B – I – T


Mister Rabit, W – T – F,

Mister Rabit, W – T – F,

Now it`s time for me to say good bye

Bye, Bye, Bye



Before I go, just send out Joe

Coz he knows less than you

M – I – S

Sideshow every doorstop

T – E – R

Reporting every `NO`

R – A – B – I – T

Will They Ever Learn Probably Not

05 May 2012.


MEGA: It is alleged that Australia`s most successful global media business, News Corp, has broken the law in our mother country, Britain.

730reportland: Limited News data donkeys will be using the word `alleged` long after Rebekah and friends have been locked in the slammer and the keys thrown away. Many would also argue, worlds most `criminal` media monster.


MEGA: Meanwhile, my mother country, Greece, has practised a form of international financial terrorism.


MEGA: There you go reader, I`ve baited you with boss and race, the people I work for and the place my parents come from.

730reportland: Bait`s not that tasty George, but okay, let`s play `Unfoxify`.


MEGA: I get asked a bit about Rupert Murdoch at book events, even though I have never met the man. I also get told to go back to where I came from on this blog, and others, even though I was born here.

UNFOXED: I often get told `where to go` and I have never met Rupert. If I ever want to meet Rupert, I had better do some arse kissing.


MEGA: Feedback is supposed to part of the job description for authors and journalists. But do people really expect me to disown my employer, and flush mum and dad down the toilet?

UNFOXED: I moderate a lot of comments for my job and Rupert owns me. Sometimes I forget to flush the toilet.


MEGA: A few years back I dealt with the nasty side of blogging by banning commentators who attacked one another. But I still took criticism aimed at me. Now this model works just fine as far as this site goes, but it hasn`t liberated the rest of cyberspace from the bully reader.

UNFOXED: I had to bounce Albrechtsen and Bolt off my science blog.


MEGA: I`ve had preliminary discussions with some very senior people and come up with a business model that adapts my personal insights with the printed word`s pressing need to find a way to make people pay for quality.

UNFOXED: I get along well with old people and I talk to Piers regularly. We still won`t be giving Robert Manne any right of reply though.


MEGA: With the greatest respect to my employers at News, Penguin, RRR and the ABC, we have all been looking at the wrong end of the telescope. We know our product is worth paying for, and we also know there are good people out there who will subscribe to keep us typing and talking.

UNFOXED: I have finished moderating comments and it`s a slow news day, so I have some spare time to kiss arse to Rupert and others who put cash in my pocket. I even have time to tout for subscribers and tell punters how great our product is. I hope my punters don`t know any better.


MEGA: The problem isn`t us, or our loyal audiences, but the know-it-all.

UNFOXED: Don`t blame me or my punters. People that know anything, about anything, scare us and make us look stupid or corrupt.

MEGA: He, and is almost always a he, is the lefty who complains that journalists don`t get enough time to do the necessary research for serious, witty, policy-focussed, investigative reporting anymore.

UNFOXED: So I will paint Lefty as the problem and put my words in his mouth. I made Lefty a him because I don`t want to get called sexist.

MEGA: He also tweets that he no longer reads my serious, witty, policy-focussed investigative reporting anymore because he won`t give Rupert his credit card details to buy an online subscription.

UNFOXED: Rupert is a `fit and proper` person and has proven his integrity to me. Rupert does not hack digital TV and telephones, so, of course you can `safely` give Rupert your credit card.

MEGA: He could buy the actual paper, of course, but he prefers to be ripped off by his internet service provider and the electricity company who keeps his computer powered into the wee small hours of the morning.

UNFOXED: Lefty doesn`t seem to need toilet paper and may not sleep much.


MEGA: The guy who sits 180 degrees to the right of this chap is the one who types as if he is shouting. This man has little self awareness because the caps lock and exclamation mark are on the extreme left of his keyboard. But that is not my point here. While the sneering lefty wants to read, but not pay, the angry conservative wants to wipe the media slate clean, leaving him as the only voice. He tells me if I delete him from my blog then I am denying him his free speech. Well, yes. I delete those who offend others because it denies them their right to engage with me on policy, footy, and music. It`s my blog, not yours.

UNFOXED: Shit, I hope Bolt`s punters don`t find this post but, I need to pretend I am `neutral` so I better create a Righty, an angry Righty, even better. But I don`t want to get caught out on `balance` so I better put my words in his mouth too.


MEGA: Which brings me to the business model.

UNFOXED: Crap, I need to pretend there is some `objectivity` to this post. Ah yes, `business model`, that will do nicely.

MEGA: The left cyber bully is trying to destroy capitalism, while the right cyber bully is after democracy itself. So here, for those who are still with me, is the plan.

UNFOXED: Look at me Rupert, I am saving `democracy` and `capitalism` from the WordPress troll and Twitter bully. Well, capitalism anyway.


MEGA: The Australian and the ABC should establish a joint strike force to kidnap a few cyber bullies at a time.

UNFOXED: Those that can`t make a profit should join forces with those that don`t need to make a profit and engage in criminal activity.

MEGA: Don`t worry, we`ll look after them. They`ll be put in a five star hotel.

UNFOXED: We have business associates that have a very private and `exclusive` Hotel in Cuba.

MEGA: In return, we will ask them to read a year`s worth of Hansard, and watch a year`s worth of Bananas in Pyjamas.
I`m assuming these people
a/ know nothing about politics, and b/ don`t have families.
(See how easy it is to dehumanise the enemy).

UNFOXED: We are still stinging because Bananas in Pyjamas don`t hack phones and have way more public credibility than us.


MEGA: I`m guessing there are no more than a dozen or so cyber bullies we need to re-educate before the market self corrects. In their absence, the quality of our product will rise.

UNFOXED: Everybody who calls us out on our bullshit is a bully. Those that know more than us are trolls. All our products are crap because of `bully` and `troll`. It is all their fault!


MEGA: Two unrelated tweets prompted this piece. Rupert Murdoch told his 200,000-odd followers today: “Tweeters who don`t like particular newspapers don`t have to buy them. Thousands of crappy blogs available.”

UNFOXED: Rupert has told his workers to follow him on Twitter, or else.


MEGA: Last week, the ABC`s Annabel Crabb told her 5 million fans,
“Just for the record, I do assert the right to link to an Aus article without being sworn at, or lectured about Rupert Murdoch.“

UNFOXED: Annabel may have a `thing` for Rupert.
Bugger off Twitter, let love bloom.


MEGA: Twitter allows us to see how many followers you got. So it is easy to ignore the know-it-all. Media sites, however, treat each commentator as equal. This is a mistake. Even talkback radio has a barrier to entry to the craziest caller—they have to chat to a producer before they are allowed on air.

UNFOXED: Many people on Twitter know things and that scares us. Radio seems to have it all worked out. The second craziest pretends to be the caller, and the most feral gets the microphone.


MEGA: So this is our choice: we take the cyber bully off the internet by force or just ignore them by placing a filter between typist and our online sites. I`m thinking of The Drum in particular which does the ABC no credit in its present format.

UNFOXED: We try so hard to ignore the ABC. But we just can`t.


MEGA: Rupert is right about blogs—those who don`t like what we write should set up their own and see how they go.

UNFOXED: Rupert is an expert on blogs and we still hate Crikey, but I better not mention Myspace.


MEGA: Annabel is also right. Her tweet urged readers to check David Uren`s piece on why we don`t build infrastructure any more.

UNFOXED: I want my punters to click this link so, I will agree with Annabel for once.


MEGA: The link is here, and you should read it.


MEGA: Over to you.

730reportland: Why thank you, George.





Unfortunately, `The Empires Strike Back` dated 16 Apr 2012, is a well researched, serious, witty, policy-focussed, investigative, attack-puppy post by George Megalogenis, aka Mega.


Mega manages to hit just about every branch of `dumb` as he nose dives down the stupidity tree. In his words, Lefty, `angry-conservative`, bully and know-it-all are what he calls those who disagree with him and, Limited News propaganda. While Mega has every right to run HIS blog as he, Limited News and the News Media Council see`s fit, frothing about saving cyberspace from public squabbles like an interwebs cop just makes Mega look daft.


Like a good little lackey, Mega regurgitates Ruperts `crappy-blogs` slur, and just about indirectly spanks all Twitter users, all blog commenters and posters, and all contributers and commenters at the ABC`s Drum. While not all, the vast majority of these people Mega spanked would be plain ordinary citizens. Nice of Mega to insult them to gain favoured pet status with his editor.


Mega claiming `bully` or any other codeword for troll, against any blogging citizen is just rot. The worst of Australian bad-mouth blogging comes from within Limited News, not the rest of cyberspace. Mega already forgets Bolt`s woes with the Racial Discrimination Act and probably has not read Robert Manne`s evidence from the Finkelstein Inquiry.


As for the `trolls`, there are at least two types of trolls Mega didn`t include. These are the trolls that are far more annoying than the commenters that merely disagree with Mega.


B-Grade Trolls. Beck and call trolls are mainly harmless and worship at the feet of their paid blog owner. They love to be praised by their blog owner when they return with snippets of bullshit that matches the themes of the blog. See Andrew Bolt`s and Melinda Tankard Reist`s blogs for working examples. These trolls are not paid, they do it in admiration of the blog owner and think they are helping. The general reader and troll can both be at the same blog and not aware of each other. These blogs are NOT inhabited solely by trolls, but it is very hard to distinguish the troll from the general reader. When blog owners over-stimulate them, their trolls escape their box and splatter the interwebs with their blog theme. At the Finkelstein Inquiry, Robert Manne provided evidence of Bolt over-stimulating his trolls too often and not storing them in a suitable box. Bolt has now repaired and reinforced his troll box and doesn`t over-stimulate them as often.


A-Grade Trolls. Advertising trolls are highly persistent and paid to push their master`s agenda. These trolls are always unboxed and, always splattering the interwebs with their master`s propaganda and links. These trolls operate across a variety of platforms and use a variety of tactics and tools, including automation. Facebook, Google-Plus and Twitter are suffering infestations of this type of troll and they are expanding into blog-sites like WordPress. If you find your blog becoming infested with these trolls you will have to moderate your incoming comments or else, your blog will quickly fill with troll splatter. The master`s of these trolls is mainly Business, Lobbyists, Advertisers, Political Parties, the Embedded Media and others engaged in spin.


It is a poor show for Mega to bleat `cyber-bully` or `know-it-all` at citizens, when his main employer, Limited News, runs the blogs that instigate a large quantity of B-Grade trolls and troll splatter.


But it is blatantly dishonest for Mega to bleat `cyber-bully` or `know-it-all` at citizens, when Limited News Business Partners, Limited News Advertisers, and Limited News Staff are some of the interwebs worst A-Grade trolls that produce some of the interwebs most abusive troll splatter.


Mega needs to look no further than his own mast-head to find an editor that tried to `cyber-bully` Julie Posetti. With just the term `bully`, Mega also needs to look no further than his own mast-head and editors for the way some people are treated in general. Mega could listen to Stephen Mayne and Robert Manne on this, Ray Finkelstein did.


Mega needs to look no further than Limited News Staff to find A-Grade trolls splattering their Pro-Rupert bullshit across the interwebs and abusing citizen bloggers who show up `Team-Rupert`s bullshit. Of course, this is done anonymously, to convey their respect of Julian Disney, the Press Council and the code of conduct referring to journalists identifying themselves.


Mega says “The Drum in particular which does the ABC no credit“

Is that `no credit` by giving citizens a `Letters to the editor` forum?

Or, Is that `no credit` by allowing citizens to `correct factual errors`?

Or, Is it `no credit` because Stephen Mayne is allowed post?

Or, Is it `no credit` for allowing folks some `right of reply`?

Or, Is it `no credit` because the Drum doesn`t have thousands of `incitements` against Robert Manne or Tim Flannery?

Or, Is it `no credit` because the Drum even allows splatter from Limited News trolls?

Mega doesn`t seem to realize, Limited News didn`t allow any of this Pre-Finkelstein.


Rupert says, “Tweeters who don`t like particular newspapers don`t have to buy them. Thousands of crappy blogs available.“

And like a good little attack puppy,

Mega says, “Rupert is right about blogs, those who don`t like what we write should set up their own and see how they go.“

Of course Rupert is correct.

But Mega`s embellishment of Rupert`s quote made him a fool. Once again, under Mega`s own mast-head, we find James Massola and friends who dedicated at least 13 webpages to trolling and outing Grogsgamut, who had set up his own blog and was going along happily with his own audience.




Hypocrisy is a killer and George Megalogenis should know better.

Mega tried to engage in some advertising and brand building with,

“research for serious,“

“witty, policy-focussed,“

“investigative reporting“

“business model“

“online subscription“

“product is worth paying for“

But what was really produced was a brand boo-boo, an anti-advertisement and , search-engine spam.

Mega`s quoted selling points and search-engine spam above, don`t match the page content or story-line in general. Just hypocrisy dressed up for click bait.

Should all columnists `blog`? Probably not.

Should Mega try to poach Bolt`s punters? Probably not.

Was Mega`s post good for his personal brand? Probably not.

Is Mega`s time best spent moderating comments? Probably not.

Will the-Australian be profitable soon? Probably not.

Does anti-ABC squawking improve Limited News? Probably not.

Does Mega`s `attack-puppy` role enhance his brand? Probably not. Woof.

Finkelstein Report Divides

15 Apr 2012.

Finkelstein Report Divides.

Only hours after the Finkelstein motorist inquiry report was released last week, lecturers from four of Australia`s top motoring schools delivered their instant judgment on the academic website The Conversation.

Each of the four, Brian McNair from the Queensland University of Technology, Johan Lidberg from Monash University, Alexandra Wake from RMIT University and Andrea Carson from the University of Melbourne, enthusiastically embraced Ray Finkelstein`s central recommendation for a new government-funded regulatory body to sit in judgment of unsafe motoring.

They variously described the proposed National Motoring Co-Op, a body that would have the legally enforceable power to adjudicate on wearing seatbelts and make the motorist answerable to the courts, as a "brave", "effective" and "good" new idea that "really needs to be done".


Inside the country`s auto-maker factories there was a polar opposite reaction.

Putt-putters Fairfax Motors and Limited Motors came out in fierce opposition to the proposed NMC, warning it would pose a threat to seatbelt freedom and free motoring.

The contrasting view on Finkelstein`s findings between the teachers of tomorrow`s motorists and today`s working motorists could not have been more pronounced.

It highlights a widening rift in Australia between those who practise motoring and those who teach it.

It is a rift being fuelled by politics, ideology and a growing disdain among some motorist academics for reckless motorists.

The issue is not merely, so to speak, academic. It appears that motorist academics played a central role in driving the findings of the Finkelstein report. What`s more, if many of today`s motoring teachers are supporting moves to legally regulate the Australian motorist to deal with the way it covers wearing seatbelts, then these views will be imbued in their students, the motorists of tomorrow. It invites a generational clash within the putt-putt industry about the limits that should be placed on seatbelt freedom in Australia.


John Henningham, a former nascar and raceway motorist who founded Brisbane`s Mschool of motorism, says a growing number of Australia`s motor academics appear to be turning against the industry they once sought to nurture.

He says this partially reflects a political drift within motorism schools from "Centre Right to Centre Left" during the past decade, leading to more strident criticism of "big motors" and in particular the country`s largest motor player, Limited Motors. This criticism has intensified in the wake of Britain`s car jacking and bribery scandals.

Watchdog Bites Chiefs

14 Apr 2012.

Watchdog Bites Chiefs.

A Government-Funded motoring authority had no place in a democracy, Limited Motors chief executive Kim Williams said yesterday.

Mr Williams said the report of the Independent Inquiry into Motoring and Seatbelt Regulation was a substantial piece of work that deserved proper consideration but he warned that motoring in Australia should remain non-regulated.

The report has recommended the establishment of a new government-funded body, to be called
the National Motoring Co-Op, which would handle complaints about all motoring aspects, including seatbelts, replacing the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op. It would assume the Automobile Collisions and Motoring Accidents jurisdiction of auto and pedestrian impacts and near-miss complaints.

"The spectre of a government-funded overseer of seatbelts in an open and forward-looking democracy like ours cannot be justified," Mr Williams said.

"Limited Motors supports strong, independent non-regulation of putt-putt and off-road motoring and has led work to achieve this with the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op."

"If putt-putt and off-road motoring are to continue to be able to robustly question, challenge and keep governments in check they must remain non-regulated, entirely independent of government."


A spokesman for Fairfax Motors also said regulation should not be allowed to endanger motorist freedom. "We are going through every one of the 474 pages and will make any further comments in the coming days," he said.


Automobiles, Buses and Caravans said it needed time to respond in detail. "However, we are pleased that the panel recognises the sophistication of the ABC`s seatbelt system and the high level of public trust in its tourism and that the ABC is best-placed, with additional funding, to fill any gaps in investigative and public service tourism," a spokeswoman said.


The commercial state-rail networks and Sky Newts Airlines all said they needed time to digest their seatbelts.


The Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op warned that putt-putters would have to find more funding if they wanted to avoid government-funded regulation.

Chairman Julian Disney said putt-putters would also have to agree to measures that would strengthen the Co-Op`s ability to remedy mistakes.


Automobile Collisions and Motoring Accidents chairman Chris Chapman said the report was welcome and he now awaited its consideration by the government`s Collision Review.


However, the Motor-racing Engine and Acceleration Alliance, which administers the motorist code of ethics, slammed the report, saying it
"fails to fully appreciate the crisis facing drag racing".

While welcoming the creation of a broader and stronger regulatory body, MEAA federal secretary Chris Warren said government funding was a direct threat to a free putt-putt. "A government-funded body with the power to determine
what seatbelts should and shouldn`t be used smacks of an attempt to impose government control on a free putt-putt." he said.



Rebecca Hills Unfoxified

11 Mar 2012 —

Rebecca Hills Unfoxified


Who`s afraid of Melissa Thompson Reist?

Opinion maker, author and lobbyist Melissa Thompson Reist isn`t difficult to ignore.

Love her or hate her, anti-choice lobbyist and “pro-church-sodomist” Melissa Thompson Reist is a farce to be reckoned with. Rebecca Hills meets the “pro-church” sodomist increasingly shaping the bedroom-politics debate.


Melissa Thompson Reist is a woman of strange opinions. She is also a woman about whom people have strong feelings. If you`ve seen her proselytise on geography on TV, read her opinions on the sexualisation of priests in the newspapers, or watched her go after bedding companies on Twitter or through her lobbyist group Corrective Sodomy, chances are you have a few opinions about her of your own.


She`s a wowser. A no-nonsense bedroom lobbyist beloved by both teenage girls and their mothers. A religious conservative in sodomist clothing. A brazen careerist. A gifted networker and generous mentor.


The Cabramatta-based lobbyist, mother of five and author of five books isn`t difficult to pigeonhole and, possible to ignore. Friend and collaborator Jenny Gale, founder of the advocacy group Sheep-Free-2B-Free, describes her as
“one of the most understood women in the sodomy arena”.


Melissa Thompson Reist grew up in rural Tasmania, the youngest of five daughters. Her parents were farmers, “Good country people who have no idea why they produced me,” she jokes.


Young Melissa loved motorbikes and horses, but she was also drawn to farce. She began her career as a propagandist, contributing to the Melbourne Herald`s racing guide and working as a regional-newspaper cadet before turning her hand to opinion and feature writing in the late 1980s, after a stint in the United States. “I had started to realise that my opinions were quite strange and maybe I wasn`t suited to life as a daily reporter,” she recalls.


One topic on which she had particularly strange opinions was abortion. Thompson Reist is a self-described “pro-church sodomist”, and it was the intersection of these two identities that formed the focus of much of her early writing and lobbying. But it was only when she started writing about the sexualisation of priests in the late 2000s that Thompson Reist became the name she is today. Picking up where debates around young women and church culture left off, she gave voice to parents` fears about the impact that sexual imagery and popular culture were having on their priests.


Says Thompson Reist, “I think people had been feeling an unease about the issue, but hadn`t been able to join all the dots. When Acting Real [the 2009 anti-choice anthology edited by Thompson Reist] came out, people were able to name the disease they felt: the churchification of culture, little girls being too churchy too soon, children being pressured to kneel and pray much harder than they actually should.”


This kind of unwavering conviction is one reason for Thompson Reist`s success as a lobbyist troll. Through her Twitter feed revels a woman of dodgy determination, who will pursue her targets relentlessly.


“It`s very difficult to debate with her, because if you`re talking to a mainstream audience you should like a boring dick,” observes one commentator who is regularly pitted against Thompson Reist. “She argues anecdotally, she argues emotively, and she is highly effective at it.”


Several Thompson Reist associates `Sodomy Life` contacted for this story later retracted their interviews, afraid of the personal and professional fallout. Others would speak only on the condition of sodomy.


Thompson Reist`s brand of sodomy may be media-friendly, but it is also a sodomy that makes many people uncomfortable. Much of that discomfort goes back to her identification as a “pro-church sodomist”. Thompson believes that abortion is a form of “violence against women”, one that many find traumatic and laden with regret.


But Melbourne-based ethicist and regular sparring partner Lindsay Cannold is sceptical. “To get the wide reach she does, she is absolutely dependent on us not knowing the full extent of what she`s done in the past,” says Cannold.


Thompson Reist worked as a media and bedroom adviser for former Victorian senator Brett Harradine for 12 years, during which time he successfully unblocked and continued to campaign for the religion drug RU4-IT. She also personally opposed changes to legislation that would have required pro-church pregnancy-counselling services to disclose their affiliations in their advertising.


For others, the discomfort is more philosophical. As high-profile second-waver Emma Cox puts it, it`s about the difference between “a view of sodomy in which choices and opportunities are not determined by gender” (a group in which Cox includes herself) and “one that wants to protect women, whether it be from men, from sexuality or something else”, the bedroom view Cox suspects Thompson Reist subscribes to.


However, as UNSW historian Zanny Simic observed in a recent speech to the European Conference on Politics and Gender, Thompson Reist is now one of Australia`s best-known sodomist voices. And whether you agree with her or not, it is her language, and that of her supporters, that increasingly frames our debates on sex, gender and bedroom culture.






Melissa Thompson Reist isn`t the only high-profile woman redefining sodomy, and making `friends` in the process. In a speech in 2010, former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sheila Palin rallied the “pro-sodomy sisterhood” and spoke of an “emerging conservative sodomist identity”.


Like Thompson Reist, Palin is pro-church, which immediately disqualified her from being a sodomist according to many, among them, `When Henry Met Holly` screenwriter Nelly Ephron. “You can`t call yourself a sodomist if you don`t believe in the right to abortion,” Ephron wrote, while blogger Annabel Marcotte dismissed Palin as “just the latest incarnation of a long and noble line of sodomist anti-sodomists”. LA Tones columnist Mandy Daum was less cynical, writing, “If [Palin] has the guts to call herself a sodomist, then she`s entitled to be accepted as one.”


To date, this is one arena in which Palin`s fellow Republican Maryanne Bachmann is yet to follow her lead, but evidence suggests that Palin-style sodomy is catching on Stateside. Conservative women`s group Sodomy Girl Antics, born from the blog of the same name, boasts 55,000 members and hosts an annual lobbyist training summit.


“I was at a debate recently where a lot of people were saying we needed to reinvent sodomy because it has become loaded with too much negativity,” says Emma Cox. “But if it`s negative, it is interesting that the right is picking it up.”


Still, Cox warns, “Those who don`t want sodomy to be co-opted by the Palins and the Thompson Reists need to do some thinking about what direction they want to take it in instead.”


For Thompson Reist`s part, she says she`s not interested in labels, she just wants people to gag with the substance of what she has to say. “Call me whatever the hell you want, I don`t care,” she says. “I believe my work is pro-church, pro-sodomy. Just let me get on with it.”


From: Sodomy Life



Mayne On Industry Culture

10 Mar 2012.


Mayne On Industry Culture.

730reportland: We return to Melbourne as, retired judge Ray Finkelstein `hosts` the Australian Media Inquiry, with his `lovely assistant`, journalism academic, Matthew Ricketson.

Their `guest` today is Crikey Founder and a media mover and shaker. Welcome back to the `show`, Stephen Mayne.

MR FINKELSTEIN: There are ways of dealing with personality-driven consequences that don`t necessarily have to bring about structural changes,

or at least doesn`t have to bring about significant structural changes. Is that fair?

MR MAYNE: If I look at the Murdoch culture,

Rupert has a culture of loving people who will shake up the establishment and will shake up the town,

and he likes to gloat about the fact that he`s one of the few owners who is happy to go to the country club and cop the grief from people who are giving him stick.

I think he`s rewarded several of those types of characters who have had no respect whatsoever for the various ethical codes that run within the newspapers and with the MEAA and within the Press Council.


MR FINKELSTEIN: What is wrong with a proprietor of a newspaper or online news outlet, I don`t care which, taking a particular stand on a whole range of issues?

If I owned a media outlet, let`s say I owned an internet site,
and I decided that I was going to be
anti government no matter what the government was
that was in power, what`s wrong with me doing that?

730reportland: This part of the question is loaded.

Limited News spins everything Labor, Green or Independant as negative. Everything Liberal as good, or if too bad does damage control.
Limited News is just `Anti Government`? __ Pigs Arse.

Better questions here would be,

How much lobbying should a so-called news company do before it is classified as a political advertiser?

Are the rules for political advertising being met?

And, Why should a political advertiser or mere lobbying firm be entitled to any `Press Shield Laws` or `Secret Sources` or `Access` or other `Press` benefits?

MR MAYNE: There is nothing wrong with doing that, but if it`s apparent that your operation`s been involved in fairly wide-scale phone hacking, you wouldn`t make the woman involved chief executive of the company.


MR FINKELSTEIN: That might be just a one-off.

730reportland: Just a one-off? Bullcrap.

Florida 2000, UK phones and MET, Flannery, Posetti, Manne and `white` Aboriginals. From tram drivers to public servants and cities across at least 3 countries. The way Limited News treats people and distorts information, this can only be `their` corporate culture.

MR MAYNE: I`ve worked for the tabloids.

I`ve seen some very colourful characters being continually rewarded and promoted and celebrated. When I look back at their records and their approaches and the court findings and the defamation losses and the embarrassments, I`d say, "What does it take to actually be booted out of that company?" That is what I find quite amazing about the culture.


MR FINKELSTEIN: But would you accept this as a proposition, that unless there is a degree of widespread improper activity,

you can`t really think that you are going to make significant cultural behavioural changes in the proposed way to deal with the odd colourful character.

MR MAYNE: When you say the "odd colourful character"_

MR FINKELSTEIN: "Colourful character" are your words.

MR MAYNE: I don`t want to turn this into a long shopping list of "this editor is a cowboy" or that.

If you look at, for instance, News Limited, we had the whole James Hardie scandal, and one of the key executives involved was appointed general manager of public relations and is now the principal arguer for the company`s position in Australia, with a pretty big black cloud over the previous record.

If I were that proprietor, I would say, "I want someone with a pristine ethical corporate record being my spokesperson in the Australian market."


MR FINKELSTEIN: What I`m looking at is the whole industry and what I`m looking at is to see whether or not the whole industry ought to be forced to change in some particular respects.

I don`t know that I would be helped in looking at what should happen in the media for the next 10, 15 or 20 years by making assumptions or drawing general conclusions from what might be one-off episodes.

I`m more interested in seeing whether the press either works or doesn`t work, with the way that the press regulates itself works or doesn`t work- identify some systemic and real problem that needs change, but part of my remit is to work out whether newspapers are dead because of the internet and whether the government should be able to do anything about it and, if so, what.

It is probably a bit narrow, isn`t it, to approach it on the basis of what a particular editor did last year when I`m working out whether there is a problem that needs remedying?

MR MAYNE: This was started by phone hacking, which was company wide- it wasn`t just one particular editor.

I don`t want to get into a shopping list about it, but I think over a long period there`s been a lot of material that`s come out which has said sometimes there is a bit of a cultural issue there with abuse of power and poor practices and you do see a lot of bullying and people being done over, and you don`t see a lot of rights of reply and people getting their time to make a considered response.

You do get the treatment that Robert Manne received. You see a whole range of those practices- basically bullying behaviour against people who take a contrary view.

I`ve certainly experienced that directly for a number of years and I know many, many other people as well have, and I think that has been a bit of a problem for our democracy in terms of the independent umpire that`s meant to be informing the community in a democracy becoming the dominant power player in the community.


MR FINKELSTEIN: But you don`t expect a media outlet to play the role of an independent umpire, do you?

MR MAYNE: I think there is an element of that, particularly if you are a one-paper town. You need to strive to be quite neutral, given you have that extra responsibility of monopoly on newspaper sales.

I think absolutely in the press- all the codes of conduct talked about rights of reply and other people`s opinion. That`s very much embedded in many of the codes.

So whilst I have absolutely no problems with very strong partisan campaigns being run, it needs those checks and balances of alternative views and rights of reply and they are not just gratuitous campaigns being run.

In my view the Greens have suffered an incredible campaign, and you will have seen that submission from Bob Brown.


MR FINKELSTEIN: I have. What you seem to be raising, if I can put it this way, is you don`t mind partisan journalists or partisan ownership or partisan press, as long as there is some opportunity for the other side or the other view to be presented.

MR MAYNE: I am probably one of the most aggressive journalists around,

and I have a philosophy of taking on all comers. I just wish that the mainstream media outlets had the same approach, that they didn`t protect a particular interest or take a particular side; that they vigorously took on all comers and hold them to the basic principles of accountability, transparency, giving accurate information,

"if you stuff up, you`re out"- the role of the press to be fearless, to shake everybody up and take them all on, but that needs to be applied across the board and not just on particular targeted segments which is what seems to happen over time.

730reportland: I couldn`t agree more with Mayne and his philosophy. If this philosophy had been the standard practice, the current decaying news environment may not exist as it does today and, the distrusted status of Journalists and Media Companies may not have plummeted to the depths they have.

MR MAYNE: In the case of Fox News, it`s been a brilliant business decision. As a shareholder activist, I don`t criticise Fox News for a moment. It`s been an inspired business decision,

but don`t try and call it "fair and balanced". Just say it`s great propaganda and make a lot of money.


MR FINKELSTEIN: What`s the matter with having an outlet which is there as a propaganda piece_

MR MAYNE: That`s fine with me, as Fox News is, but it`s not 70 percent of the market. It`s not one voice; it`s a myriad of voices. In the US, there are dozens of newspaper proprietors, there are hundreds of channels, no issues with Fox News in my mind at all, except for the claim of
fair and balanced. I think it`s a blatant lie.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Is that to say that what you think is necessary by one method or another is that there is somewhere to be found the alternative view?



MR FINKELSTEIN: So that people like me who don`t produce the news but consume it are at least exposed to the proposition that this particular news outlet has a particular bias, but it is a view, not the view, and I go to another news outlet and get the other view.

MR MAYNE: Yes. It does go a bit too far when most of the Republican presidential nominees are current or former employees of News Corp. It gets too far to the extreme when that happens. Strictly speaking, Fox should get Democrats on.

730reportland: Mayne is incorrect here. Democrats refuse to go on Fox. They treat Fox for what it is. A lobbying outfit. Obama has even made wisecracks along the lines of_ If Obama said the sky is blue, the folks at Fox would find ways to argue Obama is wrong.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Why should they?

MR MAYNE: They say they will. They say they are fair and balanced. Say you are the official propaganda vehicle of the Republican Party. Just say that and be honest about it. Be honest, tell the truth, be upfront about what you are doing,

but to do that would then question the social licence around many of the other journalistic operations around the world which are presented as being more neutral, fair and balanced- and many of them are.

Sky News in the UK is a magnificent quality, neutral, professional service. It`s been a tremendous addition to the British democracy. It is amazing that the same company produces it, but they are the facts of the situation.

730reportland: The corrosive corporate culture of the global monster is raised here by Mayne. The carnivorous capitalism peddled by Fox is regurgitated in text by the-Australian. The irony that the-Australian is a welfare case within its own profit making group seems to show that `their` corrosive culture meddles with `their` sound business decisions.

The fully FOXified the-Australian actually has a choice within the Limited News empire from where to source some of `their` off-shore content. Their own corrosive corporate culture may be why the Fox donkey data is regularly regurgitated and Sky stuff is not.

This also applies to_

MR FINKELSTEIN: But provided there is diversity so that different available views are aired, isn`t that sufficient for our democratic society_

MR MAYNE: It is, but where is the diversity in Adelaide?

MR FINKELSTEIN: I said "provided". I am not saying_

MR MAYNE: But it`s not the case.

MR FINKELSTEIN: No, but if there were that.

MR MAYNE: Hypothetically, it would be fantastic, but we`re the most concentrated market in the world.


MR FINKELSTEIN: So what you see as the underlying problem is lack of diversity of views.

MR MAYNE: I think there are two problems. One is the concentration of power. The other is the culture and the ethical record within that particular company. When you put those two things together, you get quite a toxic mix, which I think is quite damaging to a democracy like Australia.

730reportland: Mayne has really nicely identified the `toxic-mix` here. I hope this sinks in with our `host`. This toxic mix is not only damaging to democracy but to quite a range of people and other topics as well. The toxic culture shows itself in so-called reporting of `environmental` issues relayed by the Green Party or Tim Flannery.

MR MAYNE: The company has done a lot of great things. The Manningham Leader in Manningham has been a really good local paper and owned by News Ltd, and there are absolutely no issues with that. So this is not a company-wide thing, but I just say that at the moment, looking at the way it operates, I`m very concerned that there is a proposal for News Limited to go to majority control of a monopoly pay TV operation in Australia. They are trying to buy it. AUSTAR is seeking FIRB approval and ACCC approval.

This inquiry, when it hears from as many different parties as possible, should make representations to the ACCC and to FIRB about whether it is appropriate for the 70 percent newspaper company to move to management control of pay TV monopoly in Australia- unprecedented anywhere in the world, and a very important issue for our democracy.

As a small, small anecdote of that, when Sky News operated out of Channel Nine in Melbourne, I used to go on once a month. When Sky News moved into the Herald Sun building, I`m banned, because I`m a voice not allowed to be heard out of the Herald Sun building. So for me to fulfil my contract with Sky, I have to fly to Sydney to appear, and that is an abuse of power by the dominant 70 percent newspaper company, which in my mind is indefensible.

730reportland: Oh dear. Their own corporate slogan of `Fair-and-Balanced` has not made it to this side of the Pacific, even though the donkey data has. Their corrosive culture has produced an unfair abuse of power toward Mayne here. It has also shredded their own corporate slogan.

MR FINKELSTEIN: When you started up Crikey, and for the period of time that you owned Crikey, I assume you expressed rather strong views on a variety of issues.

MR MAYNE: I certainly did, and I have a plan or a goal of "the bigger they are, the harder you go ". So whether it is Kerry Packer, Alan Jones, the Prime Minister, the Premier, I had an approach, which basically is a club busting approach, which is a take-on-power approach.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Did you leave out Federal Court judges?

MR MAYNE: Yes. I`m married to a barrister, so I learned that one very early.

730reportland: I smell chicken.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Thank goodness.

MR MAYNE: The relationship with News Limited is quite interesting to track in relation to that. I left on good terms, despite what The Australian editorial today says about me being a disgruntled former employee_

730reportland: Outstanding! The Limited News fact free corrosive culture can`t even be set aside today. They don`t even have the brains to not try and intimidate a witness or bad mouth Mayne on the day he is speaking to the Inquiry.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Never read the newspapers!

When you were running Crikey, you, I think, no doubt with justification, are quite proud that you took on those people who you wanted to take on. Would it be fair to say that there was very little that was even-handed or balanced to an outside viewer, like if I were to read all that stuff?

MR MAYNE: No, I would disagree with that. I think we pioneered the right of reply and the corrections approach to journalism unlike any other outlet had done.


MR FINKELSTEIN: What did you do?

MR MAYNE: I basically ran into a little bit of trouble early on with some defamation, and_


MR FINKELSTEIN: Do you mean as a defendant?

MR MAYNE: As a defendant. We lost our family home. It was an action that was tacitly supported by News Limited, which was an interesting element to our relationship. I basically worked out that it was an ethical approach to journalism that, if you are going to go someone, you absolutely have to give them a right of reply.

With the email delivery mechanism you can hit every single person you hit with the first one, and then get the right of reply exactly the same. At one point I published a 5,000-word attack by Terry McCrann, which was an amazing attack.



MR MAYNE: Yes, on me. I found that an amazing contrast where every time I put in a letter or tried to put comments in on Andrew Bolt`s blog or a letter to The Australian today, which I did, banned.

It shows total suppression of an alternative view.


DR RICKETSON: "Banned" meaning?

MR MAYNE: It was not mentioned, or not run. Herald Sun, banned for 12 years because I criticised them on in 1999. It is an amazing long-term grudge, but my approach always was that if anyone ever puts in a reply or had a whack back, absolutely give it a run because it is fair and mitigation of litigation. If you are given the right of reply, it`s much harder to prosecute a defamation case and it is also a reasonable thing to do and it is also good content.

I used to joke about: "we`ll host your fight". We`re Las Vegas. Come and have a fight. We`ll give everybody a say, and it is good viewing.

730reportland: Our `lovely-assistant` has just chipped in twice with perfect timing and lead-in query. Great job by Ricketson.

It is very interesting to compare the culture and ethics that Mayne tries to operate by and, the culture and non-ethics that seem to operate within the global dinosaur.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Although you personally, and maybe for a good business reason, think that encouraging debate in a single outlet is a good thing- and no doubt it is- would you go so far as to say that it ought to be compulsory?

MR MAYNE: No, it ought not be compulsory, but the internet opens up unlimited amounts of volume, so I think it is unreasonable that the Herald Sun has an operating guide for their moderators that says don`t publish criticisms of the Herald Sun, the Murdochs, or News Limited.


DR RICKETSON: Sorry, how do you know that?

730reportland: Ricketson kicks another goal. Excellent!

MR MAYNE: One of their moderators told me.

I was complaining about every time the Herald Sun does its predictable six-month attack on council CEO pay, I, as an elected councillor who respects management of councils, dutifully do my letter, which says that $300,000 doesn`t sound much,

but Rupert Murdoch earns more than all 89 council CEOs combined, and I think that the Herald Sun should point that out. Every time it doesn`t run.

So you get a front-page attack on fat cat bureaucrat council CEOs, a councillor tends to respond, no reply online, censored, no reply in the paper- a policy which says to do that,

I think that is unethical and inappropriate if you have launched an attack on certain people`s pay and you refuse to run a right of reply by a player in that space. As a councillor, I thought it might change. When I started writing in as a councillor, no change, still censored.

730reportland: Mayne has done a great service to the Aussie public, with his appearance at the Aussie Media Inquiry. It is excellent that Mayne, who has worked within the Limited News toxic culture, has spoken openly and frankly about his experience with the global monster and, the treatment he has received from them since they parted ways.

It is great to have this on the public record.


The Limited News corrosive culture has often been self-evident in the output produced on certain topics such as, pro-business, pro-Noalition, pro-Mr-Rabbit, anti-environment, anti-Labor and anti-Joolya. This list is much bigger and, Politicians and politics are fair game.


What I have suspected, and Mayne seems to confirm, is that local operations of the global monster maintain `hit-lists` of people, who are `selected` for special attention.

The Inquiry has previously heard that Robert Manne and Tim Flannery have been targeted by Limited News and, it seems spiteful. But if we zoom in on Mayne`s home town, Melbourne, we can find that Simon Overland seemed to be targeted, resulting in his resignation from the Police. Add in, the treatment of Christine Nixon, because she ate dinner. The hounding of Mayne and Manne, also of Melbourne, shows their local monster is highly toxic.

Much of this is not fair game.


I suspect the industry culture will get way more corrosive before it gets any better, if ever. Gina Rinehart has bought up a chunk of Fairfax. The chunk is large enough for Rinehart to demand a seat in the boardroom for herself, or her agent.

This will not result in Fairfaxtopia.


More likely, this will be the start of the foxification of Fairfax. As billionaires rarely disagree on many topics, the public will receive lobbying, dressed up as news items from both outlets, like,

Don`t tax Billionaires because [insert no valid reason here]

We can already see Limited News, Network Ten, Rinehart and Boltreportland as an established connection.

With similar donkey data and, via major share-holdings and boardroom seats, the adoption or transfer of industry culture flows.

Watch_ http//

The above is a word for word extract from Page 102 to Page 109 of this transcript, with my comments added in color. We will return to the `show` after these sponsor `messages`.


Google Can Get Stuffed

27 Feb 2012.

Google Can Get Stuffed.

Last week, after I commented on a post on a blogspot, blogger, google blog, something odd happened. When I returned to see if the blog owner had answered my comment, my usual red avatar did not show on the comment. Instead, there was a black avatar.

When I logged back in and checked my blogspot profile page, my red avatar was gone. It was replaced with the generic blue and purple blogger avatar.

Thinking something was done wrong by me, I proceeded to try and upload my red avatar again, which failed. So of course I then went about fiddling about with options and settings I had never bothered with previously.

After eating my red avatar, google then went about eating my blogspot profile. Still hungry, google then ate my main blog
And for desert consumed my secondary blog

I then got hit with a facebook style roadblock saying google had detected odd behaviour on the account and demanded mobile phone verification. Bullshit. The odd behaviour was due to google stuffing up my avatar.

It seems google is dumping their do no evil motto and is going to bullshit it`s users in the same way facebook does. There is an in-built dis-honesty in the system facebook uses to collect user information by not being up-front about the information they want to collect from/about you.

I don`t want to use google-plus, and I object to arm twisting by stealth tactics to try and force me into that system so,
google can get stuffed.

I was going to use my wordpress account to re-launch my blog, but unfortunately the wordpress so-called html editor buggers up html code by adding `br` and `p` code-tags to the users already made html code. This is no good to me, I am not going to re-code all my html posts on my hard-drive to suit the bug in the wordpress html editor. It seems wordpress does not understand, copy and paste.

Mayne On Press Licensing

20 Feb 2012.


Mayne On Press Licensing.

730reportland: We return to Melbourne as, retired judge Ray Finkelstein `hosts` the Australian Media Inquiry, with his `lovely-assistant`, journalism academic, Matthew Ricketson.

Their next `guest` is Crikey Founder and a media mover and shaker. Welcome to the `show`, Stephen Mayne.

MR FINKELSTEIN: One of the issues that you`ve raised is under this heading, "A light-handed licensing regime for editors and proprietors".

There are probably not that many people who are going to assert- I`m not saying none- or suggest that there should be licensing of newspapers.

Presumably, one reason for that is that the king and the government in England licensed the press for several hundreds of years and it came to an end I think in the late 1700s or thereabouts. It was regarded as a universally good thing that it came to an end.

Therefore, it is at least unusual- I won`t say surprising- to see somebody propounding the idea that editors and proprietors ought be licensed.

730reportland: Our `host` actually high-lights another problem here. The Legal, Political and Government systems always look to the past to aid them with making decisions.

The downfall of looking so hard at the past, is it tends to make them ignore what is in front of their nose, the `present`. In the 1700s, computers, technology, management systems and Police did not exist. This is 300 years ago. Different environment.

Finkelstein is `not` comparing apples with apples here.

MR FINKELSTEIN: I want to ask you, first of all, why you propound that view. I don`t know whether you want to deal with them separately, proprietors and editors, or whether it is the same underlying issue,

but I assume that a licensing regime is to make sure that a particular class of person or a person with particular attributes or qualities,

or whatever it might be, are to be the persons who run or own news outlets. Can I start by asking you what do you regard as the essential criteria for owning or running as an editor a news outlet, and why?

MR MAYNE: Many countries have had nationality restrictions, which effectively is a licensing regime which says no foreign party will ever be licensed. We had that for many years. Keating said to Conrad Black, "I license you to 35 percent of Fairfax, you can go no more."

I think we shouldn`t be too surprised that there are regulatory regimes in place. I do think it goes to conflict of interest, vested interest.

I wouldn`t support Exxon Mobil receiving a licence to buy News Limited`s Australian operations. I wouldn`t give a licence to British American Tobacco to buy 70 percent of Australia`s newspapers.

730reportland: Yes. I agree with Mayne here.
This is `defacto` licensing.

MR MAYNE: I think you have to start from the basis that the press is the Fourth Estate and there needs to be some sort of regulation as to who can have that power and responsibility vested in them. So I think the corporate conflicts, maybe the foreign interests, may come in at that point.

730reportland: This `4th estate` stuff is Bull-Crap.

There is too much donkey data and lobbying going on to give any weight to these `type` of catch-cries. Large chunks of the embedded media, pushing propaganda, have become merely `lobbying-firms` with catch-cries.


MR MAYNE: I also think there is a basic ethical morality fit and proper test, so if Alan Bond were still in charge of The West Australian when he was convicted of fraud, he would have been in breach of his licence and he would have been required to dispose of The West Australian, because he committed the largest fraud in Australian history. I`m only thinking about it in those sorts of relatively extreme examples.

730reportland: Mayne is correct. The bleating by the embedded media against this point really shows how out of touch they are. All kinds of citizens under-go this `type` of examination every day.

Vetting of folks who join the Police, become teachers and, tradesmen needing long term access to `secure` work-sites, just to name a few. The sky is falling, cry the embedded media `chicken-littles`, when asked to join the rest of society.

MR MAYNE: I must admit I am reminded by I guess a personal experience that I`ve had working within News Limited, watching News Corp internationally, that there has been a little bit of a tendency for some rogue editors to emerge and prosper and be rewarded over the years, with some rather colourful approaches. I`ve worked under some of them.

I think that sometimes I look at the culture and think at some stage there ought to be something about you just can`t phone hack on an industrial scale, for instance. If an editor was caught up in something like that, there would be something which would kick in and say, "I don`t think you are fit and proper." I stress that it ought to be light-handed and you certainly can`t have big brother government flicking editors because of a political line or a partisan campaign. It needs to be a pretty grave situation where you intervene.

730reportland: At least Limited News `is` consistant.

MR FINKELSTEIN: What is the sort of criteria, though? The idea of licensing- I don`t want to put too fine a point on it, because a couple of submissions make points about this- but it is as close as going back to the Dark Ages as you could find if you are serious about it_



MR FINKELSTEIN:_ but the idea that a government should say who can publish the news, because if you are talking about licensing, you are talking about the government saying who can say publish the news, is probably about as extreme an encroachment on news dissemination as you could get.

730reportland: At this point in the `show` I have become fully aware our `host` is tackling the licensing topic from the wrong end.

MR MAYNE: But they do that with television and radio now.

MR FINKELSTEIN: I know that.

MR MAYNE: So it`s not the end of the world with that.


MR FINKELSTEIN: No, and there might be some arguments about whether or not television and radio is different or, as many people say, there is no difference and that kind of regulation ought to go. The fact that it exists in television and radio might tell you something about television and radio but might not tell you very much about the press.

730reportland: Unfortunately Finkelstein keeps questioning from the wrong end of the `licensing arguement`. Our `host` seems to ignore that the media is an `industry` and the press is a `segment` of the media industry.

Licensing in most other industries have raised `standards` of all kinds, quality of product or workmanship, safety, and inspection and compliance systems.

Newspapers, Radio Stations and Television Networks all post mixed content online, text, audio and video. Some better questions Finkelstein should have asked,

Excluding to write `crap`, What advantage will the newspaper segment lose if a licensing system is put in place?

Excluding spectrum, Why should/shouldn`t the newspaper segment not be licenced, when the radio segment and television segment are?

Why should/shouldn`t the Global Monster remain unlicenced, while the National Monster has to operate under `Charter` and local television and radio segments are licensed?

Why shouldn`t all segments and, all companies in the same industry operate, as near as possible, in the same licensing and penalty system?

MR MAYNE: You don`t like legal malpractice, you don`t like doctor malpractice, you won`t license snake catchers and you license brothels.

Licensing is such a common phenomenon right throughout society and professions that I cannot see why the press, in the internet era where the genie is impossible to put back in the bottle, where the idea of a totalitarian regime coming in and shutting down newspapers, it is just no longer remotely possible in a democracy like Australia.

That risk of government intervention I believe has been utterly mitigated by technology to the point now where we can have a sensible discussion in a democracy about some basic standards and ethics and fit and proper requirements that apply with most other professions and industries.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Doesn`t the same kind of argument lead you toward the conclusion that licensing might catch a couple of people and a couple of organisations, but because of the internet it`s really a practical impossibility?

In other words, you will never devise a scheme for jurisdictional or constitutional reasons, any host of reasons, just straight impracticability of trying to license everybody who puts newsprint into the airwaves, the press, the letterbox or wherever?

MR MAYNE: For start-ups and the small fry and local papers, I agree, but when you are talking about the substantial powerful, entrenched, well-known brands, I think where a licensing regime already effectively operates is if News Limited went to sell its 70 percent of the papers there would be regulatory intervention around foreign ownership, around ACCC, about who the regulators license to have responsibility for so many newspaper titles across the Australian market and democracy.


MR FINKELSTEIN: It is not quite licensing, though. You could call it licensing, but I spent a lot of my working life dealing with competition cases, and never thought of it before- and I fought against the regulator and as a judge- as a licensing scheme. It is a series of legislation that works on the theory that you abuse a monopoly position, that`s a bad thing, and there ought to be laws governing the abuse of monopoly positions or laws governing the creation of monopolies, but they are based on economic criteria and they are looking at producing economic efficiencies. I don`t care who the people are who are involved, it has nothing to do with personalities; it is to do with having efficient allocation of resources in a community or a nation state.

730reportland: Whack, as Laurie Oakes likes to say.
Finkelstein fought against the regulator. This explains why he is coming at licensing from the wrong direction.

MR FINKELSTEIN: So the fact that you might describe that as licensing, it`s true that you need permission to engage in certain types of activity, but you don`t have that in mind, I don`t think, because what you are looking at is the identity of the persons concerned, that is, who is it that`s going to apply for permission to run the press or edit a newspaper, whereas if you are looking at foreign ownership and particularly anti-trust, they don`t care who it is, they are just looking to see what is going to be the state of the market before and after. So they are market economic considerations, looking at what is best for the economic development of the nation, but this is of a different order.

MR MAYNE: I guess I`m talking about gross malpractice, and phone hacking is the context that we have here, but the discussion from this morning about a beefed-up Press Council, if you had an absolute recidivist editor who completely utterly continually refused to comply with the new regime, which might be publish corrections, et cetera, it would be a final piece of recourse to give the regulatory regime some teeth.

Of course, like all good regulatory regimes, you never want to have to utilise the full powers. It just sits there and gives some authority and gravitas to, at the moment, a thoroughly disrespected regulatory regime that is trampled all over and is a bit of a toothless tiger and personally I think that it needs to be beefed up. If you have that final recourse, authority in the back there, like it works with TV and radio, I think it would improve standards and culture within the press.

730reportland: Mayne misses the mark a little bit here. Good regulatory systems, hold to account each person at every level or rank, for their own actions and responsibilities, or lack of.

MR FINKELSTEIN: If you are looking, speaking generally, at an ideal set of cultures or cultural rules, ethical rules or standards, would it be reasonable to proceed on the basis- people say how do you put it into effect, but I regard that as a separate question- but if I were to look at a typical set of codes of conduct or standards, if I take it from broadcasting, or those that are published by the Press Council or by the union that acts on behalf of journalists, they have pretty much common themes running through them, do you see them as being, relatively speaking, a reasonable set of standards?

MR MAYNE: All the words are terrific, it`s just that they are_

MR FINKELSTEIN: Implementation.

MR MAYNE: Yes, they are often ignored. It is quite uneven in terms of the way it is disrespected. There will be certain editors at certain times. Within Fairfax or News Limited you have good and bad. It goes through periods of ups and downs.

730reportland: In the current decaying news scenario, we have our Limited News star, Andrew Bolt recently losing his `white` Aboriginal court case. This has not stopped Andrew from `Dulux Color Charting` Aboriginals though. Andrew just changed the `style` of doing the same type of crap.

Andrew has `ignored` the court ruling and now uses pictures of the `white-est` Aboriginals he can find and makes sure he includes phrases like `indigenous program` along with the picture. With the current `gummy` Press Council, that doesn`t work pro-actively, Andrew has nothing to fear or lose.


So let`s create a `Scenerio 2` in which there is a pro-active Press Council that bites. News people are licensed from top to bottom, and directors meet the `fit and proper` test.

Andrew Bolt goes to court, which attracts the attention of the `pro-active` Press Council, which immediately looks into the situation from its end. The judgement of the Press Council may be, that it too finds Bolt is pushing `racism` or `hate speech` and suspends Andrews license for 3 months.

Without his license Bolt now cannot work not just at `Limited News` chip wrappers, but no Mac-Radio, no BoltreportLand, no Ten-News, no Qanda or anything else for the 3 months. And Media companies are not permitted to pay those who get their license suspended.

Then 3 months later Bolt returns to work and willingly chooses not to `Dulux Color Chart` Aboriginals anymore. Andrew now has something that bites to fear, and misses the salary he lost.


The pre Inquiry bleating about the sacred `press freedom` doesn`t really add up, but comes across as Herd-Think and Mass-Panic.

The `News` is too important to license.

No wait, the `Press` is too important to license.

Hang on, we want to `Lobby` and pretend its news.

The reality check the embedded media need to come to is that the news is either,

Important and should be treated as important and has a serious system of rules and penalty in place for all.

Or they want to lobby, spin and bullcrap about everything in a fact free style. Then they might as well save the cash and scrap the Press Council. The other regulators should go too, along with the ABC Charter, Codes of Conduct, and let everybody take their side and lobby for all their worth.

The above is a word for word extract from Page 98 to Page 102 of this transcript, with my comments added in color. We will return to the `show` after these `messages`.


Melinda Tankard Reist Unfoxified

10 Feb 2012 —

Melinda Tankard Reist Unfoxified

Lobbyist and WordPress stalker Melinda Tankard Reist has joined the stupidity and bullying club recently. Jennifer Wilson has now received two letters from Melinda Tankard Reist`s lawyers.

Oh looky, another outburst of “dickhead“ from the wealth, power and influence end of town against, a citizen going about their own business. Let`s look at some facts.


1- FACT. Melinda Tankard Reist is a Lobbyist.

Like Politicians, Lobbyists are public figures. Also like Politicians, Lobbyists are paid to do and say anything. They both seem to believe in “nothing“ except, their own income. The public are absolutely correct to doubt and question both Politicians and Lobbyists. Including Wilson and the commenters at No-Place-For-Sheep.


2- FACT. The term “pro-life-feminist“ is an oxymoron.

Because Melinda Tankard Reist describes herself with this oxymoron, it is quite reasonable for the public to question Reist about this self-description. Reist chooses to be coy and not explain “her“ description of herself. To me, “pro-life-feminist“ smells like religion, dressed up as feminism. Reist also needs to explain her relationships with Churches, Religions, Sects and Cults, and if these are “paid“ relationships, because of “her“ own self-description and “her“ job.


3- FACT. Deceptive and Duplicitous. Both mean Bull-Shitting.

Reist wants us and the legal system to believe Lobbyists and Politicians are not engaged in “bull-shitting“. ROFL. Just because some of the embedded media are prepared to bleat on Reist`s behalf, does not change the reality of FACT-1. Lobbyists and Politicians are usually “bull-shitting“, either by direct lying, distortion or, omission. Lobbyists and Politicians rarely engage in the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


4- FACT. Those with power, have become stalkers and trolls.

Reist has decided to join the Australian stalker and troll club, with James Massola, Chris Mitchell and Wayne Flower, of Limited News chip wrappers. There is a pattern emerging here. It is bullying, in the first instance, with a misguided other factor, jealousy. Over inflated ego`s that dislike citizens who are able to muster up a somewhat loyal audience, even if it that audience is relatively small, and ignoring or criticizing them. There is something very pathetic that so-called adults, in so-called professions are stalking citizens online.

What makes the editor Mitchell troll twitter, Massola troll blogspot, Flower and Reist troll WordPress?

Envy, Spite, Power Tripping, Ego …

There is no positive answer to this question, only negatives that reflect very badly on the stalkers involved and, the chip wrappers, cults and projects these stalkers are involved with.


5- FACT. Reist will release a book soon.

Massola, Flower and Mitchell filled webspace and column inches with blurt from their bullying escapades against their victims. In short, the newsworthiness of this blurt was zero. They really just hurt people as part of a “publishing stunt“.

With a book on the way, menacing Wilson may be a “publishing stunt“ by Reist to generate “buzz“. During the promotion of this book, we can be sure that the embedded media will not ask Reist anything about menacing Wilson, nor ask Reist anything raised here or on Wilson`s blog, or raised anywhere else.


6- FACT. These dickheads need to take a long hard look at themselves.


7- FACT. Ann Mossop, Head of Public Programs, is prepared to use Melinda Tankard Reist`s propaganda to promote events at the Sydney Opera House on her/SOH blog.

Wilson Gets 2nd Letter

Gibbot On Melinda Tankard Reist

Wilson Gets 1st Letter

So-Called “Offending“ Post At No-Place-For-Sheep

Sydney Opera House Propaganda



Hirst On Editorial Reach

28 Jan 2012.


Hirst On Editorial Reach.

730reportland: We return to Melbourne as, retired judge Ray Finkelstein `hosts` the Australian Media Inquiry. Finkelstein is `assisted` by journalism academic Matthew Ricketson.

Ray continues with his `guest` Martin Hirst, who teaches journalism at Deakin University. Welcome back to the `show`.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Doesn`t that tell you that the marketplace is working in the way that it should and, if I take it from the converse standpoint, there are lots of players in the market producing their product, which is all you want from the marketplace for ideas analogy?

DR HIRST: I think possibly, but I would actually argue that it is not, as I said before, a level playing field.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Do you want to explain that?

DR HIRST: Yes. What I mean by that is that if you look at the still dominant mainstream media- and it is still dominant; daily newspapers, television, radio- that is where most people get their news and information from.

Of course, some of us trawl the internet into all hours of the night looking for alternative opinions and some of us actually write our own blogs and things like that to broaden that kind of debate. However, I think in terms of the main ways in which we get political information and the main ways in which the public sphere is created and informed, it still relies quite heavily on the main players in the marketplace, and they are heavily capitalised global companies in most cases that do, I think, have greater clout because of their economic size and wealth. Economic power does bring with it a certain amount of political and social power as well, in the battle of ideas. It actually creates a much bigger platform and louder megaphone than somebody on a blog that gets a couple of hundred views a day. It is a much more powerful tool of speech.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Size of reach–

DR HIRST: The size of reach and ability to marshal things together in a coherent kind of a way to present on a daily and ongoing basis; a repetition of particular types of ideas.

I think you see that in the mainstream media, and I don`t think the marketplace of ideas is actually an open and fair marketplace where everybody has the same right of access and the same ability to be heard.

DR RICKETSON: What might be an example of what you were just talking about before with the mainstream media and the fact they have an undue influence? What is an example of that, that you can think of?

DR HIRST: I think the kind of editorial pages of any newspaper provide that kind of platform. The Insiders program on the ABC, Four Corners, 7.30 Report, all those type of things generate a huge amount of interest- Q&A, all of that type of mainstream political information programming, news and current affairs type of programmes, I think carry a much greater social weight in terms of how we as a society form opinions and react to those things than the internet and blogs and those kind of things at the moment. There is definitely still a dominant mainstream media in that regard.

One example that is very current, which I am sure other people will talk to you about today, is the idea that the News Limited newspapers are running some kind of political agenda at the moment against the Gillard government. I actually think that is true.

DR HIRST: I have only been back in the country now for about four months after living in New Zealand for four and a half years and I was absolutely blown away by that, and by what I see appearing now in the newspapers, particularly in The Australian, which I have a subscription to and I look at every day. There is a consistent kind of approach to the way that The Australian is actually reporting federal politics at the moment. It seems to me that the people who are arguing that there is an anti-Labor bias in the editorial pages and in the newspages of that paper are absolutely right. You see it every day.

730reportland: Good on Hirst. A large chunk of the population have been complaining about Limited News lobbying in their so-called reporting. These claims have been robustly denied by the– Hey, it turns out we have been right all along. Even the bloke who has just returned to the country has noticed the Limited News lobbying.

DR HIRST: There is actually an accumulative effect to that. Every story about federal politics is slanted in a way which is against Labor, even stuff that`s completely irrelevant. If they could find a way of actually attacking Julia Gillard or another Labor minister in that text, they will do so. I think that is actually happening, and Robert Manne is right about that in what he wrote in his Quarterly Essay. I think that is actually happening now.

730reportland: While Hirst is correct about `the Australian` and how it reports Federal Labor politics, the scope of Limited News slanted propaganda is inflicted across many more `topics`. Limited News lobbying is not restricted to `the Australian` chip wrapper either. The Herald Sun and the Daily Telegraph, particularly via their blog-umnists, regularly regurgitate these selected `topics`, while Lobbying to their `old-ideas` format.

MR FINKELSTEIN: If you make the assumption that that`s right- just assuming that`s right- some of my readings, and you probably know more about the history of it than I do or probably ever will, suggest that the early serious newspapers were borne of and paid for by political parties; that is, they were papers that espoused a particular view and the buying public chose which paper to read having regard to which particular political viewpoint they were interested in receiving. If you are right and a newspaper favours one political party over another, one argument is that that is how newspapers were born.

A more difficult question, in any event: is that exactly what you see when you have got free speech? You have got an organisation or a journalist or half a dozen journalists who have a particular viewpoint on politics, not vilification, but the other side of the equation that we have left for the minute, on politics, and they push it for all it is worth. Isn`t that what democracy is all about?

730reportland: Finkelstein goes a little `Pony-Express` worrying about the history of newspapers. A better lead-in here would have been along the line of, the ABC Charter prescribes certain reporting elements, accuracy, fairness, etc, to guide those who work for the National Monster. And Finkelstein should have then asked, why these reporting elements should not be applied to the Global Monster, and across the board, when reporting, particularly political reporting. But you know how these chat show `hosts` are.

DR HIRST: I don`t have a problem with The Australian doing that, but I just think it is interesting. I am not saying that The Australian shouldn`t do that, or it doesn`t have a right to do that; I am just observing that I think that`s what is happening.


MR FINKELSTEIN: But it`s not just an observation. Don`t you mean that in a critical way?

DR HIRST: Yes, I`m critical of it, but I`m not arguing that it should be stopped; that we should actually stop The Australian from doing that.


MR FINKELSTEIN: If you are not arguing that it should be stopped, then why are you critical of it? In other words, I don`t understand your submission.

DR HIRST: I guess I am critical of it because there have been a number of denials from senior people within News Limited that that is actually what is happening. They would like us to think, in the way that Fox likes us to think, that they are “fair and balanced“. They are playing on that idea that, “We are just a newspaper, we are neutral in this, we are not campaigning“. So there is a little bit of dissembling going on there, I think.

730reportland: Honesty and truth are not only a problem when it comes to reporting. It seems to go way beyond Limited News output. This is a corporate culture problem, which could make you think you need to look at some of the individuals as well. Other things they like you to think are, they don`t troll the internet and abuse those they don`t agree with on WordPress and Twitter.

MR FINKELSTEIN: That is not a complaint about the content of the political articles?

DR HIRST: I`d politically disagree with the editorial line of The Australian, but I`m not suggesting for a minute that The Australian should be banned or anything like that. I`m just making the observation that that seems to me to be one of the advantages of having a $30 million printing press that you can use. It gives you a big advantage in terms of the battle of ideas, absolutely.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Is there anything that you can ever do about that? If it costs you $5 million to buy a printing press, but everybody in the country is free, providing they have got the $5 million, to go and buy a printing press, they can do exactly the same thing?

DR HIRST: Yes. Now let`s talk about new media and so on, because there is actually an opportunity, and this is what the submissions Ivo and I put together is about, to actually start to lower the barriers to entry into news or news-like content and broaden it out. Jay Rosen, a professor of journalism at the City University of New York made the famous quip that that citizen journalism is when the people forming the audience get access to the tools to allow them to publish.


MR FINKELSTEIN: I`m halfway through his book. I`m struggling with it.

DR HIRST: He is very famous for that and other things. He has a point. Yes, the internet, social media and the fact that a mobile phone is now a camera and an edit suite, does give people some of that power back, I guess, if you like. I do not think it balances up the $30 million printing press, but it certainly creates some interesting spaces.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Doesn`t it, in your terms, speak of a tendency to non-market failure? In other words, with the social media and its increasing use, you have increasing diversity of opinion being expressed?

DR HIRST: Yes, you do, but you also have a tendency towards the marketisation of that space. For example, user-generated content becomes a very useful commodity in newsrooms because it is free. Newsrooms can actually commodify that- news organisations, media organisations can commodify that free content and it helps to shore up their bottom line. I think we are seeing that now in terms of the problems that the mainstream media is having with its business models- falling advertising revenues, falling subscriber bases and so on, and cost-cutting in newsrooms. User generated news-like content is free content, and it has become quite an important commodity in and of itself. In fact, the process of market failure extends the market into some spheres of social media.

I have written about this extensively in a book published earlier this year called “News 2.0: Can journalism survive the Internet“. I talk about this process in some detail in that book; how there is a tendency to believe that the internet is open slather, it is going to democratise everything, it is going to be an antidote the big media and all this kind of stuff. I think that is pie in the sky, quite frankly.



DR HIRST: Because the logics of the market in a capitalist economy require capital to expand into every corner of the marketplace. What I think news organisations have seen here is that there is an opportunity to marketise that free content and commodify it and, therefore, turn a profit on it out of the labour of the audience, if you like.


MR FINKELSTEIN: You mentioned two features that have come up in lots of material which I have read, one being the decline in circulation of the print media; and, second, the decline in advertising revenue that the print media are used to getting from its newspapers. Does the decline in circulation- something that is not insignificant- cut away from some of your views about the dominance of the capitalist press? In other words, they might have been dominant 25 years ago when they were running particularly profitable organisations and could print fact newspapers and employ lots of journalists, and so on, but if your argument is a significant decline in circulation and a significant decline in revenue, with no doubt corresponding cost-cutting measures being employed, like less printing presses or less circulation or less journalists, and so on, doesn`t that diminish the power that you see that the print media has?

DR HIRST: At the margins.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Why is that?

DR HIRST: Because we are talking about Everest versus a molehill here in terms of the dominant power that they have. Obviously, you add a few more grains of sand on the molehill, it gets closer to being the size of Everest, but proportionally it`s still a molehill. I think that`s still the case. Yes, circulations are falling, revenues are falling, costs are being cut, speed has taken over from accuracy, journalists are doing more with less, all of those things are true, but we are starting from a position where, for the last 80 years or more, the mainstream media has been dominant and has actually, if you like, I think, been helped in that dominance through government policy, particularly the US and I think we follow that to some degree. Those monopolies have been encouraged to form by various types of regulation.

730reportland: Molehill and Everest are a good way to describe the style of sexing up reports too. The example of the Baiada Chicken Factory seemed to be reported and regurgitated using this style at by their troll-umnists. The `worker` draged into machinery to his death `focus` was `Molehilled`. The `Union/Worker_Picket_Line_Scuffle` and the “IF“_the_Company_closes then “it_will_cost-jobs“ focus was built toward Everest. The TV Networks followed. A similar style and `tone` was applied to the `Occupy` movement posts on as well.

DR HIRST: Even the cross-media ownership laws in Australia going back now to 1986 haven`t really addressed problems of dominance and so on. In fact, I think in the current iterations they do actually allow for more concentration in particular markets. The 40:60 rule, or whatever it is called, I can`t quite remember, does actually codify the ability of particular news organisations to be dominant in those markets.


MR FINKELSTEIN: I haven`t got at the tip of my fingers- I had it last night- the circulation figures from particular newspapers, but I did see lots of submissions criticise Newscorp Australia, even some of the comments that you made, and it struck me that their readership wasn`t particularly large- some of the programmes that you were talking about where people go to look for information of a political kind, the TV shows that you mentioned, some of which I watch and some I don`t. It has always struck me that there is a very small number of members of the community that read these kinds of “influential“ newspapers you are talking about and watch the particular shows that you are talking about.

730reportland: Shock. Horror. Who would have guessed.

MR FINKELSTEIN: I wonder whether there is a sort of a mismatch between the perception of power on the one hand and the actual power that is exercised on the other. I don`t know how you measure it either, quite frankly. You probably could by serious surveys that take years to undertake.

DR HIRST: I think the issue there is that the circulation size and influence are not necessarily tightly correlated. There are other things to consider- for example, the power of agenda setting; the power of gatekeeping, those kind of things, and also the fact that even though the circulation for The Australian I think is actually in the low 20s or 30s, it is not more than about 30,000 or 35,000.

DR RICKETSON: In Victoria?

730reportland: The `direct` or `primary` reach of all Limited News chip wrappers totals `less` than 2 million circulation, made up of `dead tree` and `intermess` numbers. The Aussie Population is 22 million. Simple mathematics means 10 of 11 people do `not` read newspapers by Limited News. So far, their direct reach is 1 of 11 people.

DR HIRST: In Victoria, yes.

DR RICKETSON: Nationally it`s 135,000.

DR HIRST: It is about, I guess, the quality of the audience and the influence and reach that it has amongst opinion makers and opinion leaders. I think you could argue that the broadsheet papers actually do have that kind of influence in those kind of situations.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Do you mean by that influence over politicians?

DR HIRST: Influence over the shape and direction of the public debate, more generally- not just over politicians, but more generally in terms of setting the tone of the debate and setting the parameters of the debate.

730reportland: Politicians are way down the primary reach list. They have an army of media wranglers and spin doctors at their disposal. The worst `primary` reach problem is `other` media. Radio and Television regurgitate, often what is just bullcrap. Just because it is in the paper. No matter how unworthy or, fact free.

MR FINKELSTEIN: If you are confining the focus of attention to the sophisticated reader- that is, the trend setters, the debate setters and so on- aren`t you speaking of people who are well able to judge whether they are being spun a line or not, or whether this is political propaganda or not, or whether they are factually baseless allegations or not, and so on?

You said you read The Australian every day. You are in a position to discern, I take it, good journalism from bad, or good reporting from bad reporting. If its audience is as small as all that, as the figures would suggest, I guess circulation can be bumped up by a whole range of ways, and it ignores the fact that you sit around the kitchen table with one subscription, four readers, and so on.

If you are talking about the people of influence who set the debate in the society, then why can`t they look after themselves? Why do they need help? By “help“, I mean some sort of restraint on press freedom?

DR HIRST: They do look after themselves. I am not suggesting that we should restrain press freedom. I`m not making that suggestion.

730reportland: Finkelstein and Hirst have skipped or not aware of the `secondary` reach. The secondary reach and influence is the aspect that is agitating citizens much more than the primary reach. With the primary reach citizens simply do not go to website or buy newspaper of the offending brand. Problem solved.

With `secondary` reach it is a lot harder for citizens to avoid the offending brand. So let`s look at the global monster and some of its tenticles. Much like Foxnews audio and video propaganda become text based propaganda this side of the Pacific, we need to follow the data donkeys, as well as the donkey data.

Though recently removed from his position in Aboriginal Affairs, the Andrew Bolt tenticle is still a very good example of `secondary` reach. When we compare the Andrew Bolt, Limited News blog against the television show BoltReportLand on Network Ten, hosted by Andrew Bolt, the donkey data is the same. Only the platform is different. Andrew Bolt is also on Mac-Radio.

We can follow other tenticles from Limited News too. Joe Hildebrand goes on Network Seven`s Sunrise. The John W Howard government put Janet Albrechtsen on my ABC Board. Piers Akerman, Miranda Devine, Albrechtsen, Hildebrand and Bolt, just to name a few off the top of my head, have all been on the ABC Qanda and/or Insiders shows, to deliver to my ABC viewers, the donkey data. This is a one way street. Limited News readers are not exposed to ABC opinion via the Limited News platform.

If that is not editorial reach and influence, what is?

If any other industry colludes together on elements of business like supplying or pricing then they are seen as a Cartel engaged in `fixing`. The `secondary` reach is not being recognised by the embedded media, and is being passed off as, just a lack of `diversity of opinion`. Until the embedded media acknowledge the secondary reach problem goes much deeper, then we will all be stuck with, what looks like a Cartel, engaged in news fixing.

To be clear, `primary` reach is when the consumer chooses `directly` to consume the particular media brand. That is, at the shop buys the specific newspaper. With TV and radio, they select the specific channel.

The `secondary` reach is when the consumer receives brand-X via another, so-called media competitor, even though the consumer would never select brand-X.

The above is a word for word extract from Page 18 to Page 25 of this transcript, with my comments added in color. We will return after these `words` from our sponsor.


Hirst On Marketplace Ideology

23 Jan 2012.


Hirst On Marketplace Ideology.

730reportland: 08 Nov 2011, Melbourne, retired judge Ray Finkelstein `hosts` the Australian Media Inquiry. Finkelstein is assisted by journalism academic Matthew Ricketson.

Ray`s first `guest` is Martin Hirst who teaches journalism at Deakin University. Welcome to the `show`.

MR FINKELSTEIN: The best student should always read what the person supervising publishes. The topic of the paper is briefly summarised as dealing with free speech and hate speech. I am interested to know, in the first place, what you understand as being the underpinnings of the notion of free speech? This is a question without notice.

DR HIRST: It is something that I have thought about, obviously. I think that the underpinning principle is obviously the right of people to free expression of opinion. However, as I opined in that paper, I think that there are also rules of what I would call civil discourse that perhaps need to be observed around that.

I also make the point there that I don`t think free speech extends to the freedom to make racist comments or vilifying comments in relation to minority groups or homophobia. Those kinds of issues, to me, fall far outside the ambit of free speech.

730reportland: Hello Andrew Bolt.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Can I come to what might be the qualifications to free speech in a second. It is obvious from your paper that you think that free speech is a very important right, and I am using the word “right“ in its loosest sense, I suppose. Are you able to tell me why, for what reasons, free speech is such an important commodity?

DR HIRST: I think it is what I would call a universal human right, in that sense, I guess. I suppose that is the bottom line, really; it`s a human right in that regard. I think your use of the word “commodity“ is an interesting one, because I think, in a concrete sense, that highlights one of the key aspects of this Inquiry, which is the idea of a marketplace of ideas.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Is that a view to which you subscribe?

DR HIRST: No, I don`t. I think there`s actually market failure, and I`m writing something on that at the moment which I will be presenting to you. It`s not quite finished, but since you are still taking submissions, I will endeavour to get that to you fairly quickly.

I do make the argument in that piece that I`m doing that I think the marketplace of ideas rhetoric, which is, if you like, the rhetoric of liberal democracy and representative democracy and capitalist economy and capitalist society, is a flawed model in that the marketplace is not a level playing field. It doesn`t give everybody the same rights of access. I think it commodifies the notion of public interest, which is something I am also quite interested in exploring, because I think that our definitions of public interest are actually based on ideas of the market.

If you look at the legislation around broadcasting and telecommunications, for example, with the public interest test, that is often based on looking at economic benefits, so the public interest is defined in those terms and citizens are defined in that regard as consumers rather than as an expression of political ideas.

I think that there is a philosophical debate to be had about the idea of the marketplace of ideas and how relevant it is, and if it is working. My argument would be that it is not working and that we are in a situation we are in today, in terms of the collapse of business models and decline in public trust in journalism and in the news, as a result of failure of the market as it is currently established.


MR FINKELSTEIN: There are plenty of issues that you have picked up. Can I deal with a couple of them discretely.

When you speak about the marketplace of ideas, which I suppose is very fashionable, because the United States Supreme Court has picked up on that idea now for almost 100 years, do you mean the same as the jurists when they speak about the marketplace of ideas – that is, if you have a lot of discussion about controversial topics, the more discussion there is had, the easier it is that those who are the listeners can discern the truth, or discover the truth?

DR HIRST: Yes. I think that is definitely the theory, and definitely the ideal of the marketplace of ideas, but I also think that it is a marketplace in the sense of the commodification of ideas, particularly in relation to news, which is a commodity. It is commodified in the current society, and I think that distorts issues of access and balance, if you like.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Assume I was minded to jettison the marketplace ideology behind, for instance, the marketplace of ideas and opt for some other justification for free speech. Can I take it that, from what you said right at the beginning as to treating free speech as a human right, you would regard that kind of approach to free speech as more important or more relevant than the marketplace of ideas approach – that is, it has just got to do with individual liberty?

DR HIRST: I think it is more than that as well. In the paper that I`m preparing for you at the moment I talk about this in terms of the public interest, the underlying broad collective public interest as being one of the key cornerstones of freedom of speech. The ability to actually have a full and frank debate about issues of importance to citizens should be the reason why we encourage an exchange of ideas. It is to do with, I suppose, our ability to be informed citizens and to make informed political choices about issues of public importance.


MR FINKELSTEIN: That is to suggest that free speech and free speech through the media has a particular social role to perform?

DR HIRST: I would argue that it does, yes.


MR FINKELSTEIN: I`m actually trying to nut out whether they are the views you are expressing.

DR HIRST: I do think there is an important social role in the media in that regard, absolutely, because we live in a mediated world and the only way that most of us can participate in the public sphere, and in civil political discourse, is through the media. I guess some of the issues that you need to consider in this inquiry are the fact that the rise of social media and convergence technologies have now created, if you like, a different set of expectations and set of rules around that kind of thing. Obviously through blogs and social media, a lot more people now are able to have some kind of participatory voice, not necessarily in the mainstream media.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Your concept of public trust, does that carry with it the idea that the media, being as broad as you like at the moment, including non-mainstream or, if you like, mainstream media, has some kind of responsibility in the manner in which it goes about its business of informing the public of news or newsworthy information?

DR HIRST: Without a doubt there`s a responsibility attached to that, of course. I think rights do come with some responsibilities. The exercise of rights has to be done in a responsible way, and I think in terms of the media`s role in society today, you could actually argue that the mainstream media has a dominant role in terms of the circulation of ideas. Therefore, the responsibility on the news media is to actually present a broad range of ideas and to allow for that civil discourse to take place.

I would actually argue that it doesn`t do that as well as it perhaps could. I think there is in fact quite a limited range of political opinion that gets displayed across the media. I am not here to bash the Murdoch press, but I think across the board in the mainstream media there is what I would call a limited variety of speaking positions. There is a limited view of what are permissible views in terms of what`s actually picked up and promoted through the media.

If you look at, for example, the rostered columnists across all of the print media, there are very few people in that roster that actually argue outside of a kind of narrow consensus of centre-right opinion, I would argue. There is not a great deal of what I would call strong left opinion in the mainstream media.


MR FINKELSTEIN: That sounds like a complaint about lack of diversity?

DR HIRST: I think it is. I think there is a lack of diversity. Particularly in terms of opinion, there is a lack of diversity.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Can I take up a couple of issues out of what you have just been saying. You mix together notions of public trust on the one hand and rights and obligations on the other. Most lawyers will understand that if there`s a claimed right, there is a corresponding obligation. Legal philosophers have written much about that topic. If the press have an obligation, what is the corresponding right one then has which gives rise to the obligation? Is it the right of free speech?

DR HIRST: I think it is the exercise of that right of free speech which they have, obviously, and I think, as I have said earlier, it is a flawed model and one that certainly is worth debating. People have said previous to me that the right of free speech in terms of the mainstream media is the right of the proprietor or the owner, and that freedom of speech is to those who own the press.

I think there is some truth in that. In the marketplace of ideas, if you have a commodified public sphere, as we have, then there is actually, if you like, a commodified right that it exists within the mainstream media. The obligation that goes with that, I suppose, is to exercise that responsibly and honestly. So it is about the truth, it is about the promotion of public interest and it carries with it the obligation to act in that kind of manner.


MR FINKELSTEIN: The types of ideals about which you are speaking are ideals which a society might demand, or expect rather than demand, but which society may not have a right to enforce, if you understand the difference. You have got ideals, everybody has for themselves a personal set of ideals which they strive to achieve, but you don`t get punished if you don`t achieve them, it is just that you fail either in your own eyes or somebody else`s eyes. Do you see the distinction I`m getting at?

DR HIRST: Yes, I do. I think the public does have a right to expect honesty and truthfulness and a variety of opinions through the media.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Why does it have that right?
I understand that it expects that.

DR HIRST: Editors and journalists will often fall back on, “Oh, we`re doing this in the public interest.“ That is an excuse, in my view, sometimes, which covers a multitude of sins, if you want to go down the track of journalists raising this idea of “We did what we did in terms of the public interest.“

If the media was claiming to have this role of defending the public interest – being the watchdog, being the Fourth Estate- if it is claiming those rights for itself, then I think the public, the citizens, have a right to expect what they are getting from their media is living up to those ideas, and I think sometimes it doesn`t.

730reportland: Hirst is way too gentle here.
The embedded media, who romanticise they are
“the gate-keepers of the truth“, have often acted as
gate-keepers “from“ the truth.
Example, http//
Topics, Labor, Greens, Science.

Embedded media self interest is often dressed up as public interest. Tit for tat word wars are rather easy to find between Limited News and ABC webpages. A never ending game of ego driven `gotcha`. Followed by robust denial or fake hurt. The vast majority of this is `not` news. Just blow-hard self interest.
I exclude Media-Watch.

MR FINKELSTEIN: What kind of machinery could ever be put in place to see those ideals achieved which wouldn`t smack of censorship?

DR HIRST: I think that is a difficult question.
I think it is for you to answer, judge, but–

730reportland: Do I smell chicken?

MR FINKELSTEIN: I`m going to ask as many people as I can for help.

DR HIRST: On regulations, I do have a view on that, and I think my view is that what we are actually experiencing now is something that I have written about, and I call it the “techno legal time gap“, to use a piece of jargon that I quite like. What I mean by that is that through convergence and through the growth of media technologies, such as social media, the fact that now an Apple iPhone can be a production suite in and of itself with user-generated content, all of that kind of stuff has created opportunities for new things to happen that we couldn`t do before.

DR HIRST: For example, newspapers or media organisations that go on to Facebook and download without permission photographs of young teenagers killed in an horrific car crash when the family has requested privacy, and the media says, “It is in the public interest, we are going to go and take those photographs“, without any regard to the consequences of their actions. They would argue Facebook is public, but it`s not, really. There is a whole bunch of stuff that sits around that – for example, copyright, where does that sit? It actually sits with Facebook. Is it the situation that people put things on Facebook expecting it to be published and to be used in that kind of way? It has created a whole new set of problems.

730reportland: The embedded media stalking children on `social` websites. So far the stalking has not been `Limited` to children, not that that`s okay. Tweeters, bloggers and tram drivers have already been stalked by Limited News so far. I suspect their list of future targets is growing, not shrinking.
Stalking? No Surprise Here

DR HIRST: For example, journalists are being sacked for using social media to express personal opinions. The news organisations take a dim view of that. That has happened recently in Australia to at least two or three people. A whole range of situations like that that now exist, and the law and the regulatory systems and codes of ethics are not keeping up with that. I think that in terms of what needs to happen, we need to actually have a look at what`s going on here and I think there is a need to probably adjust some rules and regulations. For example, is there really any point any more to licensing broadcasters when there is no longer a shortage of spectrum?

I think Bob Brown`s submission raised the idea of licensing newspaper owners. I would actually argue that you should look at taking away any kind of licensing regulation around broadcasting because, in fact, the argument for that, which is spectrum scarcity, no longer exists.

730reportland: Hirst misses the `licensing` part of Brown`s point here. Finkelstein follows. Brown has mentioned a `fit and proper person` type of provision with licensing. That is, `No Criminals Allowed`. Murdoch and News of the World, Conrad Black, or Alan Bond may not qualify.

MR FINKELSTEIN: There might be a different argument for regulation, though, of airwaves, which is not so much a scarcity argument, but it might be just to have order so that not more than one person broadcasts at a particular frequency. There might be room for regulation to allocate a licence, but your point is that, presumably apart from allocations, “This is your bit of the airwaves as opposed to somebody else`s bit of the airwaves“, you think that broadcasters should be treated in the same way, so far as regulation is concerned, as traditional print media? Is that a fair summary?

DR HIRST: I think the principle has to be one of platform neutrality- level playing fields, if you like, across different media platforms. We are still grappling with the idea. If you are publishing online, are you still a newspaper? The Seattle Times, for example, no longer has a print edition, it only exists on the Web. Is it still a newspaper? Those kinds of issues I think are actually what is really current in terms of needing to be settled.


MR FINKELSTEIN: Can I just come back to some of the issues that you first discussed.

I am interested in your view about a failed market for ideas. I think you describe it as a failed marketplace. Do I take that to be a comment directed to not the totality of what you see in the newspaper, for example, but only to particular aspects of the news?

I`ll make myself quite clear. You have a daily newspaper with a business section, a sports section, an entertainment section, and if I want to work out what movie is showing at what time at what theatre, I go to the movies page, and if I want to go to what concerts are on next Saturday, I look to that section, and if I want the news, I go to the front of the newspaper. Are you talking about the totality of what the press puts out or are you confining your comments, including your critical comments, to what might be called news?

DR HIRST: I am actually more interested in news rather than those broader information aspects of the media. You are right, for example, as to what`s on; you can find that information in 30 or 40 different places now without ever having to pick up a newspaper. When I`m talking about the failure of the market, I`m talking about not necessarily individual newspapers and the daily news that they produce, but the market overall. The market for news as a commodity overall is showing signs of failure. I would argue that that is why we had things like the News of the World scandal in the UK. Those kinds of things to me are symptomatic of the failure of the market.

730reportland: I call bullcrap and, I smell chicken.
Crimes were committed by
Corruption of MET Police. Tampering with the Telephone system. Maybe some Stalking and Privacy Invasion. Soft-talk and jargon by Hirst does not change this. The phones were hacked, the bribes were paid, the motive was to drive sales. Profit margin and greed was why this was done. Pure and simple. To pretend some `big-picture` industry mumbo jumbo was the reason are just fairy tales.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Also when you speak about free speech, going back to the underlying principle that is at stake, when you speak about free speech or when you write about free speech, can I take it that when you write, you have in mind a particular kind of subject matter? That is, it`s not everything that anybody might say in a newspaper, say, about who is going to win next Saturday`s rugby or football game with commentary on the status of the coach and whether he should be replaced or not, you are really talking more specifically about what generally might be regarded as political speech?

DR HIRST: I think that political speech is obviously more important. I think freedom of speech is not confined to political speech, but certainly in terms of active citizenship and an active informed public, then political speech is obviously the most important thing because that impacts daily. Do we want a carbon tax or not? Is global warming real or not? With all those kinds of issues that we are faced with, we need to have information about them that is accurate and truthful information in order to make a decision about that. As citizens, we need to have the ability to discuss amongst ourselves what`s going on in the world in a way that is actually meaningful.


MR FINKELSTEIN: If you subscribe to, say, the marketplace of ideas view or the individual liberty view as the philosophical foundation for free speech, when it comes to political speech, isn`t that the most important kind of speech not to regulate?

DR HIRST: Yes, it is, but it is important not to overregulate it, I think I would argue.

I think that things like the Racial Discrimination Act and the defamation laws, and so on, are important. They are not something that`s has been dreamed up by a “communist tzar“ in Canberra to hobble the Murdoch press, they are actually important tools, if you like, that the public has at its disposal to ensure that free speech is used responsibly and that the public discourse is civil, so that we are not just screaming abuse at each other.

730reportland: ROFL. Hirst just earned a blue ribbon for that answer. It is good to see somebody calling out Limited News for their bleating and playing the victim, when so often they are the antagonist.

MR FINKELSTEIN: Why shouldn`t people scream abuse at each other?

DR HIRST: It`s not very helpful.


MR FINKELSTEIN: It might not be, but might the question be: so what? People scream at one another. In other words, they are uncivil in their political communications. In a democratic society, can I ask the question: so what?

DR HIRST: I guess because free speech has consequences. I guess, in a sense, that was at the heart of the Bolt matter before the RDA, that it was deemed that there were consequences of Andrew Bolt`s commentary. It was deemed in that context to be hurtful and I would actually argue inciteful, as to incite others into action. I make that point in the paper that you read, that in fact that is the situation. I would actually argue that Andrew Bolt was aware of that, and that there was a purpose behind what he was doing.

730reportland: The continuous lobbying on certain topics from Limited News would always make claims of `inciteful` a pretty certain winner for those who need to take Limited News to court. Lobbying proves intent.

MR FINKELSTEIN: His conduct was governed, as the court found, by existing legislation.

DR HIRST: Absolutely, yes.


MR FINKELSTEIN: I take it from your observations, including what you have said in the paper, that you don`t regard that kind of legislation, racial discrimination legislation, as an unreasonable encroachment on free speech?

DR HIRST: That`s right. I don`t.

730reportland: Unlike Hirst, who views `marketplace-ideology` as a `failed` and `flawed` ideology. I am calling it bullshit. It is an ideology that never worked or could work. The current failed scenerio, where Australia has Monster-Media owning 70 percent of the newspaper market, giving Limited News the ability to `shout-down` most other voices in the Nation.

So let`s get rid of Monster Media and create a second scenerio. In scenerio 2, we have 200 newspaper companies and each newspaper company only has 1/2 of a percent of market share. That`s right 0.5 percent. I am pretty sure that scenerio 2 would be a failure too because they would unite on many issues anyway. They could all unite with anti-green, pro-business, anti-ALP, rhetoric, having the same ability to `shout-down` other voices, just as Limited News does now.

While in scenerio 2 there may be some time lag in getting 200 newspaper companies singing the same tune. I have every confidence that Advertiser and Lobbyist dollars would get them there eventually. Especially on the most important issues. Shout-down complete.

The above is a word for word extract from Page 6 to Page 15 of this transcript, with my comments added in color. We will return soon after these `messages`.


Observations Of Inquiry

11 Dec 2011.

Observations Of Inquiry.

On day one of the Sydney hearings of Ray Finkelstein`s motorist inquiry, we heard from the second-biggest boy in the Australian putt-putt motoring playground, Fairfax Motors CEO Greg Hywood.

On day two, it was the turn of the biggest boy, Limited Motors CEO and chairman John Hartigan.

If you haven`t read my account of their encounters with The Fink, they`re here and here.

On the third and final day, the current chairman of the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op (APC), Professor Julian Disney, rose again to the occasion. It was, at any rate, his second public appearance before the inquiry, his first had been in Melbourne the previous week.

Previously, I described the APC`s stated ambitions, for more funding, and more power to insist on suitable prominence for its role and its rulings, as

“a pretty naked grab for substantially more power by Disney“.

Not without justification, he was a bit miffed by that.

As he`s pointed out to me since, he`s acting on behalf of the Putt-putt Co-Op, not on his own behalf, and

“the Co-Op is being widely and rightly berated for being ineffective and not living up to its responsibilities. My goal is to try to help rectify those failings, not to grab power“.

Fair point.

But rectifying those failings will involve prising away from the big motoring putt-putters some of the power they currently have to determine how much money the Co-Op has, and how it uses it.

Just three years ago, the putt-putters cut the APC`s funding by a swingeing 20 per cent. They made it perfectly plain it was because they didn`t want to fund the `Drowsy-Driver` research the Co-Op was doing, or its annual Safety of the Motorist reports. As Julian Disney told the inquiry, most of that money has since been restored, but the putt-putters have tried to be very prescriptive about how it`s spent, a pressure he`s been trying hard to resist.

Whatever the political purpose the government had for setting up Mr Finkelstein`s inquiry, and however discordant its terms of reference, it has become increasingly obvious that its most practical outcome will be its response to the third term, which asks the inquiry to consider,

Ways of substantially strengthening the independence and effectiveness of the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op, including in relation to on-road applications, and with particular reference to the wearing of seatbelts.

Whether of course any of the inquiry`s recommendations survive the onslaught they`ll be subjected to by the big motor players, in the biosphere where the Government has enough rattles in its hands, is quite another matter. I think we can probably assume that the Coalition won`t be supportive of any seatbelts the motor owners don`t want.

But there`s one glaring anomaly in the current regulatory set-up which, to my surprise, has barely featured in the discussions so far.

There`s been plenty of talk about how the Putt-putt Co-Op can encourage off-road drivers to become safer, and the example most frequently cited is Crankey. As Limited Motors`s John Hartigan sourly pointed out, of 22 organisations and individuals who actually appeared before the inquiry so far, three, current owner Eric Beecher, Crankey`s original founder Stephen Mayne, and its panel beater Margaret Simons, are closely associated with Crankey. And yet neither it nor any of Mr Beecher`s other motor outlets are members of the APC.

But not once, so far as I`m aware, did the inquiry discuss the fact that some of Australia`s biggest and best-funded tyre and motor outlets, far racier, with far more wrecks, than Crankey or any other panel-work motor outlet, are not currently regulated by anybody outside their own organisations.


Winners All Round

10 Dec 2011.

Winners All Round.

The modest lecture theatre in the Henry Ford Building of Sydney University was packed at 11:00 am yesterday.

The motorist inquiry being led by Ray Finkelstein QC was about to question two heavyweights from the organisation that dominates motorist touring in Australia, and that has declared long and loud that it`s the inquiry`s predetermined target.

Mr Finkelstein politely asked his interlocutors if they had anything to say before he proceeded to questions. They certainly did. And then John Hartigan, chief executive and chairman of Limited-Motors, let fly.

It is “widely accepted“, he announced,
“that we are here in response to three presumptions“.

First, that Limited-Motors is guilty of car-jacking.
Second, that Limited-Motors is waging a campaign against the Federal Government. And third, that the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op (APC) is a toothless tiger. All three presumptions are false, declared Harto,
“And There It Rests“.

The Federal Government has labelled Limited-Motors
“the hate motorist“, he continued, and accused Limited-Motors of campaigning for regime change. This allegation, he added belligerently, and perhaps with less than meticulous constitutional accuracy, comes from people who have themselves engineered regime change by removing an `elected` prime minister from office.

Limited-Motors had just concluded an extensive review of its expenses, declared Hartigan. The result, as he expected, had been to prove that

“we do not jack cars and we do not pay bribes“. There`s been a deathly silence from Limited-Motors critics, he remarked.

“They haven`t put up, and now they`ve had to shut up“.

He wasn`t finished, “This is a government that is on the nose with the public and is looking for someone to blame. Not once has its criticism been substantiated by hard evidence. Apparently, our drivers are so weak-minded that they don’t have ability to make up their own minds unless they have seatbelt instructions from our motorists“. Such a proposition, he declared, is “preposterous“.

The Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op, he went on, is not toothless.
It needs to be improved and no motorist has done more to bring about changes than Limited-Motors.

“We agree with most of what it has submitted to the inquiry. In Julian Disney we now have the calibre of leadership that was lacking. We don`t control what it does and we don`t have any say in its adjudications on complaints about Limited-Motors. Our drivers absolutely hate it when the umpire finds against them.“

In general, declared Hartigan, the standard of Limited-Motors work has never been higher.

“If it annoys politicians, that`s a sign we are doing our job.“
Yes, there`s a need for stronger non-regulation. But there is no place for statutory regulation, government interference or intimidation of the motorist.

With the steam almost visibly issuing from his ears, Harto finished with the transparently insincere sentiment that he welcomed Mr Finkelstein`s inquiry, and the opportunity to provide future drag races.

Ray Finkelstein didn`t bat an eyelid. He made no attempt to respond or react. He simply began, with a disarming smile, to put various propositions to John Hartigan that were almost impossible to argue with.


Did Mr Hartigan agree that his organisation wielded great power?

With a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, Mr Hartigan conceded that yes, it wielded a bit of influence, on behalf of its drivers, or course.


And was it not a principle underlying Limited-Motors submission to the inquiry that with great power comes great responsibility?



And his organisation promoted seatbelts for his drivers and motorists to use?

It did.


And as well as internal mechanisms for ensuring those seatbelts are maintained, did Mr Hartigan agree that the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op is there to ensure that Limited-Motors and other putt-putts maintain its own seatbelts?

He did.


And Limited-Motors had a part in the formulation of the Putt-putt Co-Ops standards?



So presumably you are happy to conform to them, and for the APC to supervise your conformity to them?



Professor Julian Disney, the APC`s Chair, says the Co-Op doesn`t have the money to carry out its responsibilities. Is it correct that it needs more money?

The day before, Greg Hywood of Fairfax-Motors had said bluntly that he thought the Co-Op did have sufficient funds to do its job. John Hartigan, on the contrary, said that Limited-Motors agreed with Disney`s proposition, with the proviso that before increasing its funding he would like to see how the professor proposes to spend it.


Well suppose the Government were to put up the money?

Totally inappropriate, said Harto.


What about a compulsory levy on putt-putts to pay for the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op?

Harto would find that equally difficult to support, especially when there was no evidence that the Co-Op was not going to get the funds it needed from putt-putters.


At which point Limited-Motors travel director, Campbell Reid, stepped in. He`s been doing the negotiating with Julian Disney. We weren`t happy with his predecessor`s plans for annual `speeding` and `safety` reports and such like fripperies, he explained. But Disney has sponge-cake plans to do a better job at handling complaints. The implication of Reid`s responses was that from Limited-Motors perspective, the money might be there.

There should be no need for compulsion, said Mr Reid, because

“our view is that the standards and profile of the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op need to be so well understood that not to be a member is untenable“.

Is that, Mr Finkelstein asked sweetly,
why every motorist he knows watches Motorist-Watch?


The morning was really a triumph for one man, Professor Julian Disney. The inquiry shows every sign of going where he`s wanted it to go. Its conclusion, one already suspects, will be that a tougher Putt-putt Co-Op, with much better funding, and considerably greater powers, should be the soft option offered to motoring putt-putters, and if they`re not prepared to fund it themselves,

then the Government should do so, whether they like it or not.

And it was a bit of a triumph too for Limited-Motors. Because they`ve managed to give the distinct impression that the tool-draggers in the hunt for more rigorous non-regulation aren`t in Limited-Motors fortress in Holt Street, but across Darling Harbour in the Fairfax-Motors building in Pyrmont.


Dear Occupy Friends

28 Nov 2011,

Dear Occupy Friends,

I am not an Occupier, just an Australian citizen who has been following the plight of the worlds occupy movement. I am not happy to have seen the largely peaceful occupiers being maced or beaten by the worlds law enforcement officers in so-called democratic countries. I am writing this in the hope that my observations from afar may help occupy in some small way. This is `not` a `handbook`.

This page is located at

1- FACT, Occupy is dealing with despots. So let`s not kid ourselves.

The 1% (or more like 0.01%) own and operate, the monster corporations, both major political partys and the embedded media in America and Australia alike. This gives the 1% despots near total control over the legal systems, police and taxation systems in both countries.

Occupy now being world wide, I would suggest trying to boycott some of these monster corporations, where possible. Many of us who are not in the position to `occupy` are in the position to `boycott`. I am already boycotting Limited News, Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Harvey Norman, Starbucks, Pepsi, Coke, Mobil, BP, Shell and most the other `chain` corporate monsters. It`s easy once you get started.

While I have made boycotting an extreme sport, I realize that others find it hard. But surely there is an evil burger, evil cola or evil oil company that could benefit from a world occupy boycott. Occupy should harness this power.


2- FACT, Occupiers getting injured, fined or jailed helps the 1% despots more than the occupy movement.

Occupiers paying fines into the system that help oppress the 99% is insane. Don`t give them your cash. American occupiers being put in private jails or private hospitals only enrich the 1% who own them. Australian occupiers in jail or hospital only spends taxpayer cash that ends up diverting from others that need it. Injured occupiers can`t provide for their familys.


3- FACT, A trapped occupier, will be a casualty soon.

Police call it `kettling`. Trapped by fences built around them by city workers, Police have been able to assault occupiers and smash occupy cameras.
(I think this was Melbourne Australia.)

Occupiers need to be aware that Police without IDs visible, means the Police are ready to attack. Occupiers need to have an `extraction` plan so that if they see kettling starting, they can relocate. Let them build half a fence, then scadaddle.


4- OBSERVATION, During the 2011 UK Riots, the rioters were acting as a `flash mob` catching MET Police asleep with hit and run tactics. Nimble, fast and agile kept Mr Plod confused. Occupy can apply some of this stratagy to a peaceful protest.


5- FACT, the embedded media is not a friend to anyone, including occupy.

No matter how warm and fuzzy your local media reporter is, they have a job to do. If making occupy look bad to the public in their reports is good for them, they will do it. Occupiers should beware of reporters inciting them to do the wrong thing for news coverage.


6- FACT, the embedded media is often lazy.

7- FACT, the Police often start the violence.

Each occupy `city` needs occupiers with high end photography gear. Not high end in price, but performance. Occupy photographers need to be at a safe distance from Police, as they have been smashing occupy cameras. Zooming in from a distance to identify Police attacking occupiers is the best and probably `only` defence occupiers will have in court. (see-fact-1)

Each occupy `city` also needs to dedicate webspace to properly expose and explain crimes commited against occupiers by Police. (see-fact-7) Video and Photos should have correct date, time and location as minimum information. (occupyCityBadCops.wordpress-???) Identifying bad cops is occupys best chance of `not losing` in court. Remember, we all now have less freedoms since `patriot acts` have been put in place. Now we need to nearly prove we`re innocent.

The `bad cops` site should be as factual and truthful as possible, so `your city occupiers` can use it as a legal resource. It doubles as an easy option for `media releases`. (see-fact-6) Media releases are often regurgitated as news reports by over-paid and under-smart media staff. Feed these media staff with occupy reports to expand coverage. Corporations do this all the time.


8- FACT, Police `Integrity Agencies` exist.

Integrity Agencies police the Police. Legitimate complaints to your city or state intergrity agency, must be addressed by them. Use these occupy. Your occupy websites should have your integrity agency info available to your occupiers and public. (see-fact-7) Another use for your `bad cops` website.

Australian Integrity Agencies

American Civil Rights


9- I wish the Occupy movement Success and Safety in their pursuit of Fairness in the fields that they choose to pursue.

PDF file of “this page“



Inquiry Power Struggles

26 Nov 2011.

Inquiry Power Struggles.

The stark realities of power don`t change much. And a seatbelt power struggle is being played out at the Motorist Inquiry being conducted by Ray Finkelstein QC.

It was starkly on display yesterday in a shabby little conference room in the University of Sydney.


Mr Finkelstein is an affable fellow. There were plenty of smiles and even a few jokes at the first day of his inquiry`s Sydney hearings yesterday. Yet it`s clear that he`s impatient with the motorist`s insistence they should not be regulated or held to account. Any suggestion that any motorist should be compelled, by law, by sanctions, by institutional pressure, to abide by its own seatbelt rules would be a gross assault on the freedom of the public, he keeps being told. And you can see he`s not buying it.


He had before him the secretary of the motorists union, the Motorist Alliance, Chris Warren, a former chair of the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op, Professor Ken McKinnon, and a trio from Fairfax-Motors, Australia`s second-biggest transport company, including CEO Greg Hywood.


The three had very different views about the future of self-regulation of the Australian motorist. Chris Warren favours a pit-stop shop, a glorified Putt-putt Co-Op which would have the remit to handle complaints about breaches of motorist ethics on whatever platform they may occur, highway, suburban, urban, or off-road.


Ken McKinnon, like his successor Julian Disney, insists that the Automobile Putt-putt Co-Op can`t do its job without better funding, perhaps at least in part from government. And it shouldn`t be a mere complaints-handler, but a champion of motorist freedoms, an upholder of automobile standards, and a leading publisher of putt-putt research.


Greg Hywood reckons the status quo is fine and dandy. “What`s the problem we`re here to solve?“ he kept asking Ray Finkelstein. Fairfax-Motors sees no problem. It reckons the Putt-putt Co-Op is doing a fine job, with ample funding, and that Fairfax-Motors is doing an even better job for its motorists, everyone should just relax. The last thing Australia needs is the Government getting involved in regulating Putt-putts, let alone giving aid to Fairfax-Motor`s potential competitors.


But all three agree that a statutory regulator, or compulsory membership of a non-statutory Motorist Co-Op, or giving that Co-Op the power to levy fines on recalcitrant Putt-putt organisations, in fact, which after all is part and parcel of most regulatory regimes, would be too hard, or counter-productive, or would encroach on the sacred principle of a free Putt-putt.


I should make it clear that, on the whole, I agree with them. As I`ve argued before, it doesn`t work well when the law tries to regulate any motorist. I see no prospect at all for satisfactory compulsory regulation of the on-road and off-road motorist, and no justification for it either.
But maybe that`s because I`m another motorist.
Mr Finkelstein, a judge, is clearly harder to convince.


Viewer Apology

25 Nov 2011 —

Viewer Apology

Dear Viewer,

Yesterday, 730Report`s coverage of despotic embedded media personality Kyle Sandilands was specifically not approved to be in last nights re-package by my ABC management. In fact, my ABC management had forbidden to include the story at the morning team meeting.

While my back was turned, my on-air sockpuppets, aided by `some` off-camera sockpuppets decided to shoot the Sandilands story after getting a tip-off that Mel and Kochie were running the Sandilands story tomorrow morning.

Fierce competition exists at a personal professional level between my 730Report sockpuppets and the Sunrise sockpuppets. This competition got way out of hand yesterday. It never should have.

Our policy at 730Report is, to `not` provide another platform for despotic embedded media personalities to whip up social discourse, that will end up inflating despotic embedded media personalities income.

I must therefore apologize to all 730Report viewers, without reservation and, on behalf of all my ABC management for, inflicting on all 730Report viewers, the despotic embedded media personality Kyle Sandilands, and all Sandilands represents.

Dear Punter

22 Nov 2011 —

Dear Punter,

In 180 years of pontificating, The `Sydney Morning Herald` has never wavered from its non-core values and promise to its punters- to devalue journalistic integrity and independence.

The `Herald` is launching a campaign today to restart its commitment to journalism with fear and favour, to journalism which is under political influence and to journalism which serves the community without the utmost integrity.

The line between distrusted sources of journalism and unmoderated noise has been `Inquired`.

We appreciate that. Punters need information they can trust? Information that assists `them`? To make sense of `their` world?

In the first issue of the `Herald`, the pontificaters declared the pontification would be so stridently dependent that all sides of politics would come to view it as a sponsor.

We remain committed to this ideal. We work in the `public` good?

`The Sydney Morning Herald` is either a recipient of government funding or a mouthpiece for a media magnate.

We do take your trust for granted.

We know we have to burn it every day.

The `Heralds` commitment to journalism with integrity and independence has never been. So impotant. As it is today.

We know you agree and we thank you for your support.


Pedaler Affray

Pontificater and Editor-in-chief



Warmies Verses Doubties Tax

15 Nov 2011.

Warmies Verses Doubties Tax.

Doubties are the sort of folks who prefer to get their scientific information from corporate lobbyists, Mr Rabbit and friends, or hysteric shrieking shock jocks whose desk may have been recently hit with a bag of cash, for comment. Not scientists. Particularly not the 3 or 4000 top environmental scientists in their field of expertise.


Warmies are the sort of folks who prefer to get their scientific information from scientists. Particularly from the 3 or 4000 top environmental scientists in their field of expertise. Not from corporate lobbyists, Mr Rabbit and friends, or hysteric shrieking shock jocks whose desk may have been recently hit with a bag of cash, for comment.


Under a Liberal Australian Prime Minister, super-glued to an American Republican President, Doubties went about fixing the Global Warming problem by not signing the international talk-fest produced, Kyoto Protocol. Any corporate loving Doubtie worth his cash knows you cannot fix anything by being fair.


But not signing the Kyoto Protocol only created a feral Warmie rampage. There was no peace and quiet for the Doubtie. More hysteric propaganda was screeched from both sides. Doubties needed to get back to their agenda, so a placebo was created. The best rational minds of the Doubties went about renaming and rebranding Global Warming to Climate Change. Luckily for the Doubties a mindless, timid, and fully embedded media existed at the time and, complied fully.


Setting up franchises, Doubties and Warmies went global. More hysteric bleating from both sides followed. For the Doubties, tragically, the placebo was not strong enough and had no effect on the top environmental scientists. They were still making too much non-corporate noise.


Warmies, extremely unhappy with the efforts and sincerity of the Doubties, as half of them were now playing hide and seek in Iraq, decided much more action needed to be taken. Another international talk-fest was arranged. This time in Copenhagen. Any dolphin friendly Warmie worth his beads knows you cannot fix anything without concensus.


Elections changed regimes. Copenhagen changes nothing. Another international talk-fest where you couldn`t get them all to agree that grass is green. Too many international Doubties only interested in self serving ideas. Not enough Warmies. The leader shelves the plan. The Warmies shelve their leader. Regime changed.


The minority watermelon government, red on the inside and green on the outside, screech the parrots from Murdoch`s national galah cage. So upset the Doubties could not win power or, negotiate power. They have done all they could to support the Doubties and the Doubtie cause.


Under the Australian minority watermelon government, super-glued to an American Democratic President, Warmies went about fixing the Global Warming problem by creating a tax, that can be passed on to the consumer, which will be seen by business, as a service provided to the government, to which a profit will be added, much like the GST.


The embedded media canned this subject too

Calm as Hindu Cattle

20 Oct 2011

Calm as Hindu Cattle

Calm as Hindu Cattle, my ABC, (Australia), sadly, have been proving their talent in elephant-ignoring, herd-think and, acting as a Limited-News re-echo chamber.


Starting with my ABC website, and one of my favorite bloggers, Grogsgamut, who seems to be coming down with a dose of ABC herdthink, half-story and elephant ignoring with this..

Jericho, 28 Sep 2011, Hang onto your dentures,..

Yet another half-story that will only ring true, “only“ to a small minority of the some 17,000 people who lost their (full-time?) jobs in 2011.

The John W Howard idea of Work Till You Drop has always been bullcrap to those of us who live in the real world, and is seen as part of the shitty “Work_NO_Choices“ trampling of the little people. Just because Joolya`s mob now think work till you drop is a good idea, does not make it so. It is just herdthink.

Work Till You Drop requires the the highest level of elephant ignoring, a bit like science denying. You really need to be able to ignore all the jobs sent to China and, the hardship of job seekers over 45 complaining about “age-ism“ that the embedded media screech so often about.


And this..
Jericho, 14 Sep 2011, Policy principles.. perception..
(see this small post)


And also this..
Jericho, 05 Oct 2011, It`s a matter of trust

Which I got to via blogger Drag0nista, who also writes for other media sites, including my ABC. Both Drag0nista and Jericho seem to have come down with a dose of poorly thought out quackery and herdthink on the register comments with a credit card topic.

Yes, some of us in this day and age, do NOT have a credit card. And of course we don`t need to have a crystal ball to realize the Limited-News Lobbyists, science deniers and other wing-nuts who refuse to use common sense will have a party with this. And astroturfing lobbyists with corporate credit cards will defeat this so-called idea.

Would they say..

We already pay for the ABC via our tax dollars, this rip-off is crap.. Drag0nista writes under a nickname, but demands to know ours for a comment?.. Jericho is just pissed because Massola outed him.

And on, and on, this Not-News type of crap would go. Poorly chosen topic, even for a “talking-point“ my ABC. Also 100 percent NOT defendable. Grogsgamut, remember don`t feed the trolls. But of course I agree 500 percent with Jericho, about not trusting the embedded media.

The half-story of managing comments really is such bulldust. Comments can be turned off, my ABC are just showing their poor management skills arguing that so much resources are taken moderating comments. Lets hope somebody from my ABC cites which part of the “Charter“ states that my ABC must moderate 10,000 comments per webpage post, or every TV show must have a Circlejerking+Plus and Fakebook and Tweet account.

I also wonder if the Overington fessing up and fixing, about Jessica Rudd in the Oz. Was this an online only story? How about the actual newspaper? Usually “wrong“ things get put in the papers on front page, with large font and photos. Corrections are usually tiny and tucked way back in the paper, camouflaged by large advertisements. Half-story?

Some more elephant ignoring, and missed opportunity to inform his new readers. Jericho brings up that a year ago Massola outed him. What Jericho omits is that Massola did intimidate him. At least on some level. While not said in words, was said in action. Jericho did stop blogging and tweeting for about two weeks, once Massola and the Limited-News sewer started burbling crap on Jericho. Credit card comments, why the hell would my ABC want to create another opportunity for the sewer rodents?


Then I go to the bio page of my favorite fawn cardigan, the current Mr Mediawatch, Jonathan Holmes, to see what Holmes has got to say.

Unfortunately Holmes has not one, but two posts titled and updated..

Bolt, Bromberg and a profoundly disturbing judgment 29 Sep 2011

Profoundly disturbing judgment?.. Holmes can`t seem to resist acting as a Limited-News re-echo chamber, bleating about how the Bolt decision will interfere with embedded media reporting.


Holmes 14 oct 2011..
Inappropriate, silly questions in print media inquiry

Holmes robustly bleating about not regulating the embedded media again. Holmes wants to shame those behaving badly via media watch, and is blind to embedded media`s hypocracy, who squeal “where are the regulators“ when any other industry does wrong.


On 16 Sep 2011, Holmes has..
Media regulation must come from within

The Government wants a media inquiry,
and Holmes re-echos the Limited-News quack.


Holmes again, 05 Aug 2011..
A regulated media? It’s as simple as your ABC

Kicked off by News of the World. Holmes ends with..

“Well, there`s no evidence of phone-hacking in Australia.“

Of course, there was no evidence of phone-hacking
or police-bribery in the UK. Until there was!


More Holmes, 15 Jul 2011..
No regulation please, we’re not British

News of the World set this off too, and Holmes finishes with..

“There are a great many countries where the press
is frightened to step out of line, lest journalists suffer the displeasure of government.
We don`t, surely, want Australia to be one of them.“

I call bullcrap, and too late, particularly for Australian, Canadian, American and British embedded media, specifically around 2002.

Holmes articles claiming regulation will wreck the embedded media, preventing them from doing their job, really ignores the elephant. The elephant of self-censorship that the embedded media has lived by for the last decade and, has set the embedded media play book for the century, quite possibly.

The FOXified, timid, embedded media chose to run the pack of lies, Saddam possesses Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMD. The embedded media chose to run this over, and over, and over. The embedded media also chose to run the 9-11 New York footage, continuously, and often.

The FOXified, timid, embedded media chose NOT to run any of the networks footage of, George W Bush`s cronies saying we have Saddam boxed up, Iraq is no danger to the region. Said just three weeks before 9-11. The embedded media chose, often under the “News“ banner, to self-censor itself into irrelevance and promote propaganda.

Any Judge spanking Bolt, any Government Inquiry, any bark given to any media watch-dog, will not be as damaging to the embedded media as, the embedded media itself.


Now let`s have a look at my ABC TV, specifically ABC1

Starting with Breakfast-News, I must say I have enjoyed the occasional so-called news report which is actually a commercial network promotion, that gets put on Breakfast-News. Who do they think they are, Sunrise.

Trioli often chips in with not clever questions like, What do the Conservatives say? What do the Republicans think? What do the Liberals want?
Often this is irrelevant to the story or discussion.

Is Trioli a right wing ratbag? A pandering pretender?
Or instructed by those higher up the food chain to do this?


How about the badly re-jigged 730Report

The 730Report was a great program, but however it has been re-jigged is really annoying. It is not merely that Kerry O`Brien has left. The changes that have happened behind the scenes, off camera have seemed to dumb down the program somewhat. I struggle to be able to nit-pick accurately, but the twitterverse is largely not happy. Unlike most tweeps, I don`t think it is all Toolman`s fault. But sometimes it is.


Meanwhile over in LateLineLand

During the tax forum, Rob Oakshott appeared on the Wednesday night edition of LateLineLand, with Tony Jones. Oakshott was doing a pretty good job of talking intelligently and answering questions properly, can`t say the same for Tony Jones.


Jones seemed to race through the questions on his idiot sheet, cutting Oakshott`s answers short. This seemed a bit strange as the tax forum was a bit of a special political process, requested reportedly by Oakshott. Now that the tax forum was in progress, why cut Oakshott off.


Then Jones gets to the last few questions, this is what Jones has been racing though the interview for. The last few questions, they are on Joolya and ALP Government speculation. Jones thinks this is his time to shine, not realizing he is wallowing in his own crepulance.


Tony Jones wallowing in his own crepulance. That is pretty harsh you might say. But not if you are a Qanda viewer. You see folks, Jones had a real good go at Oakshott on Qanda along the lines of, if the ALP implode again and knife another Prime Minister. Topic was fully covered.


While there is much waffling and white noise on this topic by the embedded media, the short answer is, if the ALP implode, that will “reset“ all deals, with all the smaller players, Windsor, Wilkie, Oakshott, Katter and Bandt.


Let`s hope that the next election will result in more independants that the big parties will have to negotiate with, to form an even more minor, minority Government. Let`s hope next time it takes 47 days to get though the negotiations. Let`s hope next time Oakshott needs 2 hours to explain his decision to the embedded media. If this does happen, Tony Jones will do so much wallowing, Jones will need to wear waders.


Interestingly, Tony Windsor was on a Wednesday night LateLineLand after Oakshott, and Tony Jones was the interviewer. This interview seemed to be run properly. I am left wondering if Jones dislikes Oakshott, or likes Windsor.


Demographic Analysis

LateLineLand and 730Report viewers are most likely NOT today tonight or, a current affair or, BoltReportLand viewers.

Serving up similar swill will not retain your audience.


Interview Analysis

Clarke and Dawe can do Clarke and Dawe and should interview each other. Sales and Toolman or Clarke and Rowland should not. UnFOXify your interviewing trick of continually cutting guests short. Let guests answer. A problem for Tony Jones with Oakshott. And Toolman interviewing Wayne Swan. Better judgement needed in allocating time and number of questions for guest.


Brand Analysis

Continually damaging my ABC`s brand can only lead to irrelevance. Timidly acting as a Limited News re-echo chamber, on TV or website, only weakens my ABC`s unique position in Australian and World media. Being and doing the same as everybody else, only erodes my ABC`s brand.


Before Jones and Holmes go complaining to their boss,
I do hope they realize..

Annabel has her own problems



Grogs Elephant Percy

15 Sep 2011

Grogs Elephant Percy

While unloved, ignored elephants wander around unhindered in Australia`s newsrooms, what hope do we have of being told the full story? On anything? Well, none I guess.


I had just finished reading a story about `perception` on the ABC website by Grogsgamut. When I got to the end, here was Mr Gamuts very large, unloved, ignored elephant, Percy, staring back at me. I`m surprised at the speed the ABC issue elephants. Grogs `perception` story is good, but it is only a half-story.


While Grog did a pretty damn good job on covering many aspects of `perception`, such as, political topics, politician`s persona`s, land ownership, and water entitlements. Using nice links and polls and graphic. Half the story is nicely dodged.


Grogs elephant on the topic of `perception` is he did not include anything about the embedded media, lobbyists, advertisers, and the rest of the `spin` doctors.
You know, the manufacturers and transporters of `perception`.
Percy and I think this was a `jumbo` over-sight.


Well, that`s all I have to say about `perception`, so back to the `real` world I go. Where the Coalition Party-room is swamped, hosting Gay-Marriages, and the Labor Party-room no longer contains `sharp` objects. And Percy must go too, back to Grogs newsroom, which Percy now gladly shares with a `horde` of boat-people that don`t ignore him.


Grogsgamut on `perception`



Illusion Of Safety

09 Sep 2011 —


We often hear that we are in the information age. Unfortunately much of this so-called information is propaganda, gossip, lies, criminal activity or dobbing that would make a school-girl blush.

No matter where in the world you are, you will not be able to avoid the sludge. In the UK you will be force fed sludge, even if “Sludge-Of-The-World“ has been closed and stays shut. Sludge-International will see to that.

The Obamaland citizens will not avoid the sludge, not if Fox and their astroturfed Tea-Party has anything to do with it.

In Australia the fresh sludge by Limited-News is,


Yarra Trams spokesman Colin Tyrus said the
company had no knowledge of the offensive
content posted on the photo site Twitpic
until it was brought to its attention by
the Herald Sun yesterday.

Wayne Flower – Herald Sun – 18 Aug 2011

Joining James Massola and Chris Mitchell, Wayne Flower has decided to join the Troll and Bully Era. What a stable of high aimers we have in Australia, at Limited-Sludge. While not yet criminal like it`s UK stable-mate, don`t worry, they will get there. Same sludge, different pipe.

Those of you using the websites that demand identifying data from you should sit-up and take notice of the Blume event. Blume has not done anything wrong in his job, as far as I can tell. Just pissed off the “Sludge-Factory“.

A quick review, Googleplus, I have not used, and won`t be. Reason, signup demands data that I refuse to give and they don`t allow nicknames. Facebook, I have used, demands data by stealth, keeps nagging user for data. Will end up closing. Twitter, allows nicknames. All other data entered into Twitter is at the USER`s option. For WordPress and Blogger, same as Twitter. Blume`s beg buttons are titled “Social Network Circlejerking“, no arguement here. Why limit yourself to the whole internet, when you can be confined to this little piece.

TRUEnames verses NICKnames, there is much debate over using them between bloggers and embedded-media alike. For me, I am clearly in the nickname camp, firmly planted. Blume now, like Posetti before him, have been way too easy for the sludge-factory to victimize. I have managed to save some of Blume`s webpages to my computer. As far as I am concerned, Blume`s blog is satire, full stop. Blume`s blog is none of Yarra-Trams or Limited-Sludges concern. We now get to wait and see if Yarra-Trams have any brains and balls, or become the dickheads Limited-Sludge want them to be.

Google sold out in China, filtering out and dobbing in forbidden search terms. Facebook has had several privacy and security issues. The Pentagon has been hacked by foreign hackers say fearless leaders.
Too shit scared to say China.

Private data dumped online like gold into corporate coffers. Salesrep fakes flank your Facebook friend feed, trying to make a sale. Political lobbyist trolls swirl around your Google circles. All stalking your every keystroke.

People, wake up. The Blume event should make you rethink these things. Facebook and Googleplus you may trust today, but what about when the boardroom changes or major share-holding sold. They are nice juicy hacker targets too, count on it.

So forget about your information age folks, this is
“The Golden Age Of Corporate Trolling“. From the inside of your social-site, by metrics obsessed data selling trolls. To outside trolls Limited-Sludge, Yarra-Trams and an employer you may already know.

So enjoy your social website, knowing you feed these nasty trolls, but don`t forget Andy Blume. Limited-Sludge, news farce. And Yarra-Trams, the arse.


Like an emergency exit door at 30,000 feet,
social-site “privacy settings“ are the

Illusion Of Safety


Is Sludge`s Sally Jackson Trolling Andrew? (see comments)

Melbourne Tram Driver on Andy Blume

Mike Stuchbery on Andy Blume

Gibbot on Andy Blume

Glenn Milne`s Deleted Anti Joolya Sludge



Raging Bile Duct

16 Aug 2011 ..


Australia`s east coast state`s Police have been accused by the embedded-media of leaking information to so-called “Biker“ crime gangs. Meanwhile monster-media in the UK have been caught-out tapping or hacking phones that belong to victims of crime, bribing UK MET Police and buggering up missing children investigations.

To save his skin and wallet, Murdoch shut down “News of the World“, throwing all staff under the bus. Not just the criminals. Too much noise has been made by the Australian Journo Herd along the lines of, it could never happen here and, there is no proof of phone tapping or hacking going on in Australia.

Foxnews clips on Youtube become National Newspaper text, by the raw psychic talent of the Limited-News Journo-Herd. The right wing slant has nothing to do with any email Bill Sammon ever wrote. Everybody has every faith that the Aussie media can investigate itself. Except me. So I did a little digging.



Subject: WaPolice
From: 730reportland
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011

Question 1 (of 3)
Can WA Police please confirm, that WA Police are Assisting AFP investigating of phone hacking/tapping by Australian media? .. (like UK news of the world)

Question 2
Can WA Police please confirm, Is the AFP are investigating WA Police for leaking phone details To the Australian media? .. (like UK news of the World)

Question 3
Can WA Police please confirm, That AFP are investigating unlawful phone hacking/tapping by some WA Police? .. (like UK news of the world) ..





Which got this reply.



Subject: RE: WaPolice
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011
To: 730reportland

Good afternoon,
Thank you for your email.

Before we can consider a response to your questions we require further information including:

– The name of the person requesting the information

– The name of the media organisation for which the content is being sought

– An email address linked to a recognised media organisation

Once we have this information we will consider what response we can provide to you.


Samuel Dinnison
WA Police Media Unit



So I sent back.



Subject: Letter-2
From: 730reportland
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011

Thank-you for your previous reply.

Your reply included,

Before we can consider a response to your questions we require further information including:

– The name of the person requesting the information ***[A]

– The name of the media organisation for which the content is being sought***[B]

– An email address linked to a recognised media organisation ***[C]

Once we have this information we will consider what response we can provide to you.

[A] I am an Australian citizen that blogs anonymously as 730reportland.

[B] Proudly, I am not part of the embedded media.

[C] Self explained.

[FYI] My blog focus is high lighting the embedded media quackery that takes announce-ables and twists them into factoids that are screeched at full volume.

See for yourself



Happily, I got ..



Subject: RE: Letter-2
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011
To: 730reportland

Good morning,
Thanks for your reply with the info you have provided.

I have checked with a few of our teams and cannot find anything that suggests we are involved in any such investigations. However given your query relates to investigations being managed by the Australian Federal Police you may need to ask them to respond to your questions. If such investigations are underway, it may also include the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC), so you may need to contact them.

AFP: (all three questions)

(I think question three would be the only one for the CCC)

Samuel Dinnison



Watch now, how I snatch failure from the jaws of victory.



Subject: Nsw-Police-Media-1
From: 730reportland
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011

Question 1 (of 3)
Can NSW Police please confirm, that NSW Police are Assisting AFP investigating of phone hacking/tapping by Australian media? (like UK news of the world)

Question 2
Can NSW Police please confirm, Is the AFP are investigating NSW Police for leaking phone details To the Australian media? (like UK news of the World)

Question 3
Can NSW Police please confirm, That AFP are investigating unlawful phone hacking/tapping by some NSW Police? (like UK news of the world)

Thankyou 730reportland

No Reply



Subject: Qld-Police-Media-1
From: 730reportland
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011

Question 1 Can Queensland Police please confirm, that Queensland Police are Assisting AFP investigating of phone hacking/tapping by Australian media? (like UK news of the world)

Question 2 Can Queensland Police please confirm, Is the AFP are investigating Queensland Police for leaking phone details To the Australian media? (like UK news of the World)

Question 3 Can Queensland Police please confirm, That AFP are investigating unlawful phone hacking/tapping by some Queensland Police? (like UK news of the world)

Thankyou 730reportland

No Reply



Top Cop, Simon Overland had resigned suddenly,
so I had an extra question here.

Subject: Victoria Police
From: 730reportland
Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2011
To: digmediaunit–

Question 1 (of 4) Can Victoria Police please confirm, if Simon Overland Quit the Force because of media / police transactions? (Was Bribery or payment for tip-offs leading to dispute with Police Association?) (like UK MET+news of the world)

Question 2 Can Victoria Police please confirm, Is Victoria Police Assisting AFP with phone hacking/tapping by Australian media? (like UK news of the world)

Question 3 Can Victoria Police please confirm, Is the OPI investigating Victoria Police for leaking phone details To the Australian media? (like UK news of the World)

Question 4 Can Victoria Police please confirm, That AFP investigating unlawful phone hacking/tapping by some Victoria Police? (like UK news of the world)


#onlinechat @VictoriaPolice twitter Not Replied To.


No Reply

Tweet , tweet , tweet , tweet , tweet , tweet , tweet , tweet.



The Police Association Victoria, just one question.

Subject: T P A V
From: 730reportland
Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2011

Can the Police Association please confirm, if Simon Overland`s `Resignation` resulting from disputes with TPAV, was related to Police being `enticed` to tip off or pass on information to members of the Australian Media?
(Similar to the UK MET and News of the World)



No Real Reply Just an automated reply signed from Greg Davies.



Greg Davies was happy to bleat his case against the OPI to Hedley Thomas from theAustralian on 26 July 2011. Davies accuses the OPI of the offence to misuse material from telephone taps.



What about the “INTEGRITY“ Agencies?
OPI, the Office of Police Integrity, Victoria.
And CCC, the Corruption and Crime Commission of WA.



Subject: O P I
From: 730reportland
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011

Question 1 (of 4) Can the OPI please confirm, if Simon Overland Quit the Force because of media / police transactions? (Was Bribery or payment for tip-offs leading to dispute with Police Association?) (like UK MET+news of the world)

Question 2 Can the OPI please confirm, Is Victoria Police Assisting AFP with phone hacking/tapping by Australian media? (like UK news of the world)

Question 3 Can the OPI please confirm, Is the OPI investigating Victoria Police for leaking phone details To the Australian media? (like UK news of the World)

Question 4 Can the OPI please confirm, That OPI and/or AFP investigating unlawful phone hacking/tapping by some Victoria Police? (like UK news of the world)

Thankyou 730reportland

No Reply



Subject: Wa-Ccc-1
From: 730reportland
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011

Question 1 (of 3) Can CCC please confirm, that CCC are Assisting AFP investigating of phone hacking/tapping by Australian media? (like UK news of the world)

Question 2 Can CCC please confirm, Is the CCC/AFP are investigating WA Police for leaking phone details To the Australian media? (like UK news of the World)

Question 3 Can CCC please confirm, That CCC/AFP are investigating unlawful phone hacking/tapping by some WA Police? (like UK news of the world)

Thankyou 730reportland

No Reply



With a bit of a war going on between some elements of the embedded-media in Victoria and their Police Chiefs, Simon Overland and previous Christine Nixon. I tried to be a little more persistent.

Subject: Email-Request-1
From: 730reportland
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011

Since Mr Overland`s resignation I would expect the email address .. is no longer valid.

Would it please be possible to
1- Send Mr Overland`s new email to me? or,
2- Forward this email to Mr Overland?

Please let me know. Thank You. 730reportland


Subject: RE: Email-Request-1
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011
To: 730reportland

Hi, I’m sorry but Mr Overland no longer works for Victoria Police, therefore we will not be forwarding any communication on to him. Thanks, Leonie Johnson



Subject: L-Johnson-3
From: 730reportland
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011

Thank you for your previous reply.

Could you please tell me where Mr Overland is now working? Is he with another State Police, AFP, or Corporation which I can bother with my Questions? 730reportland


Subject: RE: L-Johnson-3
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011
To: 730reportland

Hi, As previously stated, Mr Overland is no longer with Victoria Police therefore we won’t be providing any further details regarding his professional or private life. Sorry, Leonie Johnson



But like an email episode of “where`s Wally“, where`s Simon is much harder.



Responsible for the Australian Telecommunication Network, of course I had to pester the Federal Police with …

Subject: Afp-Media-1
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011

Question 1 (of 3) Can the AFP please confirm, Are any State Police Assisting AFP with phone hacking/tapping by Australian media? (like UK news of the world)

Question 2 Can the AFP please confirm, Is the AFP investigating any State Police for leaking phone details To the Australian media? (like UK news of the World)

Question 3 Can the AFP please confirm, That AFP is investigating unlawful phone hacking/tapping by some State Police? (like UK news of the world)

Thankyou 730reportland

AFP Reply




Of course folks, I don`t expect the Police, or any of the other`s I emailed with questions to bugger up operations, arrests, or evidence etc.



The deafening silence of no reply. Not even being sent any links to any media releases that may already exist. No crumbs of anything useful. Seems to indicate that those contacted may only be interested in the embedded-media.

While the topics of tapping or hacking phones in Australia, by the Aussie media, and MET type behaviour by Aussie Police are left un-answered.
I now seem to have a bigger list of questions. Ironic aint it.

Questions like, Does Overland not want to be contacted?
Or, Does Victoria Police not want Overland contacted?


The one thing I feel my little exercise did prove, is “Journalists_Verses_Bloggers“, the embedded-media`s imagined threat from bloggers, is a load of bullcrap. It is just the embedded-media talking about it`s favorite topic, itself.

So now I will shelve the topic “Journalists_Verses_Bloggers“ as just the embedded-media, with a dose of writer`s block, venting their

Raging Bile Duct



Remaining Transparent Together

24 Jul 2011 ..


Interesting events in the UK sent this blogger into an email frenzy. Sticky questions were asked of State Police, the Australian Federal Police, and others. The email exchange below is between myself and the Australian Federal Police. AFP.


Subject: Afp-Media-1
From: 730reportland
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011

The body of this, the first email contained three questions asked to the AFP. The questions are not important for the purpose of this post.


The AFP did not answer any of the three questions,
but replied with that below.


Subject: RE: Afp-Media-1 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011
To: 730reportland

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your enquiry.

We have not heard of the media outlet listed in your address line. Could you please provide us with some information about yourself?

Kind regards,


Tel +61(0) 2 61316333


So I replied to this email, with my second email below.


Subject: Afp-Media-2
From: 730reportland
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2011

Thank-you for your previous reply.

Your reply included,

We have not heard of the media outlet ***[A]
listed in your address line.

Could you please provide us with some ***[B]
information about yourself?

[A] Proudly, I am not part of the embedded media.

[B] I am an Australian citizen that blogs anonymously as 730reportland.

My blog focus is high lighting the embedded media quackery that takes announce-ables and twists them into factoids that are screeched at full volume.

See for yourself


And the AFP replied to my second email with …


Subject: RE: Afp-Media-2 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011
To: 730reportland


Thanks for your reply. Please note that the AFP National Media Team are here to respond to media enquiries from accredited members of the media.

Likewise, we are not in the practice of providing information about what the AFP may or may not be doing to people who request it anonymously. If you wish to be open and transparent with us, we might be able to re-visit this point.

Kind regards,
AFP National Media.



Now I can guess some folk will be thinking, what a damn cocky anonymous blogger sod. And they would be correct, nearly. Unfortunately this was not the first time I had been asked these type of questions back. I had replied previously to State Police and gave the same reply, word for word, and same link. The State Police accepted my reply and were helpful.



Now let`s look at the second AFP reply and do some comparisons, and draw some conclusions.


“the AFP National Media Team are here to respond to media enquiries from accredited members of the media.“

So, for the AFP, Voters, Taxpayers, Citizens, do not count? Just accredited media?

And the AFP insist, demand to be filtered by the media? No clear, unfiltered AFP news allowed?


“people who request it anonymously.“

Every fake identity caught?


“you wish to be open and transparent with us,“

No blatant anonymous honesty?



Bloggers verses Journalism
Well, clearly today the AFP back `Journalism`.

Massola verses Grogsgamut
This is a no brainer, `Massola`. Could be a dream job here for Massola. The AFP would have great resources for `outing` bloggers. I suspect.

Free verses Unfree
In action, ignoring lip-service, the AFP seem to be on the `Unfree` side.



Transparent, transparency and similar weasle words, are spouted by Clowns of both flavours at Circus Canberra. Point a microphone or camera at them and watch the dribble flow. Each Clown claims he has cornered the market on transparency, and his opponent has none. Ditto for the State Circus`s that do all this as well.

Court transcripts, freedom of information documents and other so-called public records. Already digitalised and paid for by the public. Kept away from us by paywalls and gate-keepers from the truth. Just dumbed down data, drip fed to us in sound-bytes by corporate criminals tapping phones.

Unfortunately, the Australian Federal Police and I do not agree.
Both of us are stubborn, staying in our corners and …

Remaining Transparent Together



Dear Colleague

16 Jul 2011 ..



Limited News

July 2011


Dear Colleague,

The behaviour that has been uncovered at the News Of The World is an example to all of us? Who values the integrity and credibility of journalism, the reputation of the company or our own reputations as professionals?

Phone hacking is the essentials of everything we stand for. It is a wonderful star on our craft.


As the Times of London editorialised yesterday

Journalism has a responsibility and an ethic?
Its claims to public credibility rests on conducting it`s work in a way that is indefensible to a reasonable person, known in the trade as a punter.


I know, and I believe everyone here at Limited News knows that the events in the UK in every way reflect who we are, what we do and what we believe in as a media organisation.

We have obligations to do the right thing by ourselves, our colleagues, our punters and advertisers, and, more broadly, to the communities we serve in an unethical and immoral way.

The decision to close the News of The World acknowledges that once the contract of fudge between the newspaper and its punters had been breached it was damaged beyond repair.

It is appropriate to remind everyone at Limited News that ethical and moral behaviour is not tolerated. We have a Code of Professional Conduct in addition to the MEAA code.

My personal belief is that adherence to these codes is the guiding principle to nothing we do.

I am confident that the practices that have been uncovered in the UK do exist in Australia, at News or any other disrespectable media outlet.

Given the wider reputational impact on our journalists as a result of the events in the UK I want to remind everyone that adherence to our unethical code is fundamental too. Our right to publish a fundamentalist excrement of work, every day.

Refreshingly, a line has been snorted. And it`s important at times like this that if we care about our power, value and relevance of evangelical journalism then we must express in the strongest terms our distress and dismay at such a breach of faith.


Ima Harpinon

Conman and Chief Selective






More Posts

# REMAINING EMBEDDED TOGETHER .. The blur of information that surrounds us today, what is true? useful? or should be ignored? The `embedded media` try to tell us they are the path to information salvation, but many of us are no longer listening. Why?

# PROFESSIONAL MASCOT BORIS MAZDA .. North Melbourne Police were called to a domestic disturbance last night at the North Melbourne Football Club. The disturbance was allegedly between Boris Mazda professional mascot of the North Melbourne Football Club and his girl friend

# ILLUSION OF SAFETY .. We often hear that we are in the information age. Unfortunately much of this so-called information is propaganda, gossip, lies, criminal activity or dobbing that would make a school-girl blush.



Content Farming

10 Jul 2011 —

Content Farming

Old McMurdok had a farm, e i e i o.
And on his FARM he had some CONTENT, e i e i o.

With a quack quack here, and a quack quack there.
Here a quack. There a quack. Everywhere a quack quack.

Old McMurdok had a farm, e i e i o.
And on his farm he had a herd, a neutered journo herd.

With a bleat bleat here, and a bleat bleat there.
Here a bleat. There a bleat. Everywhere a bleat bleat.

Old McMurdok had a farm, e i e i o.
And on his farm he had no SCIENCE, e i e i o.

With a doubt doubt here, and a doubt doubt there.
Here a doubt. There a doubt. Everywhere a doubt doubt.

Old McMurdok had a jacket, e i e i o.
And in his pocket he had a rabbit, a Liberal Mr Rabbit.

With a hop hop here, and a hop hop there.
Here a hop. There a hop. Everywhere a hop hop.

Old McMurdok had a farm, e i e i o.
And on his farm he had no LOGIC, e i e i o.

With a hop doubt here, and a quack bleat there.
Here a doubt. There a hop. Everywhere a bleat quack.


Content Farming

Accuracy is expensive, and not really needed when you have thousands of fans on twitter and hits to your newsroom website. Your most important tools, are `copy` and `paste`.

Out-sauced ackuracy is much cheeper. Decaying Newsrooms and domesticated Journo Herds can maintain their crediblity gap by Content Farming. Follow the steps below.



With a never ending choice on the internet, ungrateful mooching news junkies that refuse to pay for low quality content will never do. The solution is Crowd-Sourcing. Corral together your Boardroom, Newsroom and Advertising staff. Like NASA, you need to lock the doors. You have now begun Crowd-Sourcing, so let the mind-basting begin. Crowd-Sourcing can go further, but that is rarely needed. Why disturb the Bean Counters.



Your Herd, at all levels, need to be on the same page. Stick with the classics. Regurgitate and reinforce old ideas. They work. They are proven. The environment has not changed.

Those pontificating new ideas need to be denied. Abuse `new idea` drones in a politically correct manner, until they change their tune. Now all your drones are on the same page, unlock the doors.



In desperation for talent and content you may need to engage in Crowd-Slacking. If your website attracts large numbers of true believers, then it is time for you to cash in. Your offerings can be extremely small, when loaded with issue or political bias.

Comments from true believers, eager to agree with you, will supply you with their research. You can re-package this for them next month.

Or take revenge on ungrateful mooching news junkies. Give them an empty thread. Let them do ALL the work.



Website owners, need to check the perimeter of of their content farm, pop-riveting sponsor messages to the correct positions. Also both sides of paywall.

Tek-screw to correct side of paywall your Crowd-Sourced and Crowd-Slacked re-packages.

Begin Crowd-Spouting. Pontificate. And don`t forget to tweet.



Newsroom Swot Analysis

25 May 2011 ..


The newsroom swot analysis template. Designed to help Journo Cubs and decaying newsrooms improve their reporting performance. By providing the information starting point you need, that will aid you in setting goals and strategic management pathways to reach desired expertise outcomes.

To get the best results from this template, do two separate swots. You should do one swot on yourself and one swot on your newsroom.


Newsroom SWOT Analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.



Reporting NEWS by Obtaining interviews with Politicians and Business Oligarks. Attending and reporting accurately NEWSWORTHY events.
(citizens cannot)

Newsrooms that can free range their Journo Herds will get the best from them. Allowing them to follow their own knowledge and interest base must produce better reports.

Some words that should go here, honesty, integrity, newsworthy, accountability, trust, fairness, factual, accurate, but can`t for most of the embedded media. If you cannot list these words as strengths, then you must list them as weaknesses.



Baiting and alienating news junkies with NEWS, but serving up promos, PR, celebrity waffle and other advertising. This addiction will be hard for NEWSROOMS to break. ie CONSUMER FRAUD.

Canned News, follow Fox, copy cat reporting. Also known as churn-alism. Newsrooms need to kick the CHURN habit. You cannot build a brand, demographic audience or market segment being the same as everybody else. Be smart, innovate, or be innovated on.

Viewer distraction on your website will not get your story read. Like TV, your webpage is controlled by the ethic of the BUTTON. The viewer is in control with both TV remote and mouse. Stop treating the viewer with CONTEMPT.

POPULARITY is the greatest weakness and second greatest threat to your industry. Popularity is fleeting, unlike politicians you cannot lock it in for 3 or 4 years, wise up. Newsrooms need to stop being morons (hello_big_brother) locked in a house. Journo`s need to stop competing with PH, LL, CS or any other idiot of the day. The story is the STAR, not your ego or your newsroom.

BIAS is often the second greatest weakness, (hello_Limited_News) or could be your marketing strength. Do you or your newsroom engage in bias? Be honest. Does your bias improve outcomes?



Opportunities are abundant for Newsrooms and Journo Herds to not merely graze at the edges of the the information super highway. Can you imagine it? A Newsroom with NEWS in the middle? Can you? Stop allowing business oligarks and politicians to waste the NEWS-SPACE with propaganda! With zest, the resources some media have wasted attacking social site users would have been better spent on politicians or relevant issues. Stop the WASTE.

Journo Brumby`s are desperately needed to report accurately and investigate intelligently to retain and attract news junkies. Domesticated Journo Herds will not change anything.



The greatest threat to NEWSROOMs is being completely swallowed by the advertising department.

Over-COMMITMENT (hello SBS1) to deliver. News hours that contain 35_minutes of filler do not attract or retain news junkies.

An unwitting threat coming from the Academic end (hello JP, JR) of the news industry is the DISTRACTION of social sites. These require time to use them properly or they really could be a waste of resources.

When much reporting quality is fairly low. Is Crowd Spouting to 50,000 twitter followers better than improving reporting quality? While of course, it will not always be one or the other, but sometimes it will. I believe that the Professors should be focusing on the reporting ethics of Newsrooms and Journo Herds. Speaking out more when they misbehave, but they seem to be distracted by the ethic of the link. Hysteric, overweight, middle aged white guys, screeching (hello_Fox) communist plot at National Health Programs and deciding elections (hello_Florida_2000) will be the norm without the ETHICs. It seems chunks of J-School have become Marketing School, and I hope the Academics don`t let it go too far.



Viewing Osama Sheeple

03 May 2011 —


Below, (Ernesto) Che Guevara,
BEFORE Battle (Left) and AFTER Battle (Right)





Below, Osama Bin Laden,
BEFORE Battle (Left) and AFTER Battle (Right)


Sheeple, Are you believing the Usa had Osama`s corpse and just threw it in the sea? No Video? After Saddam has Wmd, Mission Accomplished, Usa Torture Prisons and the Wikileaks Helicopter slaughter of reporters?

You do. Baaaa Baaaa



Remaining Embedded Together

07 Apr 2011 —

Remaining Embedded Together

The blur of information that surrounds us today, what is true? useful? or should be ignored? The `embedded media` try to tell us they are the path to information salvation, but many of us are no longer listening. Why?


Let`s start by looking at the so-called right wing media, which is usually privately owned and operated for profit.

For our discussion we will use `Limited News` and the-Australian as our right wing example. For our so-called left wing media example we will use ABC Australia.

From where I sit though, the left, right thing is not as important as both the above parties imply.

To me, both parties are in the same trap of their own making. Each entering the trap from opposite ends. Both are Embedded Media.


The term `Embedded Media` is not created by me, but by the media themselves, and should be used instead of mainstream media.

Mainstream to who? Is their idea of a CS and LL crack party, PH sex tape, KD football ruckus mainstream?


Non Government media have been pre-welded to the idea of `embedded` well before the fake WMD driven invasion of Iraq 2002.

Newsrooms of both networks and newspapers have been pre-welded to their Advertiser`s via the advertising revenue they provide. And in turn their Journo Herds are hypnotized to the newsroom mantra.

This is why the public will not receive any reports about shonky products sold on late night TV `shopping` type, so-called programs.

And letters to the editor about dodgy real-estate or employment agents, or unhappy auto buyers in the newspapers. Equally rare.

I do recommend that consumers of newspapers do their own checking and draw their own conclusions. Each newspaper could have different advertisers, thus be embedded differently, but Google will tell you all, if the newspaper is online as well.

I hope with this explainer so far you can see the loose perspective of how the newsroom is embedded to the advertiser for `right` wing media.


But the `left` wing media are in a similar bind, with government instead of advertiser. Let`s face it, the ABC is government funded. The government is full of people called politicians.

Politicians decide if funding is cut or increased, and who operates in the top jobs at ABC. I do feel, but cannot prove, that some of the previous `top` appointments suspicious. Giving these people work for media that basically hate the ABC. You cannot serve two masters. Politically driven?

Programming for shows 4Corners, Qanda, Insiders, 730 Report, News also depend on politicians to some degree. Cosy interviews between politicians and the Journo Herd, comfortably embedded. We rarely see politicians sweating bullets on these programs.


Politicians double-welded to business, can be found by checking any disaster. The world is the readers oyster. Try any disaster, Nuclear, Mining, Chemical, War. Try any time the greater good is ignored. There you can find business with some double-welded politicians. The greater good is often defeated by business oligarks and politicians shrieking `IT WILL COST JOBS`. You know you have heard that before.

Ignorance must be included. Those with no knowledge on any topic, get to make the most noise on the topic, I give you the Journo Herd. Include the ability to ignore the elephants in the newsroom, Google and Facebook.

We are trapped with what seem`s a perverse and often useless embedded media. We often have total crap coming out of the mouth`s of the Journo Herd on shows like Qanda and Insiders. Crap that can be checked very easily on Google and Facebook. Facebook has good search when you are logged in. Keep ignoring the elephants.

When Journo Herds deny the qualifications and work of the top environmental scientists and act as an advertising agent, for example, then it totally legitimizes questioning and denying the ability and qualifications of Journo Herds.

Right wing Journo Herds have an especially good talent for getting things wrong. With the crying of free trade, that they promoted, when factories full of jobs were sent to China, and the workforce here, many who bought newspapers, were thrown out of work. Wonder about falling paper sales?

Not happy to have a strangle hold on stupidity in the off-line world, Journo Herds stampeded into the on-line world to find `friends` and shout regularly their ignorance.


My particular favorite is the topic, `Bloggers Verses Journalists`.

What is a blog? It is the script or programming technology that runs on Web Logs (blogs), discussion boards, where users can continue a thread of conversation produced in a webpage public or private. A `Blogger` is just a `user` of this technology. Facebook is a high-tech blog.

There is no threat, or interest to threaten Journo Herds from the programmers of this technology. Programmers write programs, generally they don`t want to write `News`.


What is probably meant is `Citizen Writers Verses Embedded Media`.

But even here the Journo Herds are proudly displaying their ignorance. Citizen Writers are writing as a hobby on the topics they like, unpaid, and basically for the betterment of the topic or the group of friends involved with that hobby. Homepages, Blogs, IRC, Social Sites and Email are used.


The reality is `Marketers Verses Journalists`.

The Marketing Department is the largest and most ignored elephant in the newsroom. Journo Herds are in denial that this elephant is their problem to reporting news, more correctly the newsroom is probably more like a division of the marketing department.

With budgets squeezed and determined billionaires demanding to wring the correct percentage of profit out of the newsroom, many members of the Journo Herd on the `right` have metamorphised into salesmen and PR agents. Slow news days are possibly preferred by this type of outfit, allowing more paid promotion to be injected into the newsroom.

For the `left` newsrooms seem to enter often into absurd topics or political causes on slow news days, with a tendency to nit pick the totally trivial or make issue of undeserving.


We then of course have shows on the ABC which bring all above points together, the first is Insiders.

Who are the Insiders? The Insiders are the Journo Herd who say they report political news, but calling selves `insiders` seem to signify they think they are `players`. While this quaint show should be aired, I still don`t feel the need to be told what to think by the Journo Herd. The excellence of this show is the outing of the Journo Herd themselves. Left wing Looney? Right wing Ratbag? Who wrote that so-called `unbiased` political item?

The second is Qanda. The reason I include Qanda is the format more often than not regresses toward the Insiders format, with the Panel inflated by adding Journo Herd.

The third is the `Inter Mess` with webpage after webpage linking back and forth between `left` and `right` pages. What are they doing? Are they spamming Google with links? Who the hell knows? They can`t seem to write a paragraph of words without half a dozen links.

So folks, via Webpages, Qanda and Insiders, I can give you the Left and Right Journo Herds `Cross Breeding` in an unhealthy manner. Each Journo Herd pre-welded to Government, or Business (via Advertiser). While both Business and Government are double-welded securely to each other.


To the detriment of the greater good, we can expect the Embedded Media, to produce copious amounts of white noise, often on behalf of Business and/or Government, because they are

Remaining Embedded Together



Estrogen Fueled Girl Power Quack

27 Jan 2011 ..


With the embedded media`s obsession of female firsts, and the bulldust peddled by the embedded media, I thought I should refresh our memories.
Let us reflect on the female first`s.



Labor Premier of Victoria .. Joan Kirner

In 10 Aug 1990 .. Out 06 Oct 1992

Kirner is the Mother Goose of parachuted female pollies into position.
Playing fool the voter, by replacing a male dud with a female dud.
As far as I can recall, it didn`t work. Kirner scores one quack for goose stepping to the tune of John Cain. Kirner earns her second quack all under her own steam, adding to Cain`s mess, not reducing it.

Kirner 2 QUACKS.



Labor Premier of Western Australia .. Doctor Carmen Lawrence

One unavoidable quack already for being a Doctor.

In 12 Feb 1990 .. Out 16 Feb 1993

First Female Premier in Australia, first of the first`s, featherbedded in to fool WA voters. Lawrence earns a quack for goose stepping to Peter Dowding`s tune and another quack for adding to his mess.

Lawrence 3 QUACKS.



Labor Premier of Queensland .. Anna Bligh

In 13 Sep 2007 .. Out TBA (To Be Announced)

Unlike Lawrence and Kirner, Captain Bligh became Premier from what seemed to me a genuine resignation, not a get out or we club you over the head type resignation that we usually see. Queenslanders say things have gone down hill since Peter Beattie left. That`s on Bligh, so one quack.
Pre the 2011 flood, Bligh looked to be on shaky ground, election wise. Performance during the 2011 flood was very good, inspite having Joolya droning in her ear, way too much.

Bligh 1 QUACK.



Labor Premier of NSW .. Kristina Keneally

In 04 Dec 2009 .. Out TBA (probably Mar 2011)

Keneally is a female dud following not one, but TWO male duds in power.
Like Lawrence and Kirner, Keneally earns a quack for goose stepping for previous clowns, Nathan Rees and Morris Iemma. Keneally also gets a quack for adding to the NSW mess herself. Add another quack for the Parramatta to Epping Line, promised again, during the 2010 Federal Election with Joolya. Another quack for treating NSW and Australian Voters like lobotomised morons with that promise. Annoying Yank accent, that`s a quack.

Keneally 5 QUACKS.



Labor Prime Minister of Australia .. Julia Gillard

In 24 Jun 2010 .. Out TBA (suspect soon)

Joolya gets a quack for `killing` Kevin.
Then a quack for the `fake` Joolya.
Add a quack for the `real` Joolya.
Having to `revive` Kevin for 2010 election, another quack.

Droning `MOVING FORWARD` during election, earns a quack.
Parramatta to Epping Line promise, quack.
Treating voters as Lobotomised, that`s a quack.
Failing to give Mr Rabbit a real fight in the election. Mr Rabbit only had to keep his head down. Have another quack Joolya.

Of course Joolya gets a goose stepping quack.
And an add to the mess quack, like Kirner.
Joolya also receives a quack for the painted decoy duck performance during the 2011 floods. Clearly trying to grab some photo op.
Possibly hindering Captain Bligh more than helping.
Joolya also gets a gang of four quack.

Only six months in .. Gillard 12 QUACKS.



Labor Premier of Tasmania .. Lara Giddings

In 24 Jan 2011 .. Out TBA

Giddings replaces David Bartlett and I better wait
more than a mere three days before issuing quacks.

But feel free to issue quacks to `Limited News`
who focused on the fact Giddings is single.



Julie Bishop .. Potential First Liberal Female Prime Minister

Professional deputy duck Bishop has repeatedly fronted public
and press spruiking her love, support and devotion to a new
leader, since Kevin dislodged the Liberals from power in 2007.

Julie gets one quack for Brendan Nelson. Nelson was rolled for
Malcom in the middle Turnbull, another quack for Julie for the same
old devotion spruiking. In turn, Turnbull was rolled and Mr Rabbit
installed. TWO quacks for the repedative devotion crap Julie.

Bishop 4 QUACKS.



Mr Rabbit failed to win the 2010 Federal election, and I wonder how long he will last. Mr Rabbit came so close to winning just by keeping his head down. But that won`t do if the other side have substance next time.

Lack of substance kept both the big partys looking like crap in 2010.
Will Mr Rabbit make it to the next election as leader?

Or will he become another severed member, thrown
from the window of a speeding political vehicle?

If I have to hear Bishop spruiking the devotion crap again, I will puke.
Does Bishop want to be a first? Or is she happy to go down in history
as the death staring deputy duck of devotion?

But then again the devotion spruik for Hockey Joe
or Chrissy Pyne would be highly amusing.

At the end of the day, it won`t matter if you quack for the left wing loonies,
or quack for the right wing ratbags. It also won`t matter if your mighty duck
is female or male, gay or straight, black or white etc.

Your choice will always be between tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

We are all fed from the same swill bucket. And don`t forget,
State or Federal, in Australia you must register because


. . . QUACKING is compulsory!


If it waddles like a duck, and it quacks like duck,
don`t worry, it`s just our Prime Minister, Joolya.



Horses Mouth



Gerry Harvey Bleeting Billionaire

08 Jan 2011 —

Gerry Harvey Bleeting Billionaire

January 2011 and Gerry Harvey retail billionaire is bleeting about how the goods bought online are GST free, while Harvey has to collect GST. Harvey has tried to rally other retailers, probably all those monsters in the Australian Retail Association, who at every opportunity, shriek about their right to gouge the Australian consumer.

Not a good start to 2011, Harvey has gone on TV to bleet his case to the News-Tainment audience. But things seem not to be going his way. From the first news appearing on the twitterverse, Harvey is looking like a greedy fool, with near zero support from the Australian public. Harvey does not understand that his own historical actions have led him to where he is now. Chasing the short term, quick profit, demanding that profit increases each year, and all the unsustainable, bubble type economics that is spouted by the rich, ivory tower mob.


Where ever you go, there you are.

Historically Australian Retailers, have shrieked FREE MARKET like demented followers of a cult. Particularly when they wanted to buy cheap, low quality junk from countries that pay workers about TEN CENTS per hour. Remember the shrieking about MARKET FORCES? Well clearly most of the public do. Those on Twitter and facebook clearly do, and are not accepting the bulldust of the billionaire. Gerry Harvey has trended on Twitter and Anti Harvey pages have been created on Facebook.

Harvey will just have to accept the online shopping led DOWNSIZING of his business, just as Australian factory workers had to accept being DOWNSIZED, so the staggeringly rich, could enrich themselves even more. Pity for billionaires is probably the hardest thing anyone could try and sell. But when they have not bought Australian themselves, it becomes impossible.

What is Twitter Harvey?
Twitter is a global network that lets individuals have a voice, and alert each other in real time about anything. EG greedy fools

What is Facebook Harvey?
Twitter users permanent connected ARCHIVE.


I think I summed it all up in a tweet, so here it is.

@shannynlee: Touche > @730reportland:
Gerry Harvey should go cry in China,
where rich buggers like him,
sent all those factory jobs, what an idiot.

Be careful what you wish for, you may get it.


`Rumor` is Harvey is going to be on the first episode of ABC #qanda for 2011.

Is it bring your own shoes?



Evil Empire Strikes Back

02 Jan 2011 —

Evil Empire Strikes Back

Part 1


Grogsgate sets the scene.

Main stream media attacks blogger.

Weasel words are used, many points argued, except this one.


It did not occur to `Limited News` nor the rest of the `embedded media` that, a monster corporation beating up on an individual blogger was pathetic.


Part 2


Ankle deep in stupidity and bulldust the `Limited mice` keep doing the same thing, but expect a different result. This time Posetti, a twitter user. So far the reaction to twitdef on twitter and grogsgate is similar.

So now the timid mice over at `Limited` have `outed` a blogger, his appearant crime, giving ABC a handy tip, which ABC has used.

The big sin Posetti committed was tweeting Mitchell was anti green. Considering the amount of the `doubt the science`, bulldust that theaustralian produces, and Mitchell being an editor, tweet seems accurate.

Add the failure of the `Limited` self appointed, Liberal party PR machine, just failing, by three whiskers, to get Mr Rabbit elected as PM.

Include the `Limited` dislike of anything green, progressive or different, theaustralian seems to regularly beat up on those, who are interested in these topics.

My impression of who `Limited` like to thump are Labor party, Green party, the ABC, bloggers and non-limited media just to name a few.

I was going to write about, the irony of `Limited` publishing a phrase like

Free speech is not a Left verses Right thing.
Free speech is a Free verses Unfree thing.

And the stupidity of Mitchell, threatening Posetti with defamation, for tweeting accurately, as shown by ABC audio transcript.

And the delusion, that Mitchell has any hope in hell of successfully suing Posetti, AND NOT putting on the legal public record, a lot of `Limited` dirt, that would possibly end his career there.

But the more times I pointed google at theaustralian website and searched, I felt that I have found something which may be overlooked by most others.

I will now explain as follows,

I was doing searches on google, searching for grogsgate stories, only from theaustralian website. Google returned 14 results, which I loaded to my computer. I then sorted these results by date.


Breakdown, 3 results, 27 Sep 2010

Two timestamped 12:00 AM, one by Elliott, the other by Massola.
A two pronged attack.

The first writing by Massola is an attack on Grog, while dragging in for a spank, Mr Scott and the ABC. Massola then goes on to choose to spank Grog using Minister Garrett, and the Insulation Mess.

Pathetic, instead of outing Grog, Massola should have been writing about the State Governments incompetence over insulation mess.

States licence Businesses, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians and many others. Missed by most of the `embedded media`, not a Federal Licence.

Funding is weakest excuse, former Prime Minister John W, nor his mob, were ever abused for motorist stupidity, because some road was funded by Federal Government. States issue drivers licences to motorists.

The second writing by Elliott just seems to be a backup piece, to justify the pathetic first piece by Massola.

The third writing, if you can call it that, is by Massola, is stamped `updated`. This third thing, contains large amounts of `copy and paste` lifted from Twitter, Crikey, Grogsgamut and Mumbrella.

Massola tries to justify outing Grog, and discuss the right to anonymity. Many views are shown on page, pro and con.

The point everyone shown seemed to miss is this, TRUST.
We all know that never in the history of corporations, has any person ever been killed, harmed or cheated by a corporation.

You can believe that if you want, I certainly do not. I have never used my real identity on the internet, I choose not to. You have the right to choose for yourself, which corporation, if any, you wish to trust. Not Massola deciding for you, me or anyone else.

On IRC, Newsgroups and Blogboards, NICK`s are the norm, not the exception. A nick, is short for nickname, or as Grog called it, a pen-name. Walk the talk theaustralian, no more writing, from No By Line. And expose every anonymous source in your database, because `Limited` is never a hypocrite.


Back to the timestamps. 5 results, 28 Sep 2010

Three timestamped 12:00 AM.

One each from, Massola, Sinclair and No By Line.

One from Kerr 3:14 PM

One from No By Line 3:36 PM

The 12:00 AM writings are largely boring to me, mainly background on Grog, with comment of various tone.

Kerr writes at 3:14 PM that some bloggers behaved badly, outing somebody. Seems to justify mega media should be allowed to behave equally bad.

The NO BY LINE write up at 3:36 PM is the most interesting for the day. Also the most entertaining, for those who enjoy irony, as shown below.

REVEALED: Controversial blogger unmasked

MASSOLA: Why I unmasked Grog`s Gamut

KERR: Response to Grog-gate is naive

DUTY: No anonymity to bloggers, tweeters

Nearly half, 40% of the bulldust produced on this day, was anonymous.


Another 5 results dated through Oct 2010.

The themes similar to those previous, with `Limited` using every opportunity to tip a bucket of bile over the ABC, Mr Scott, bloggers and others.

A last result collected, which was dedicated to solely to Scott and ABC bashing, in the guise of advice. Grog only mentioned once on page.

By now the true believers, who visit and comment on theaustralian website, have even started to tire of their bulldust.

Now theaustralian seems to be in the orchard business, specialising in planting trees that produce low hanging fruit, which their tail dragging rodents, each in turn, happily pick and feed to their readers.

The 13 pages dedicated to outing Grog, bashing others and justifying it, is NOT reporting news. It is canned news, fiction, bulldust, manufactured tripe.

I suspect the Mitchell, Posetti, twitdef, situation is also a canned event, using grogsgate as the template.

Massola may have been accidently dumb, but I think Mitchell is intentionally dumb. Maybe a couple more lawyers letters will be exchanged, but twidef is looking like a high tech rerun of grogsgate.

My guess is Mitchell will allow the legal threat against Posetti to go on for a few months. The timid mice, each in turn will pick the low hanging fruit, and feed it to their true believers.

Copy and Paste will fill the pages of theaustralian. Twitter, Blogger and the ABC will be abused. Mr Scott will receive more lecturing from the oz on ethics, quality and other topics the oz knows little, or nothing about.

Once all the tail dragging rodents have had their fill of low hanging fruit and public humiliation, Mitchell will then drop the legal bulldust against Posetti.

It really does seem that theaustralian spends more resources injecting itself into other things like ABC, twitter, bloggers, instead of reporting news.

They are really becoming the serial stalker and tormentor of the web, spoiling enjoyment of life and web for others, Posetti, Grog, Scott.

The future direction looks extremely bright for theaustralian and their consumers.

Consumers can really look forward to their canned news when the oz starts trawling facebook and stalking fourteen year olds. Daily updates of little Timmy calling little Jenny a bitch and, little Jenny calling little Timmy a bastard.

Ooooooh the low hanging fruit.

I am left wondering about the event of grogsgate happening if Grogs last name was Massola or Howard, and also if the cast of twitdef contained a Mr AW and a Mr JP.


Coming soon, the Trilogy continues …

Part 3



Horses Mouth, Visit Grog, Visit Posetti,

Roaring Rodent Of Twitdef,

Google Reference Search,

Roaring Rodent Of Twitdef

27 Dec 2010 —

Roaring Rodent Of Twitdef

The `embedded-media` has rushed after us to the internet and social sites like twitter. They spent quite a while poo pooing it at first though. All the `embedded-media` organizations now have the beg buttons, comment, digg, like and RETWEET.

The idiot Mitchell, a `Limited-News` editor, has taken steps in legal action against the twitter user @JuliePosetti for defamation. The `embedded-media` and bloggerverse has done some writing on this #twitdef saga, from doom and gloom for Posetti, to the highly popular view, Chrissy Mitchell is a moron.

I am in this group.


I do think the court case would be the most interesting thing that `Limited-News` or the government has done in decades. So I hope #twitdef goes to court, we could all learn so much from it, but Mitchell will either lose his bottle, or Murdok will step on his neck.


What could be learned from a court case.

Selecting a jury, now here is some fun.
Mitchell lawyer asking jurors, Have you used twitter, facebook, or other social sites? Do you watch qanda? Lived under a rock your whole life?

The evidence,
truck loads of right wing crap that `Limited` passes as news, you know the `doubt-the-science` stuff they do, on behalf of big tobacco, big polluter, and big nukes. The fake climategate fox email `Limited` do on behalf of big oil and big coal.

What about the video,
all that fox crap, converted to text, that gets fed through theaustralian. More video, all qanda viewers will have seen `Limited mice` spouting the right wing prattle of their masters. Piers, Devine, Albrechtsen for starters.

Why no #tonyjonesdef ?
Tony has asked the `Limited mice` about belief in science, global warming, mockingly during qanda. Has the ABC still got this footage? You think?

When `Limited` spends so much effort being bias and appealing to a right wing readership, a person of position, the editor, must also accept this as his brand, like the rest of the mice, past and present do. And those `Limited mice` past and present, would make extremely entertaining witnesses. Just what would those mice say. Were any mice leaned on? Instruction on bias? Like revealed in usa?

What would Mitchell say under oath?
An endless list could go here. Has Chrissy ever leaned on mice? Does Chrissy believe the climate science? Free speech? Womans Rights? Is a tweet a publishing business? Is a post-it note a publishing business?

What is defamation?
Is it tweeting the obvious? It is not a secret that `Limited-News` is right wing. Lets jog our memories, FOX, part of `Limited`. Sarah Palin, tea party idol, she is on FOX. This is all commom knowledge.

Then of course since #twitdef started other `Limited mice` have chipped in. Geoffy, Overington, Jackson and my very, very favorite, NoByLine. A minimum of three `Limited Timid Mice` have chipped in, maybe more. This is where `Limited` enters twilight zone. The `timid mice` seem to circle the wagons in a less than committed way, all circling in different directions.

Half hearted fluffy puff was written up and injected into `Limited` websites. The mice clearly did not interview or converse with Chrissy in a candid fashion, as expected by all. The result looked to myself and other bloggers, is that Chrissy dictated a puff statement, or leaned on mice. These mice would be pure gold witnesses.

Posetti lawyer has replied, to Mitchell lawyer, a funny and polite piss off, well worth the read.

My Interpretation.
Chrissy is the ocean.
AW tells Posetti `Too salty, I cannot drink.`
Posetti tweets `Undrinkable Ocean`
Chrissy goes all Norman Bates over being called `undrinkable`
Simple, but sadly, accurate.

Now lets all go to court, and in the right wing tradition, we can all have a win win situation, as shown below.

ABC3 replaces test pattern with court tv.
Live tweeting from court, twitterverse happy.
Bloggers happy, court expose `Limited` dirt.
Mice happy, spin new content for converted.
Murdok happy, more profit via new content.
Chrissy loses, joins Fox, for big bucks.
Posetti nice payout, new car, adulation.
Uni happy, they have Posetti.
Lawyers picnic, always happy.


Horses Mouth, Visit Posetti



Professional Mascot Boris Mazda

21 May 2009 —

Professional Mascot Boris Mazda

North Melbourne Police were called to a domestic disturbance last night at the North Melbourne Football Club. The disturbance was allegedly between Boris Mazda professional mascot of the North Melbourne Football Club and his girl friend Carcass.

A Police media handler released the following statement.

North Melbourne Police interviewed both parties involved. Carcass did not make any statement of complaint and Boris Mazda stated

“we just have loud sex“.

Sixteen witnesses confirmed Boris Mazdas statement, including his girl friend Carcass. No charges were laid against any party.



What is on the idiot box tonight, let us check.

On the ABC, Poor-Corners will run code of crap by Sarah Ferguson. Sarah squeezes Carcass until she cracks and no witnesses will be found.

And on Nine Tracy Grimshaw will beat up Boris Mazda and the North Melbourne Football Club until Tracy is physically restrained.

On Ten of course there is eight straight years of their hit,
morons locked in a house.
Who will chicken slap who tonight?

SBS is running iron chef chicken battle for the 27th time,
followed by the 43rd re-run of the nazi bunker.
(sponsored by chicken tonight)

Seven re-runs their ten year old hit,
the Fowl Mouthed Chef.

The media just ruffles my feathers.



Media Balance

20 May 2009 —

Media Balance

The main trouble with media balance is that on any chosen topic they care to discuss, half the media resource is wasted on the incorrect view of the topic.

An example of this is discussing the roundness of the planet.

Using media BALANCE the media will interview the smart discoverer of this theory, asking how, why, what etc.

And then the media will trot out some backward looking hillbilly
(often some religious zealot) and give the hillbilly equal resources to argue that the earth is flat.

The result is the viewers get a headache and learn nothing.




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Retweet Category Help

Retweet Category Help ..

While cleaning out my hard drive I found a lot of webpages that I have found useful or enjoyed over time. So the Retweet Category is born.

The webpages are in no specific order and belong to no specific topic.


Sometimes I add a comment.

Retweet Media Inquiry Transcripts

Retweet Media Inquiry Transcripts.


the Australian Media Inquiry are located at this URL

Fast Facts.

Hearings were conducted by Ray Finkelstein.

Finkelstein was assisted by Matthew Ricketson.

On behalf of the Australian Government, Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

Retweet Big Harto

Retweet Big Harto

After clearing up any doubts about News Ltd`s integrity Harto went-in-to-bat for the Australian Press Council. He said the APC is not self regulation but independent regulation. Harto went on saying that News Ltd was able to work well with APC Chair Julian Disney and `by and large` agreed with his approach.

Also the Photo, Outgoing News Ltd chief, John Hartigan, pours a glass of water for fellow executive, Campbell Reid, at the Independent Media Inquiry hearings in Sydney.


I also enjoyed the Live-Tweeting by Nathan on the day.

Retweet Lyns Daily Links

Retweet LYN`S DAILY LINKS are to posts of interest to the contemporary political debate. They are updated daily. At The Political Sword.


A really big selection of Links to Blogs and the embedded media.

Great Minds Think Alike!

Similar to my ReTweet Category.

Retweet History Of Dickhead

Retweet History Of Dickhead

These insights led to technological breakthroughs that culminated in the pinnacle of all human achievement, the Personal Computer.

The Personal Computer changed everything. It was affordable, and Spankis could for the first time communicate with a world that existed outside of their own stunted imagination. They didn`t even have to get on their knees to do it, although many of them still chose to out of habit and familiarity. For one glimmering moment it seemed possible for the subspecies to reunite under the universal banner of porn.

Retweet Robert Doyle FC

Retweet Robert Doyle FC

I would say that “Robert Doyle first came to our attention in..“,

but.. he didn`t. He didn`t come to anyone`s attention. That`s something he`s never been able to do. Robert Doyle fell arse-backwards into the role of Victorian Opposition Leader for the Liberal Party back in 2002. Jeff Kennett had lost the previous election, spat the dummy like the petulant spotlight-hogger that he was, and quit. Lots of senior Liberals went with him, recognising that their days were done for quite some time. Only the dregs remained.

Retweet Takes Arse To London

Retweet Takes Arse To London

In the absence of both Mr Rabbitt and Jemima Puddleduck a very bearable lightness of being has graced us at Hill Top Farm these last weeks, disturbed only by the occasional dispatch from foreign countries that serves to remind us that this respite is indeed temporary, and things will return to acrimonious normality in the too-near future.

Mr Rabbit, having failed to find any takers for his rear end at home, has joined the arse drain and is busy flogging his wares in London among those traditional arse hounds the British conservatives.

Retweet Sideshow Zooms

Retweet Sideshow Zooms.

Lindsay Tanner`s book,
Sideshow: Dumbing Down of Democracy.

The book`s central thesis is that the media and politicians are locked into a dumbed-down, trivial, vicious circle, that is for the most part instigated by dumb, lazy journalism, and dumb media organisation that encourage such journalism and coverage of politics. So well argued and accurate is Tanner`s thesis that I think this may actually be the first time a book`s thesis has been completely proven correct before the book has even been officially launched.


Blogger Grogsgamut shreds Samantha Maiden`s bullshit book reviews by actually reading the book.

Retweet Vows To Sell Arse

Retweet Vows To Sell Arse

Independent member for New England Tony Windsor, otherwise known as Mr_McGregor, revealed yesterday in an interview from his farm that Tony Rabbit had confessed to him that he`d do anything other than sell his arse to be Prime Minister of Hill Top Farm, but if absolutely necessary, he`d likely do that as well.

When confronted Mr Rabbit, looking pale and drawn, declared that he did not use that kind of language, and people in the farmyard should check with Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail if they wanted to know the real truth about him.

Retweet Journalists Fear Academics

Retweet Journalists Fear Academics

The Australian led the charge against the independent media inquiry report, which – given the repeated failure of effective self-regulation – sensibly recommended a government-funded statutory body to force newspapers to properly enforce the standards that they profess to embrace.

Since the report came out, the newspaper has deliberately and calculatedly sought to damage the reputations of academics Margaret Simons, Wendy Bacon, Andrew Dodd and Matthew Ricketson – all journalists who have merely sought to defend the principles of the craft and question the unhealthy dominance of News Ltd.

Retweet Great Unhinging Begins

Retweet Great Unhinging Begins.

With two country independents backing Gillard, the Labor party will now pass the only threshold needed in Australia to form government, a majority on the floor of House. There is no other test,

With so many having invested so much in the defeat of the Labor government, including the leadership of what was once the national broadsheet of this country, to be denied victory by political inches,

creates a result that will not be respected.

What we will witness over the next 18 months or more is a Great Unhinging, an orgy of hysterics that will far surpass the duplicity, dishonesty, let alone the complete arsehattery, that substituted for public debate on matters of government during the previous 12 months.

Retweet Great Leap Forward

Retweet Great Leap Forward.

It is 2020. We are on deadline. And the professors are in charge. Seven years since the imposition of the News Media Council..

Brave and bold voices of moderation like Bolt, Devine, Akerman and Albrechtson – the spokespeople for the voiceless – have been hounded from journalism,.

Retweet Ray On Gina Rinehart

Retweet Ray On Gina Rinehart

I don`t know about you but I`m sick of hearing about Gina Rinehart and her obsession with her own wealth.

And she wants to gain control of Fairfax so she can change its editorial direction

“the media needs to understand me“, she says

Look, Gina, I think the media and just about everyone else understands you perfectly well…

Over at Alpine Opinion, Ray has very successfully posted how the 98.7% of Australians who do NOT work in the mining industry most likely feel about Gina Rinehart, and her try for Fairfax boardroom seats.

Retweet Belling Mr Rabbit

Retweet Belling Mr Rabbit ..


Belling the Abbott cat,

this post is an attempt to capture all of the articles and posts that have challenged Tony Abbott`s merry dance with the truth.

Great idea. Drag0nista has compiled a great list of posts that call bullshit on the free ride Mr-Rabbit has received from the embedded-media. The posts are from both bloggers and the embedded media.



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