Dear Occupy Friends

28 Nov 2011,

Dear Occupy Friends,

I am not an Occupier, just an Australian citizen who has been following the plight of the worlds occupy movement. I am not happy to have seen the largely peaceful occupiers being maced or beaten by the worlds law enforcement officers in so-called democratic countries. I am writing this in the hope that my observations from afar may help occupy in some small way. This is `not` a `handbook`.

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1- FACT, Occupy is dealing with despots. So let`s not kid ourselves.

The 1% (or more like 0.01%) own and operate, the monster corporations, both major political partys and the embedded media in America and Australia alike. This gives the 1% despots near total control over the legal systems, police and taxation systems in both countries.

Occupy now being world wide, I would suggest trying to boycott some of these monster corporations, where possible. Many of us who are not in the position to `occupy` are in the position to `boycott`. I am already boycotting Limited News, Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Harvey Norman, Starbucks, Pepsi, Coke, Mobil, BP, Shell and most the other `chain` corporate monsters. It`s easy once you get started.

While I have made boycotting an extreme sport, I realize that others find it hard. But surely there is an evil burger, evil cola or evil oil company that could benefit from a world occupy boycott. Occupy should harness this power.


2- FACT, Occupiers getting injured, fined or jailed helps the 1% despots more than the occupy movement.

Occupiers paying fines into the system that help oppress the 99% is insane. Don`t give them your cash. American occupiers being put in private jails or private hospitals only enrich the 1% who own them. Australian occupiers in jail or hospital only spends taxpayer cash that ends up diverting from others that need it. Injured occupiers can`t provide for their familys.


3- FACT, A trapped occupier, will be a casualty soon.

Police call it `kettling`. Trapped by fences built around them by city workers, Police have been able to assault occupiers and smash occupy cameras.
(I think this was Melbourne Australia.)

Occupiers need to be aware that Police without IDs visible, means the Police are ready to attack. Occupiers need to have an `extraction` plan so that if they see kettling starting, they can relocate. Let them build half a fence, then scadaddle.


4- OBSERVATION, During the 2011 UK Riots, the rioters were acting as a `flash mob` catching MET Police asleep with hit and run tactics. Nimble, fast and agile kept Mr Plod confused. Occupy can apply some of this stratagy to a peaceful protest.


5- FACT, the embedded media is not a friend to anyone, including occupy.

No matter how warm and fuzzy your local media reporter is, they have a job to do. If making occupy look bad to the public in their reports is good for them, they will do it. Occupiers should beware of reporters inciting them to do the wrong thing for news coverage.


6- FACT, the embedded media is often lazy.

7- FACT, the Police often start the violence.

Each occupy `city` needs occupiers with high end photography gear. Not high end in price, but performance. Occupy photographers need to be at a safe distance from Police, as they have been smashing occupy cameras. Zooming in from a distance to identify Police attacking occupiers is the best and probably `only` defence occupiers will have in court. (see-fact-1)

Each occupy `city` also needs to dedicate webspace to properly expose and explain crimes commited against occupiers by Police. (see-fact-7) Video and Photos should have correct date, time and location as minimum information. (occupyCityBadCops.wordpress-???) Identifying bad cops is occupys best chance of `not losing` in court. Remember, we all now have less freedoms since `patriot acts` have been put in place. Now we need to nearly prove we`re innocent.

The `bad cops` site should be as factual and truthful as possible, so `your city occupiers` can use it as a legal resource. It doubles as an easy option for `media releases`. (see-fact-6) Media releases are often regurgitated as news reports by over-paid and under-smart media staff. Feed these media staff with occupy reports to expand coverage. Corporations do this all the time.


8- FACT, Police `Integrity Agencies` exist.

Integrity Agencies police the Police. Legitimate complaints to your city or state intergrity agency, must be addressed by them. Use these occupy. Your occupy websites should have your integrity agency info available to your occupiers and public. (see-fact-7) Another use for your `bad cops` website.

Australian Integrity Agencies

American Civil Rights


9- I wish the Occupy movement Success and Safety in their pursuit of Fairness in the fields that they choose to pursue.

PDF file of “this page“



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