Evil Empire Strikes Back

02 Jan 2011 —

Evil Empire Strikes Back

Part 1


Grogsgate sets the scene.

Main stream media attacks blogger.

Weasel words are used, many points argued, except this one.


It did not occur to `Limited News` nor the rest of the `embedded media` that, a monster corporation beating up on an individual blogger was pathetic.


Part 2


Ankle deep in stupidity and bulldust the `Limited mice` keep doing the same thing, but expect a different result. This time Posetti, a twitter user. So far the reaction to twitdef on twitter and grogsgate is similar.

So now the timid mice over at `Limited` have `outed` a blogger, his appearant crime, giving ABC a handy tip, which ABC has used.

The big sin Posetti committed was tweeting Mitchell was anti green. Considering the amount of the `doubt the science`, bulldust that theaustralian produces, and Mitchell being an editor, tweet seems accurate.

Add the failure of the `Limited` self appointed, Liberal party PR machine, just failing, by three whiskers, to get Mr Rabbit elected as PM.

Include the `Limited` dislike of anything green, progressive or different, theaustralian seems to regularly beat up on those, who are interested in these topics.

My impression of who `Limited` like to thump are Labor party, Green party, the ABC, bloggers and non-limited media just to name a few.

I was going to write about, the irony of `Limited` publishing a phrase like

Free speech is not a Left verses Right thing.
Free speech is a Free verses Unfree thing.

And the stupidity of Mitchell, threatening Posetti with defamation, for tweeting accurately, as shown by ABC audio transcript.

And the delusion, that Mitchell has any hope in hell of successfully suing Posetti, AND NOT putting on the legal public record, a lot of `Limited` dirt, that would possibly end his career there.

But the more times I pointed google at theaustralian website and searched, I felt that I have found something which may be overlooked by most others.

I will now explain as follows,

I was doing searches on google, searching for grogsgate stories, only from theaustralian website. Google returned 14 results, which I loaded to my computer. I then sorted these results by date.


Breakdown, 3 results, 27 Sep 2010

Two timestamped 12:00 AM, one by Elliott, the other by Massola.
A two pronged attack.

The first writing by Massola is an attack on Grog, while dragging in for a spank, Mr Scott and the ABC. Massola then goes on to choose to spank Grog using Minister Garrett, and the Insulation Mess.

Pathetic, instead of outing Grog, Massola should have been writing about the State Governments incompetence over insulation mess.

States licence Businesses, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians and many others. Missed by most of the `embedded media`, not a Federal Licence.

Funding is weakest excuse, former Prime Minister John W, nor his mob, were ever abused for motorist stupidity, because some road was funded by Federal Government. States issue drivers licences to motorists.

The second writing by Elliott just seems to be a backup piece, to justify the pathetic first piece by Massola.

The third writing, if you can call it that, is by Massola, is stamped `updated`. This third thing, contains large amounts of `copy and paste` lifted from Twitter, Crikey, Grogsgamut and Mumbrella.

Massola tries to justify outing Grog, and discuss the right to anonymity. Many views are shown on page, pro and con.

The point everyone shown seemed to miss is this, TRUST.
We all know that never in the history of corporations, has any person ever been killed, harmed or cheated by a corporation.

You can believe that if you want, I certainly do not. I have never used my real identity on the internet, I choose not to. You have the right to choose for yourself, which corporation, if any, you wish to trust. Not Massola deciding for you, me or anyone else.

On IRC, Newsgroups and Blogboards, NICK`s are the norm, not the exception. A nick, is short for nickname, or as Grog called it, a pen-name. Walk the talk theaustralian, no more writing, from No By Line. And expose every anonymous source in your database, because `Limited` is never a hypocrite.


Back to the timestamps. 5 results, 28 Sep 2010

Three timestamped 12:00 AM.

One each from, Massola, Sinclair and No By Line.

One from Kerr 3:14 PM

One from No By Line 3:36 PM

The 12:00 AM writings are largely boring to me, mainly background on Grog, with comment of various tone.

Kerr writes at 3:14 PM that some bloggers behaved badly, outing somebody. Seems to justify mega media should be allowed to behave equally bad.

The NO BY LINE write up at 3:36 PM is the most interesting for the day. Also the most entertaining, for those who enjoy irony, as shown below.

REVEALED: Controversial blogger unmasked

MASSOLA: Why I unmasked Grog`s Gamut

KERR: Response to Grog-gate is naive

DUTY: No anonymity to bloggers, tweeters

Nearly half, 40% of the bulldust produced on this day, was anonymous.


Another 5 results dated through Oct 2010.

The themes similar to those previous, with `Limited` using every opportunity to tip a bucket of bile over the ABC, Mr Scott, bloggers and others.

A last result collected, which was dedicated to solely to Scott and ABC bashing, in the guise of advice. Grog only mentioned once on page.

By now the true believers, who visit and comment on theaustralian website, have even started to tire of their bulldust.

Now theaustralian seems to be in the orchard business, specialising in planting trees that produce low hanging fruit, which their tail dragging rodents, each in turn, happily pick and feed to their readers.

The 13 pages dedicated to outing Grog, bashing others and justifying it, is NOT reporting news. It is canned news, fiction, bulldust, manufactured tripe.

I suspect the Mitchell, Posetti, twitdef, situation is also a canned event, using grogsgate as the template.

Massola may have been accidently dumb, but I think Mitchell is intentionally dumb. Maybe a couple more lawyers letters will be exchanged, but twidef is looking like a high tech rerun of grogsgate.

My guess is Mitchell will allow the legal threat against Posetti to go on for a few months. The timid mice, each in turn will pick the low hanging fruit, and feed it to their true believers.

Copy and Paste will fill the pages of theaustralian. Twitter, Blogger and the ABC will be abused. Mr Scott will receive more lecturing from the oz on ethics, quality and other topics the oz knows little, or nothing about.

Once all the tail dragging rodents have had their fill of low hanging fruit and public humiliation, Mitchell will then drop the legal bulldust against Posetti.

It really does seem that theaustralian spends more resources injecting itself into other things like ABC, twitter, bloggers, instead of reporting news.

They are really becoming the serial stalker and tormentor of the web, spoiling enjoyment of life and web for others, Posetti, Grog, Scott.

The future direction looks extremely bright for theaustralian and their consumers.

Consumers can really look forward to their canned news when the oz starts trawling facebook and stalking fourteen year olds. Daily updates of little Timmy calling little Jenny a bitch and, little Jenny calling little Timmy a bastard.

Ooooooh the low hanging fruit.

I am left wondering about the event of grogsgate happening if Grogs last name was Massola or Howard, and also if the cast of twitdef contained a Mr AW and a Mr JP.


Coming soon, the Trilogy continues …

Part 3



Horses Mouth, Visit Grog, Visit Posetti,

Roaring Rodent Of Twitdef,

Google Reference Search,

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