Content Farming

10 Jul 2011 —

Content Farming

Old McMurdok had a farm, e i e i o.
And on his FARM he had some CONTENT, e i e i o.

With a quack quack here, and a quack quack there.
Here a quack. There a quack. Everywhere a quack quack.

Old McMurdok had a farm, e i e i o.
And on his farm he had a herd, a neutered journo herd.

With a bleat bleat here, and a bleat bleat there.
Here a bleat. There a bleat. Everywhere a bleat bleat.

Old McMurdok had a farm, e i e i o.
And on his farm he had no SCIENCE, e i e i o.

With a doubt doubt here, and a doubt doubt there.
Here a doubt. There a doubt. Everywhere a doubt doubt.

Old McMurdok had a jacket, e i e i o.
And in his pocket he had a rabbit, a Liberal Mr Rabbit.

With a hop hop here, and a hop hop there.
Here a hop. There a hop. Everywhere a hop hop.

Old McMurdok had a farm, e i e i o.
And on his farm he had no LOGIC, e i e i o.

With a hop doubt here, and a quack bleat there.
Here a doubt. There a hop. Everywhere a bleat quack.


Content Farming

Accuracy is expensive, and not really needed when you have thousands of fans on twitter and hits to your newsroom website. Your most important tools, are `copy` and `paste`.

Out-sauced ackuracy is much cheeper. Decaying Newsrooms and domesticated Journo Herds can maintain their crediblity gap by Content Farming. Follow the steps below.



With a never ending choice on the internet, ungrateful mooching news junkies that refuse to pay for low quality content will never do. The solution is Crowd-Sourcing. Corral together your Boardroom, Newsroom and Advertising staff. Like NASA, you need to lock the doors. You have now begun Crowd-Sourcing, so let the mind-basting begin. Crowd-Sourcing can go further, but that is rarely needed. Why disturb the Bean Counters.



Your Herd, at all levels, need to be on the same page. Stick with the classics. Regurgitate and reinforce old ideas. They work. They are proven. The environment has not changed.

Those pontificating new ideas need to be denied. Abuse `new idea` drones in a politically correct manner, until they change their tune. Now all your drones are on the same page, unlock the doors.



In desperation for talent and content you may need to engage in Crowd-Slacking. If your website attracts large numbers of true believers, then it is time for you to cash in. Your offerings can be extremely small, when loaded with issue or political bias.

Comments from true believers, eager to agree with you, will supply you with their research. You can re-package this for them next month.

Or take revenge on ungrateful mooching news junkies. Give them an empty thread. Let them do ALL the work.



Website owners, need to check the perimeter of of their content farm, pop-riveting sponsor messages to the correct positions. Also both sides of paywall.

Tek-screw to correct side of paywall your Crowd-Sourced and Crowd-Slacked re-packages.

Begin Crowd-Spouting. Pontificate. And don`t forget to tweet.



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