Remaining Embedded Together

07 Apr 2011 —

Remaining Embedded Together

The blur of information that surrounds us today, what is true? useful? or should be ignored? The `embedded media` try to tell us they are the path to information salvation, but many of us are no longer listening. Why?


Let`s start by looking at the so-called right wing media, which is usually privately owned and operated for profit.

For our discussion we will use `Limited News` and the-Australian as our right wing example. For our so-called left wing media example we will use ABC Australia.

From where I sit though, the left, right thing is not as important as both the above parties imply.

To me, both parties are in the same trap of their own making. Each entering the trap from opposite ends. Both are Embedded Media.


The term `Embedded Media` is not created by me, but by the media themselves, and should be used instead of mainstream media.

Mainstream to who? Is their idea of a CS and LL crack party, PH sex tape, KD football ruckus mainstream?


Non Government media have been pre-welded to the idea of `embedded` well before the fake WMD driven invasion of Iraq 2002.

Newsrooms of both networks and newspapers have been pre-welded to their Advertiser`s via the advertising revenue they provide. And in turn their Journo Herds are hypnotized to the newsroom mantra.

This is why the public will not receive any reports about shonky products sold on late night TV `shopping` type, so-called programs.

And letters to the editor about dodgy real-estate or employment agents, or unhappy auto buyers in the newspapers. Equally rare.

I do recommend that consumers of newspapers do their own checking and draw their own conclusions. Each newspaper could have different advertisers, thus be embedded differently, but Google will tell you all, if the newspaper is online as well.

I hope with this explainer so far you can see the loose perspective of how the newsroom is embedded to the advertiser for `right` wing media.


But the `left` wing media are in a similar bind, with government instead of advertiser. Let`s face it, the ABC is government funded. The government is full of people called politicians.

Politicians decide if funding is cut or increased, and who operates in the top jobs at ABC. I do feel, but cannot prove, that some of the previous `top` appointments suspicious. Giving these people work for media that basically hate the ABC. You cannot serve two masters. Politically driven?

Programming for shows 4Corners, Qanda, Insiders, 730 Report, News also depend on politicians to some degree. Cosy interviews between politicians and the Journo Herd, comfortably embedded. We rarely see politicians sweating bullets on these programs.


Politicians double-welded to business, can be found by checking any disaster. The world is the readers oyster. Try any disaster, Nuclear, Mining, Chemical, War. Try any time the greater good is ignored. There you can find business with some double-welded politicians. The greater good is often defeated by business oligarks and politicians shrieking `IT WILL COST JOBS`. You know you have heard that before.

Ignorance must be included. Those with no knowledge on any topic, get to make the most noise on the topic, I give you the Journo Herd. Include the ability to ignore the elephants in the newsroom, Google and Facebook.

We are trapped with what seem`s a perverse and often useless embedded media. We often have total crap coming out of the mouth`s of the Journo Herd on shows like Qanda and Insiders. Crap that can be checked very easily on Google and Facebook. Facebook has good search when you are logged in. Keep ignoring the elephants.

When Journo Herds deny the qualifications and work of the top environmental scientists and act as an advertising agent, for example, then it totally legitimizes questioning and denying the ability and qualifications of Journo Herds.

Right wing Journo Herds have an especially good talent for getting things wrong. With the crying of free trade, that they promoted, when factories full of jobs were sent to China, and the workforce here, many who bought newspapers, were thrown out of work. Wonder about falling paper sales?

Not happy to have a strangle hold on stupidity in the off-line world, Journo Herds stampeded into the on-line world to find `friends` and shout regularly their ignorance.


My particular favorite is the topic, `Bloggers Verses Journalists`.

What is a blog? It is the script or programming technology that runs on Web Logs (blogs), discussion boards, where users can continue a thread of conversation produced in a webpage public or private. A `Blogger` is just a `user` of this technology. Facebook is a high-tech blog.

There is no threat, or interest to threaten Journo Herds from the programmers of this technology. Programmers write programs, generally they don`t want to write `News`.


What is probably meant is `Citizen Writers Verses Embedded Media`.

But even here the Journo Herds are proudly displaying their ignorance. Citizen Writers are writing as a hobby on the topics they like, unpaid, and basically for the betterment of the topic or the group of friends involved with that hobby. Homepages, Blogs, IRC, Social Sites and Email are used.


The reality is `Marketers Verses Journalists`.

The Marketing Department is the largest and most ignored elephant in the newsroom. Journo Herds are in denial that this elephant is their problem to reporting news, more correctly the newsroom is probably more like a division of the marketing department.

With budgets squeezed and determined billionaires demanding to wring the correct percentage of profit out of the newsroom, many members of the Journo Herd on the `right` have metamorphised into salesmen and PR agents. Slow news days are possibly preferred by this type of outfit, allowing more paid promotion to be injected into the newsroom.

For the `left` newsrooms seem to enter often into absurd topics or political causes on slow news days, with a tendency to nit pick the totally trivial or make issue of undeserving.


We then of course have shows on the ABC which bring all above points together, the first is Insiders.

Who are the Insiders? The Insiders are the Journo Herd who say they report political news, but calling selves `insiders` seem to signify they think they are `players`. While this quaint show should be aired, I still don`t feel the need to be told what to think by the Journo Herd. The excellence of this show is the outing of the Journo Herd themselves. Left wing Looney? Right wing Ratbag? Who wrote that so-called `unbiased` political item?

The second is Qanda. The reason I include Qanda is the format more often than not regresses toward the Insiders format, with the Panel inflated by adding Journo Herd.

The third is the `Inter Mess` with webpage after webpage linking back and forth between `left` and `right` pages. What are they doing? Are they spamming Google with links? Who the hell knows? They can`t seem to write a paragraph of words without half a dozen links.

So folks, via Webpages, Qanda and Insiders, I can give you the Left and Right Journo Herds `Cross Breeding` in an unhealthy manner. Each Journo Herd pre-welded to Government, or Business (via Advertiser). While both Business and Government are double-welded securely to each other.


To the detriment of the greater good, we can expect the Embedded Media, to produce copious amounts of white noise, often on behalf of Business and/or Government, because they are

Remaining Embedded Together



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