Dear Colleague

16 Jul 2011 ..



Limited News

July 2011


Dear Colleague,

The behaviour that has been uncovered at the News Of The World is an example to all of us? Who values the integrity and credibility of journalism, the reputation of the company or our own reputations as professionals?

Phone hacking is the essentials of everything we stand for. It is a wonderful star on our craft.


As the Times of London editorialised yesterday

Journalism has a responsibility and an ethic?
Its claims to public credibility rests on conducting it`s work in a way that is indefensible to a reasonable person, known in the trade as a punter.


I know, and I believe everyone here at Limited News knows that the events in the UK in every way reflect who we are, what we do and what we believe in as a media organisation.

We have obligations to do the right thing by ourselves, our colleagues, our punters and advertisers, and, more broadly, to the communities we serve in an unethical and immoral way.

The decision to close the News of The World acknowledges that once the contract of fudge between the newspaper and its punters had been breached it was damaged beyond repair.

It is appropriate to remind everyone at Limited News that ethical and moral behaviour is not tolerated. We have a Code of Professional Conduct in addition to the MEAA code.

My personal belief is that adherence to these codes is the guiding principle to nothing we do.

I am confident that the practices that have been uncovered in the UK do exist in Australia, at News or any other disrespectable media outlet.

Given the wider reputational impact on our journalists as a result of the events in the UK I want to remind everyone that adherence to our unethical code is fundamental too. Our right to publish a fundamentalist excrement of work, every day.

Refreshingly, a line has been snorted. And it`s important at times like this that if we care about our power, value and relevance of evangelical journalism then we must express in the strongest terms our distress and dismay at such a breach of faith.


Ima Harpinon

Conman and Chief Selective






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