Dear Punter

22 Nov 2011 —

Dear Punter,

In 180 years of pontificating, The `Sydney Morning Herald` has never wavered from its non-core values and promise to its punters- to devalue journalistic integrity and independence.

The `Herald` is launching a campaign today to restart its commitment to journalism with fear and favour, to journalism which is under political influence and to journalism which serves the community without the utmost integrity.

The line between distrusted sources of journalism and unmoderated noise has been `Inquired`.

We appreciate that. Punters need information they can trust? Information that assists `them`? To make sense of `their` world?

In the first issue of the `Herald`, the pontificaters declared the pontification would be so stridently dependent that all sides of politics would come to view it as a sponsor.

We remain committed to this ideal. We work in the `public` good?

`The Sydney Morning Herald` is either a recipient of government funding or a mouthpiece for a media magnate.

We do take your trust for granted.

We know we have to burn it every day.

The `Heralds` commitment to journalism with integrity and independence has never been. So impotant. As it is today.

We know you agree and we thank you for your support.


Pedaler Affray

Pontificater and Editor-in-chief



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