Newsroom Swot Analysis

25 May 2011 ..


The newsroom swot analysis template. Designed to help Journo Cubs and decaying newsrooms improve their reporting performance. By providing the information starting point you need, that will aid you in setting goals and strategic management pathways to reach desired expertise outcomes.

To get the best results from this template, do two separate swots. You should do one swot on yourself and one swot on your newsroom.


Newsroom SWOT Analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.



Reporting NEWS by Obtaining interviews with Politicians and Business Oligarks. Attending and reporting accurately NEWSWORTHY events.
(citizens cannot)

Newsrooms that can free range their Journo Herds will get the best from them. Allowing them to follow their own knowledge and interest base must produce better reports.

Some words that should go here, honesty, integrity, newsworthy, accountability, trust, fairness, factual, accurate, but can`t for most of the embedded media. If you cannot list these words as strengths, then you must list them as weaknesses.



Baiting and alienating news junkies with NEWS, but serving up promos, PR, celebrity waffle and other advertising. This addiction will be hard for NEWSROOMS to break. ie CONSUMER FRAUD.

Canned News, follow Fox, copy cat reporting. Also known as churn-alism. Newsrooms need to kick the CHURN habit. You cannot build a brand, demographic audience or market segment being the same as everybody else. Be smart, innovate, or be innovated on.

Viewer distraction on your website will not get your story read. Like TV, your webpage is controlled by the ethic of the BUTTON. The viewer is in control with both TV remote and mouse. Stop treating the viewer with CONTEMPT.

POPULARITY is the greatest weakness and second greatest threat to your industry. Popularity is fleeting, unlike politicians you cannot lock it in for 3 or 4 years, wise up. Newsrooms need to stop being morons (hello_big_brother) locked in a house. Journo`s need to stop competing with PH, LL, CS or any other idiot of the day. The story is the STAR, not your ego or your newsroom.

BIAS is often the second greatest weakness, (hello_Limited_News) or could be your marketing strength. Do you or your newsroom engage in bias? Be honest. Does your bias improve outcomes?



Opportunities are abundant for Newsrooms and Journo Herds to not merely graze at the edges of the the information super highway. Can you imagine it? A Newsroom with NEWS in the middle? Can you? Stop allowing business oligarks and politicians to waste the NEWS-SPACE with propaganda! With zest, the resources some media have wasted attacking social site users would have been better spent on politicians or relevant issues. Stop the WASTE.

Journo Brumby`s are desperately needed to report accurately and investigate intelligently to retain and attract news junkies. Domesticated Journo Herds will not change anything.



The greatest threat to NEWSROOMs is being completely swallowed by the advertising department.

Over-COMMITMENT (hello SBS1) to deliver. News hours that contain 35_minutes of filler do not attract or retain news junkies.

An unwitting threat coming from the Academic end (hello JP, JR) of the news industry is the DISTRACTION of social sites. These require time to use them properly or they really could be a waste of resources.

When much reporting quality is fairly low. Is Crowd Spouting to 50,000 twitter followers better than improving reporting quality? While of course, it will not always be one or the other, but sometimes it will. I believe that the Professors should be focusing on the reporting ethics of Newsrooms and Journo Herds. Speaking out more when they misbehave, but they seem to be distracted by the ethic of the link. Hysteric, overweight, middle aged white guys, screeching (hello_Fox) communist plot at National Health Programs and deciding elections (hello_Florida_2000) will be the norm without the ETHICs. It seems chunks of J-School have become Marketing School, and I hope the Academics don`t let it go too far.



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