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Retweet Journalists Fear Academics

Retweet Journalists Fear Academics

The Australian led the charge against the independent media inquiry report, which – given the repeated failure of effective self-regulation – sensibly recommended a government-funded statutory body to force newspapers to properly enforce the standards that they profess to embrace.

Since the report came out, the newspaper has deliberately and calculatedly sought to damage the reputations of academics Margaret Simons, Wendy Bacon, Andrew Dodd and Matthew Ricketson – all journalists who have merely sought to defend the principles of the craft and question the unhealthy dominance of News Ltd.

Retweet Great Leap Forward

Retweet Great Leap Forward.

It is 2020. We are on deadline. And the professors are in charge. Seven years since the imposition of the News Media Council..

Brave and bold voices of moderation like Bolt, Devine, Akerman and Albrechtson – the spokespeople for the voiceless – have been hounded from journalism,.

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