Roaring Rodent Of Twitdef

27 Dec 2010 —

Roaring Rodent Of Twitdef

The `embedded-media` has rushed after us to the internet and social sites like twitter. They spent quite a while poo pooing it at first though. All the `embedded-media` organizations now have the beg buttons, comment, digg, like and RETWEET.

The idiot Mitchell, a `Limited-News` editor, has taken steps in legal action against the twitter user @JuliePosetti for defamation. The `embedded-media` and bloggerverse has done some writing on this #twitdef saga, from doom and gloom for Posetti, to the highly popular view, Chrissy Mitchell is a moron.

I am in this group.


I do think the court case would be the most interesting thing that `Limited-News` or the government has done in decades. So I hope #twitdef goes to court, we could all learn so much from it, but Mitchell will either lose his bottle, or Murdok will step on his neck.


What could be learned from a court case.

Selecting a jury, now here is some fun.
Mitchell lawyer asking jurors, Have you used twitter, facebook, or other social sites? Do you watch qanda? Lived under a rock your whole life?

The evidence,
truck loads of right wing crap that `Limited` passes as news, you know the `doubt-the-science` stuff they do, on behalf of big tobacco, big polluter, and big nukes. The fake climategate fox email `Limited` do on behalf of big oil and big coal.

What about the video,
all that fox crap, converted to text, that gets fed through theaustralian. More video, all qanda viewers will have seen `Limited mice` spouting the right wing prattle of their masters. Piers, Devine, Albrechtsen for starters.

Why no #tonyjonesdef ?
Tony has asked the `Limited mice` about belief in science, global warming, mockingly during qanda. Has the ABC still got this footage? You think?

When `Limited` spends so much effort being bias and appealing to a right wing readership, a person of position, the editor, must also accept this as his brand, like the rest of the mice, past and present do. And those `Limited mice` past and present, would make extremely entertaining witnesses. Just what would those mice say. Were any mice leaned on? Instruction on bias? Like revealed in usa?

What would Mitchell say under oath?
An endless list could go here. Has Chrissy ever leaned on mice? Does Chrissy believe the climate science? Free speech? Womans Rights? Is a tweet a publishing business? Is a post-it note a publishing business?

What is defamation?
Is it tweeting the obvious? It is not a secret that `Limited-News` is right wing. Lets jog our memories, FOX, part of `Limited`. Sarah Palin, tea party idol, she is on FOX. This is all commom knowledge.

Then of course since #twitdef started other `Limited mice` have chipped in. Geoffy, Overington, Jackson and my very, very favorite, NoByLine. A minimum of three `Limited Timid Mice` have chipped in, maybe more. This is where `Limited` enters twilight zone. The `timid mice` seem to circle the wagons in a less than committed way, all circling in different directions.

Half hearted fluffy puff was written up and injected into `Limited` websites. The mice clearly did not interview or converse with Chrissy in a candid fashion, as expected by all. The result looked to myself and other bloggers, is that Chrissy dictated a puff statement, or leaned on mice. These mice would be pure gold witnesses.

Posetti lawyer has replied, to Mitchell lawyer, a funny and polite piss off, well worth the read.

My Interpretation.
Chrissy is the ocean.
AW tells Posetti `Too salty, I cannot drink.`
Posetti tweets `Undrinkable Ocean`
Chrissy goes all Norman Bates over being called `undrinkable`
Simple, but sadly, accurate.

Now lets all go to court, and in the right wing tradition, we can all have a win win situation, as shown below.

ABC3 replaces test pattern with court tv.
Live tweeting from court, twitterverse happy.
Bloggers happy, court expose `Limited` dirt.
Mice happy, spin new content for converted.
Murdok happy, more profit via new content.
Chrissy loses, joins Fox, for big bucks.
Posetti nice payout, new car, adulation.
Uni happy, they have Posetti.
Lawyers picnic, always happy.


Horses Mouth, Visit Posetti



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