Melinda Tankard Reist Unfoxified

10 Feb 2012 —

Melinda Tankard Reist Unfoxified

Lobbyist and WordPress stalker Melinda Tankard Reist has joined the stupidity and bullying club recently. Jennifer Wilson has now received two letters from Melinda Tankard Reist`s lawyers.

Oh looky, another outburst of “dickhead“ from the wealth, power and influence end of town against, a citizen going about their own business. Let`s look at some facts.


1- FACT. Melinda Tankard Reist is a Lobbyist.

Like Politicians, Lobbyists are public figures. Also like Politicians, Lobbyists are paid to do and say anything. They both seem to believe in “nothing“ except, their own income. The public are absolutely correct to doubt and question both Politicians and Lobbyists. Including Wilson and the commenters at No-Place-For-Sheep.


2- FACT. The term “pro-life-feminist“ is an oxymoron.

Because Melinda Tankard Reist describes herself with this oxymoron, it is quite reasonable for the public to question Reist about this self-description. Reist chooses to be coy and not explain “her“ description of herself. To me, “pro-life-feminist“ smells like religion, dressed up as feminism. Reist also needs to explain her relationships with Churches, Religions, Sects and Cults, and if these are “paid“ relationships, because of “her“ own self-description and “her“ job.


3- FACT. Deceptive and Duplicitous. Both mean Bull-Shitting.

Reist wants us and the legal system to believe Lobbyists and Politicians are not engaged in “bull-shitting“. ROFL. Just because some of the embedded media are prepared to bleat on Reist`s behalf, does not change the reality of FACT-1. Lobbyists and Politicians are usually “bull-shitting“, either by direct lying, distortion or, omission. Lobbyists and Politicians rarely engage in the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


4- FACT. Those with power, have become stalkers and trolls.

Reist has decided to join the Australian stalker and troll club, with James Massola, Chris Mitchell and Wayne Flower, of Limited News chip wrappers. There is a pattern emerging here. It is bullying, in the first instance, with a misguided other factor, jealousy. Over inflated ego`s that dislike citizens who are able to muster up a somewhat loyal audience, even if it that audience is relatively small, and ignoring or criticizing them. There is something very pathetic that so-called adults, in so-called professions are stalking citizens online.

What makes the editor Mitchell troll twitter, Massola troll blogspot, Flower and Reist troll WordPress?

Envy, Spite, Power Tripping, Ego …

There is no positive answer to this question, only negatives that reflect very badly on the stalkers involved and, the chip wrappers, cults and projects these stalkers are involved with.


5- FACT. Reist will release a book soon.

Massola, Flower and Mitchell filled webspace and column inches with blurt from their bullying escapades against their victims. In short, the newsworthiness of this blurt was zero. They really just hurt people as part of a “publishing stunt“.

With a book on the way, menacing Wilson may be a “publishing stunt“ by Reist to generate “buzz“. During the promotion of this book, we can be sure that the embedded media will not ask Reist anything about menacing Wilson, nor ask Reist anything raised here or on Wilson`s blog, or raised anywhere else.


6- FACT. These dickheads need to take a long hard look at themselves.


7- FACT. Ann Mossop, Head of Public Programs, is prepared to use Melinda Tankard Reist`s propaganda to promote events at the Sydney Opera House on her/SOH blog.

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