Viewer Apology

25 Nov 2011 —

Viewer Apology

Dear Viewer,

Yesterday, 730Report`s coverage of despotic embedded media personality Kyle Sandilands was specifically not approved to be in last nights re-package by my ABC management. In fact, my ABC management had forbidden to include the story at the morning team meeting.

While my back was turned, my on-air sockpuppets, aided by `some` off-camera sockpuppets decided to shoot the Sandilands story after getting a tip-off that Mel and Kochie were running the Sandilands story tomorrow morning.

Fierce competition exists at a personal professional level between my 730Report sockpuppets and the Sunrise sockpuppets. This competition got way out of hand yesterday. It never should have.

Our policy at 730Report is, to `not` provide another platform for despotic embedded media personalities to whip up social discourse, that will end up inflating despotic embedded media personalities income.

I must therefore apologize to all 730Report viewers, without reservation and, on behalf of all my ABC management for, inflicting on all 730Report viewers, the despotic embedded media personality Kyle Sandilands, and all Sandilands represents.

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